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60 Ideas to Go Green in Your Farmhouse Kitchen

The farmhouse look in residences today has caught on as a result of a desire for a more casual mode for every day living. 

Creating the farmhouse look in the kitchen also makes this dining area look refreshingly colorful and removes the drabness of too much monochromatic color. 

Keep in mind when replacing kitchen cabinets, color makes all the difference in the style statement of this most frequently used room in the home. 

Go Green in Your Farmhouse Kitchen

Part of redesigning a farmhouse style in your kitchen includes considering how much of the kitchen furnishings will be replaced. 

For example, if you plan to replace only the existing kitchen cabinets with green cabinets, you need to consider coordinating the colors of your appliances like your dishwasher, stove and refrigerator. If these are today’s popular stainless steel, green cabinets highlight the gleaming steel. 

If this is a total kitchen makeover, choose green cabinets that go well with newly installed wooden shakes for the walls banded by oak chair rails that highlight pale oak planked paneling. This also works well with ivory colored planked paneling. 

Oak woods with their pale hues and light striated grain effects emphasize green kitchen cabinets with perfect color balance. 

How to Choose Green Cabinets

The best way to begin to make color changes in a kitchen is to choose the color schemes that maintain lasting interest and durability. 

Green cabinet colors can be muted olive or avocado, or to give the farmhouse kitchen an antique look, choose green cabinets with a burnished effect. 

Add a brick red back splash beneath the cabinets for authentic antique farmhouse decor. Brick red color for flooring accents this decorative style.

Floors, Walls, Cabinetry Coordination

Creating an authentic farmhouse decor in the kitchen is a matter of choosing natural materials and fabrics for walls and flooring that blend well with the goal of casual farmhouse comfort. 

With green kitchen cabinets, choices for walls and flooring are many and variable. Just be sure the colors coordinate or contrast well. 

For instance, if your green cabinets are an olive hue, you need a sharp color contrast in darker wood planking for flooring to play up the colors of the cabinets. 

Walls can also coordinate or contrast with green cabinets. Choose avocado green for the cabinets and then spruce up the walls with muted brick tones in red, gray, brown or ivory. 

To give the walls a complimentary change to highlight green cabinets, consider wallpaper in Wedgewood blue, whispy darker green philodendron designs or whimsical gingham in red, white, blue or dark green. 

Another comfort color that works well on walls and accents green cabinets is beige. Choose wallpaper texture such as parchment or faux flocking. 

Guide to Refinishing Existing Cabinets

Depending on the type of wood your existing kitchen cabinets are made from, a cost-effective way to create a farmhouse kitchen with green cabinets is to make a project of refinishing existing cabinetry. 

If the cabinets are in usable condition and bear no mars or gouges to the surface of the wood, all it takes is a light sanding with an electric sander or mild grain sand paper to remove the existing wood finish. 

You will also need to buff the sanded surface until it is smooth or to your desired smoothness, should you prefer the end result to show a grainy texture. 

Then, paint the cabinet surface with the green color of your choice. One idea that catches the eye is to paint the wood panel in the center of each cabinet green and highlight the outer wood framing with darker green or a contrasting yellow color. Conversely, the center panel of the cabinets can be painted in avocado green and framed by a darker forest green. 

However, if this is not a project you prefer to undertake, there are many professionals who provide cabinet refinishing. If kitchen cabinets will be replaced, the cabinet supplier can order the precise color green cabinets you prefer. 

Go for a Bright Farmhouse Kitchen with Lively Colors

When you consider that contrasting colors in a kitchen create a signature decor style, you might want to choose light green cabinets and fill the room with a watermelon or tangerine color for walls and dark oak wood planking for maximum color contrast for the floor. 

Authentic farmhouse owners often chose paint colors based on whatever happened to be available at the time. Thus, if the local paint store had only marine blue paint and mint green, this made for a great combination of colors for cabinetry and walls. 

Just keep color balance in mind. Lighter colors rest best above darker colors. So paint the cabinets mint green and add the same mint green color to the top half of the walls. Add a chair rail in white and paint the bottom half of walls marine blue. This makes for a striking combination of farmhouse decor. 

Pair Kitchen Furniture with Kitchen Cabinets

To make the most of farmhouse design, take a look at the kitchen table, chairs and appliances. If the furniture is relatively new or cannot be replaced, the answer is chair covers in coordinating shades with green cabinets. These can be made from heavy cotton fabric in blue, green, grey, ecru, melon, strawberry or floral prints. 

Once you add fabrics to the overall farmhouse design, the kitchen takes on a custom look.

Remember authentic farmhouses were highly functional and incurred the need for form. This can easily be achieved by adding objet d’arte that include: 

  • Brass and pewter charger plates for wall decorations
  • A brass or copper chandelier with hurricane globes
  • An old fashioned desk and book shelf for storing family recipes and a computer
  • Brass or copper cabinet door handles and knobs

Get Started with a Farmhouse Kitchen with Green Cabinets
Making changes to kitchen decor from a modern to farmhouse style isn’t difficult if you plan well in advance for changes you wish to make. 

There are many software apps available that help design your farmhouse kitchen before you make major changes. 

Create a list of changes with green cabinets in mind. Add touches of wood, brick or stone and punctuate your farmhouse style with brass, copper or pewter. 

When you begin with the color of the cabinets in the shade of green that catches your attention, the choice of colors for wall, floor and accessories are a matter of texture, shape and size. 

Cabinetry is the first thing noticed in a kitchen. There is a quaintness about farmhouse style that makes family and friends feels at home. 

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