Small Apartment Kitchen

46 Most Pinned Small Apartment Kitchen Designs on Pinterest

Small kitchen designs are more prevalent today than ever before. With downsizing and minimalism becoming more of the norm, it’s standard procedure to set up a smaller and more efficient kitchen and incorporate as many needed extras into the design. A kitchen is the center of activity in most any home, and the designs here include features that are adaptable to most any kitchen style. Think about how you want to use your kitchen and where certain items need to go to make them easily accessible. When a kitchen is small, you want to store different items as to the number of times you use them. These Pinterest selections offer both convenience and functional designs that present the illusion of a larger area yet utilize every bit of available space.

Galley Kitchen

Galley kitchens may have narrow pathways, seem like a hallways or have two walls facing one another, and yes, they lack space, but here are ways to arrange a galley kitchen to make it just as special as a more accommodating kitchen area. Think of cabinet and drawers in a galley kitchen. The extra storage means you won’t have to keep larger appliances and other kitchen utensils on top of counterops. You have plenty of free space that opens up for smaller kitchen utensils and other items on both sides.

Studio Kitchen

Looking into Lori Dail’s kitchen space is amazing. She has made chucking superfluous items an art. Though the space is definitely small, the kitchen is well apportioned. The bar and sink combination with a set of accompanying stools provides seating for four. White subway tiles bring a clean and open look to the entire surround backsplash area and white cabinetry that extends from the tiles to the ceiling adds openness and space to the entire kitchen space.

Small Kitchen Ideas

If you have a small kitchen, all is not lost. A small space doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world for design ideas. Maybe there is little room for a stove, table and even an island but there are solutions for that. The first thing you want to do is figure out the kind of storage you need and where to put everything. Storage baskets under open shelving, metal baskets extended from the ceiling, open top shelving and places for everything you use on a regular basis so clutter doesn’t immediately inundate the space.

All White Kitchen/Dining

Once transformed, this all white kitchen and small dining space bring on a look at what can happen with just a little ingenuity. The kitchen required an uplift from its old self of a mirrored backsplash, brown cabinets and a beige floor. Quick fixes include a whitewash of cabinets with black door pulls, new stainless steel appliances, a complete surround and backsplash of subway tile and a bar that includes wooden stools with wrought iron legs. They even replaced the beige floor with stick on light grey vinyl tile. Bring in a contemporary white table and chairs that match the look of the bar stools and the room is complete.

Around a Smeg

If you live by yourself, or have a significant other, a shiny, white Smeg refrigerator may be the way to go in a small space. Planning around a narrow refrigerator like a Smeg is not that hard to do. With the right kind of open shelving on either side of the refrigerator, or next to it, there is enough room to store and display kitchen items, utensils and accessories. Metal baskets and other receptacles are also great for storage use and go with the overall industrial look of a Smeg refrigerator and other Smeg products.

Space Saving Kitchen

Space is what you’re looking for in a small kitchen design. Space that is easy to access, maintain and integrate with usable essentials. In looking at what is available, size up your kitchen area first and go from there. You’ll want a minimalist checklist for just about everything in your kitchen along with multi-use appliances. For actual storage, think baskets, back-of-the-kitchen-cabinet storage receptacles, built-in shelving, picture ledges, overhead wooden and stainless steel racks, wire storage bins and other devices.

Kitchen Designs Worth Saving

There are literally hundreds of ideas for small kitchens. The best designs have clever arrangements, storage solutions, and enhanced efficiency. For example, if you happen to have an L-shaped kitchen design, use corner drawers, pull out drawers and lazy Susans within and outside your cabinets to make them more functional. Use decorative pot racks above the cooking area to save space and time. Additionally, include mirrors where possible to expand the idea of additional space. Use backsplash shelving, bar countertops, under cabinet lighting, hanging storage apparatus, kitchen islands, hooks and even special drawer pulls to make it easier to get around a small space.

NYC Studio Kitchen

If you can afford some customization in your studio kitchen, go for it. Specially built furniture and built-in shelving are the answers to a high-end but small and inclusive space. This New York City small and customized kitchen has all the luxuries within a confined space. You see shelving, specialty sink, oven and other areas ready to go, with your direct input towards the design.

Cozinha (Kitchen) Americana

The 57 model gourmet kitchens with an Americana flare are an incredible display of how smaller kitchens have developed and come into their own. You can see the transformations through entire kitchen modules with every small kitchen downsized to the appropriate level that includes appliances, kitchen hoods, cabinetry, shelving, compact kitchen carts, furniture and other kitchen accessories. The move is to make kitchen life easier with sizing solutions and almost every Cozinha model is planned around available space.