Keter Glenwood 101 Gallon Resin Large Deck Box, Grey & Black

  • DIMENSIONS: Exterior: 50. 4 in. L x 25. 6 in. W x 24 in. H / Interior: 48 in. L x 21. 3 in. W x 22. 8 in. H
  • IDEAL STORAGE: Large storage capacity can hold up to 101 gallons
  • RESIN CONSTRUCTION: It’s made out of all weather-resistant resin with an appealing wood-look texture
  • DURABLE AND STRONG: Weather-resistant polypropylene construction prevents rusting, peeling and denting – unlike real wood
  • HYDRAULIC PISTONS: Easy lift and soft close mechanism pulls the top completely open and shut slowly with minimal effort – easy for kids to use and no smashed fingers
  • EXTRA SEATING: Provides comfortable bench seating with a weight capacity of 530 lbs.
  • VERSATILE STORAGE: Perfect place to store outdoor patio furniture cushions, outdoor toys, pool accessories, and beach towels

“I ordered this deck box to store 6 cushions for my patio set. It is plenty big, bigger than I expected actually. Assembly was fairly straight forward. Directions were good and all parts were labeled. A cordless drill will make it go faster. Assembly took me less than an hour.Quality seems good. The bottom is fairly flimsy so I would avoid putting anything too heavy inside but it is sturdy enough for a couple adults to sit on. I have had it for a couple weeks not and we have had a couple heavy rain storms and the cushions inside stay dry.Great deck storage box for the price.” – MrKing (Source: Amazon)

“instructions could be a little more clear otherwise fairly easy to assemble. An exact number of screws, no extra so don’t lose any. However good quality screws. Lock latch is metal to our surprise. Day 3 in the rain Oregon coast weather and no leaks, but we did order a cover to use as a just in case.We got it to cover our small Green Mountain Grill Davey Crocker smoker and smoking supplies, so overall perfect for our needs.” – missa lou (Source: Amazon)

“Just put this together, so easy to assemble, you barely needed the directions. Flip top that stays open, and latch for locking. Light but sturdy and plenty of room and a great price. Perfect for all our pool supplies, so glad we ordered this one!” – BettyDonnaSean (Source: Amazon)

“I was surprised to see how easily this container snapped together, and the sturdy metal braces give good rigidity. Also, I did not know it had the pneumatic lift for the lid. I would definitely buy this again.” – smithls (Source: Amazon)

“If ypu have a back yard you need storage. This box is dursble well put together and easy on the eyes for aomething this size. Store your cushions, garden tools, hide and go seek! whatever. Dry and out of sight. Took one star for the fact that it has faded some.” – Maciek N (Source: Amazon)

“Super solid deck storage box. A huge deck storage with a lot of space to organise things. I put it on my deck for pillow and cushions. There are so much space in it to keep many outdoor things in it. Its water proof and don’t let the things wet even in a heavy rain. Its very solid and easy to open and close.” – Amushk (Source: Amazon)

Other Outdoor Uses

Patio Entertainment Storage: The Keter Glenwood Deck Box is a perfect storage solution to enhance your patio entertainment experience. It can hold a variety of dining and entertainment essentials, such as plush outdoor cushions for seating, stylish placemats, and durable outdoor dinnerware. Imagine hosting a dinner party without the last-minute hassle of gathering all your outdoor supplies. This deck box allows you to keep everything in one place, ready for use. Its hydraulic pistons make it easy and safe for guests of all ages to retrieve or put away items, preventing any injury from a slamming lid. Beyond storage, its aesthetic appeal and seating capability seamlessly blend into your entertainment space, providing additional guest seating without the clutter of extra chairs. The weather-resistant resin construction ensures that your entertainment essentials are protected from the elements, making it an ideal investment for elevating your patio gatherings.

Poolside Storage Container: Positioned adjacent to the pool, the Keter Glenwood Deck Box acts as a quintessential organizer for all your pool accessories. The convenience of having towels, pool toys, goggles, and sunscreen neatly stored yet readily accessible to pool users enhances the swimming experience. Due to its sturdy build and water-resistant nature, items inside stay dry and well-protected from splash-outs and rain, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about soggy towels or damaged pool toys. This storage box, serving also as a bench, offers a practical spot for pool-goers to sit while changing into or out of swim gear. Given its ample storage capacity, you can cater to all your poolside needs without compromising on space or aesthetics, keeping the pool area tidy and functional.

Gardening Supplies Hub: Transform the Keter Glenwood Deck Box into an indispensable gardening hub situated in your garden or on your patio. It can hold a myriad of gardening tools and essentials, from spades and trowels to watering cans, kneeling pads, and even small bags of compost or fertilizer. Picture starting your gardening activities with everything organized in one accessible spot, rather than scattered across the garage or shed. The weather-resistant feature of the deck box is particularly beneficial for gardening supplies, ensuring that tools do not rust and organic materials do not degrade due to moisture. Additionally, its bench functionality provides a convenient sitting area for potting plants or taking a breather, enhancing your gardening experience with both practicality and comfort.

Outdoor Workshop Storage: For DIY enthusiasts, converting the Keter Glenwood Deck Box into an outdoor workshop storage solution offers both organization and convenience. It can store a variety of tools, hardware, and project materials, keeping them safe from weather-related damage thanks to its durable, weather-resistant construction. Envision easily accessing your DIY essentials and using the deck box as both a workspace bench and a storage unit. This not only streamlines your projects but also keeps your outdoor or garage area neat and tidy. The aesthetic appeal of the wood-look texture adds a touch of sophistication to your workspace, making it an attractive feature of your outdoor area.

Sports and Recreation Gear Depot: Utilize the deck box as a centralized storage solution for sports and recreation gear for families active in outdoor activities. It can effortlessly store balls, rackets, gloves, and other equipment, making it easier to stay organized and ready for any spontaneous game or activity. Locate the box for easy access en route to outdoor adventures, effectively streamlining preparation time and ensuring nothing is forgotten. This dedicated sports and recreation gear depot not only reduces clutter in your home and garage but also encourages an active lifestyle by having everything organized and at the ready. The extra bench seating is a bonus for putting on sports gear or taking a quick break.