Rolanstar 5-Tier Industrial Bookshelf 71.8’’H Rustic Open Display Shelf

  • [5 Tier Wide Open Bookshelf with Side Lip Design] This bookcase measures 41.3″D x 10.1″W x 71.8″H, with each compartment having a height of 14.1″. Its large open shelves offer plenty of space to showcase your item from all angles. Additionally, the three-sided lip design on the edge of each shelf prevents items from slipping off.
  • [2 Metal Triangle Structure with Anti-tip Kit] Unlike traditional open bookcases, our bookcase is equipped with a high-quality metal structure to ensure the stability of the entire shelf. Additionally, a durable anti-tip kit is included to easily secure the shelf to the wall, providing extra safety for your family.
  • [Multi-functional Shelves] This bookshelf is not only a simple storage shelf, but also a great display shelf. You can use it to showcase your dolls, models, antiques, potted plants, wines, and more in any room of your home, such as the kitchen, living room, study room, bedroom, or office.
  • [Safe and Reliable Raw Materials] The raw materials comply with EPA TSCA Title VI and Carb Certification, providing you with a safe and healthy living environment.
  • [Easy Setup] Instruction and tools included, each piece is labeled, just follow the diagram instructions to assemble it step by step, it is recommended that two people assemble it.

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“We loved it!! We bought this for this awkward area in our kitchen! It was super easy to put together! It took about 2 hours tops(including breaks in between). It did have a lot of screws and pieces but it was all number/labeled so it made it super easy! Everything was self explanatory and the finish product was beautiful!! (It’s a one person job but probably can be completed faster with two. I did it alone)” – Rosie (Source: Amazon)

“Durable and fairly priced. We had been looking for a sturdy bookshelf at many furniture stores but weren’t willing to pay $500 for one. This is great. I love that it has book ends as part of the shelf. It also has a lip on the back so books don’t fall off. I was specifically looking for these features. My husband quickly assembled it with no issues” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“Elegant and affordable. This took me about an hour to assemble. The directions were incredibly easy to follow and individually, the pieces were not heavy. It even comes with spare hardware. But please note that you will be getting that tiny Allen wrench to assemble about 30% of this and the other 70% will be a larger Allen wrench. No screwdriver needed. The shelves are shorter (width wise) than I wanted them to be. You can see in my photo that some of my boxes near the bottom hang over.” – Phillip Gallon (Source: Amazon)

“Big and beautiful. I was skeptical because of some of the negative reviews, but this thing is amazing! It’s huge! I love how big it is and how the shelves have little ridges to hold the books in place. I have A LOT of books and was able to fit them all on there plus have a shelf for decoration. It’s an amazing deal. I’ve been looking for a bookshelf I like for over a year and everything was way too expensive or really ugly and boxy. This is very modern. It did take a long time to put together, but it wasn’t hard. Absolutely worth the money!” – Tori Davis (Source: Amazon)

“Great for the price. I was looking for a bookshelf that would replace my older one and wouldn’t be too large. I spent a lot of time looking around and came across this one that seemed to be the perfect width and I LOVE IT! It did take a while to assemble and my boyfriend and I probably spent a good 2 or 3 hours assembling the whole shelf. The longest part was putting the actual shelves together as there are back and side lips, but makes it so things don’t fall off. I wouldn’t hesitate about buying this again. For sure a really good book shelf for what I paid for it.” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“Everything we need and more! Absolutely perfect and affordable for my boyfriend whose book collection kept growing! I was shocked by just how big this bookshelf is. Boyfriend assembled it himself fairly easy. No wobbling, leaning, or defects. We’ve had guests over who complimented it immediately. The price is very fair when you think of its great quality and that other bookshelves that have less space yet cost more. We really like the modern yet rustic style, a mix of wood and metal. We may just need to buy one more…” – Mary Beth (Source: Amazon)

“Sturdy book shelves. I ordered these shelves for my books and they arrived within a week. It took me about 1.5-2 hours to assemble (and I am an amateur DIY so not particularly adept at tasks like this) so that felt pretty easy! I really like these shelves because they are very sturdy in being able to hold up such a massive weight of books. The look is very neat, clean, industrial but funky and contemporary. Very pleased with my purchase.” – GT (Source: Amazon)

“*edit*I just added another shelf and I am obsessed!!!I am so impressed with this bookshelf! It was shipped fast and I actually received it earlier than the scheduled delivery day. It was very easy to assemble. It took me less than an hour. It is very sturdy and looks absolutely gorgeous. I am seriously considering purchasing another one.” – coriejo24 (Source: Amazon)

“Love it! So happy with this purchase! Although it took me about 45 min to assemble, I didn’t have any major issues. It’s nice looking and perfect for my needs.” – HK (Source: Amazon)

Other Use Cases

As a Statement Living Room Display: Utilize the Rolanstar Bookshelf in your living room to display an eclectic mix of items that showcase your personality and style. Arrange books by color or size for visual interest, intersperse with framed photos, artwork, and unique trinkets. The three-sided lip design ensures that smaller items or framed art remain secure on the shelf. Place it against a focal wall to create a dynamic statement piece that’s both functional and decorative.

Home Office Organizer and Decor Stand: In a home office setting, the expansive shelves can serve a dual purpose. The bottom shelves can be utilized for organizing files, boxes, and office supplies, keeping them accessible yet out of sight. The higher shelves can be reserved for decorative items like potted plants, awards, and decorative pieces that inspire creativity. This creates a balanced workspace that is both productive and visually appealing.

Kitchen and Dining Room Accent: This bookshelf can transform into an elegant storage solution for the kitchen or dining area. Use it to display a collection of cookbooks, fine china, wine bottles, or an array of spices and kitchen gadgets. The metal frame adds an industrial edge to the kitchen’s aesthetic, while the open shelves allow for easy access to daily essentials or showcase decorative pieces that complement the kitchen’s decor.

Bedroom Personal Retreat Corner: Create a cozy nook in your bedroom by positioning the Rolanstar Bookshelf alongside a comfortable reading chair. Organize the shelves with your favorite books, a collection of journals, mood-setting candles, and a small, serene potted plant or two. The shelf’s height and open design make it perfect for keeping nighttime reading materials and relaxation essentials within arm’s reach, turning a corner of your bedroom into a personal retreat.

Art and Craft Supply Hub: For the creatively inclined, the Rolanstar Bookshelf can serve as an organized hub for art and craft supplies in a studio or designated crafting corner. Use labeled boxes or decorative bins on the lower shelves to sort supplies by type – such as paints, brushes, fabrics, or papers – and display finished artwork or works-in-progress on the upper shelves. The industrial chic design adds an aesthetic edge to your creative space, while the open shelving keeps everything you need for your next project visible and accessible.