Keter Store-It-Out MIDI Small Horizontal Storage Shed, Beige/Brown

Store your household goods in style with our convenient plastic shed. You’ll love the way this attractive storage container protects your belongings while complementing your outdoor decor. Perfect for both lawn, deck and garden, our outdoor storage box is lightweight yet sturdy. This attractive Keter shed will look great in your backyard, garden area or next to the pool. Its neutral colors and wood-look texture are perfect for any setting. Everyone in the family will loving having easy access to trash cans, pool toys, pet accessories and other household essentials. Items can be reached by opening the lid or the two front doors. Wide-opening doors make stashing all your smaller items quick and convenient. Our resin shed requires no special care; just wipe with a damp cloth to clean.

Purchase from Retailer

“Bought this five years ago, transported it through two moves, gone through summers with weeks of 100F+, and at least five hurricanes and innumerable storms with hard rain. It’s held everything from toddler toys to using it as a kind of playhouse for preschoolers to holding small children’s bikes to storing pool chemicals. This means five years of multiple daily to at least weekly use, sometimes pretty roughly. It is still going strong, and stayed waterproof and undamaged through it all.It has always been in areas against a wall or fence, in full sun for no more than four hours, and placed on pavers or concrete, supporting the floor. Still, it hasn’t faded (that’s pollen on the lid) and has zero cracks, zero warping, etc. Looks new aside from some minor scuffs on the interior floor.It’s been a great purchase all around. I’m getting a second one to hold sports gear because this one has held up so beautifully through all of that. It costs a little more than others its size, sure, but I know it’s going to last and be more than worth that difference.Only maintenance thing is make sure to clean out the gutter under the lid joint (accessible when lid is opened). I’ve never had the gutter drains clog (even when it got completely full of leaves, seeds, etc), but they probably can clog, which would back up water so it would go inside the shed.” – S. Ulmet (Source: Amazon)

“I just received my Keter Store-It-Out MIDI yesterday and I have to say the only thing that was slightly damaged was a small crack on the corner of the base, but nothing major enough to cause damage to the integrity. Overall the materials used are considerably more durable than I expected and I will be reinforcing some of the joints with silicone to prevent any chance of water getting in (as this is for all our lawn tools). I also know that from previous reviews another concern was the lid warping, so to remedy that I place on attaching a small plank of plywood to keep the form true. Other than that, it is a pretty nice little number and I would most likely buy a second one if needed for additional storage!” – Mark (Source: Amazon)

“I bought it in order to keep the garbage inside, out of raccoon hands.The package came well although inside is not very well protected and one of the pieces came a little bit broken but no structural damage.The material is hard plastic although not very sturdy and gives the feeling that can be damaged long term by hard weather conditions.After finish the assembly, it holds quite well and the front doors and the cover seems to be resistant to the animal attacks.Inside it can fit 2 containers of 32 gallons that are accesible by opening the cover.Initially seems like a good investment but I will make a second review after the raccoon tries to access and after a Michigan winter.” – Rafael Moran (Source: Amazon)

“Flimsy but works. I bought this to house my pool filter/pump. Hole sawed two holes in the back for the hoses, siliconed around them. That’s all the modifications I did to it….so far, nice and dry!We’ll see how it holds up through the winter.UPDATE 12/4/2019: It’s been about 2½ years! It does still feel flimsy, BUT….it’s still going strong, keeping the weather off of my pool pump. I could’ve built my own out of wood but thought it’d be easier to buy this. Happy I did!” – 701 (Source: Amazon)

“I purchased this unit for the first time about 6 years ago, and it held up pretty well! We decided purchase again! Pretty and practical. Highly recommend.” – mrs_smith84 (Source: Amazon)

“We bought this to hold our 32 gallon rubbish and recycling bins on our back porch and it is perfect. It was easy to put together, is sturdy and the top lid stays open while you are putting items in the bins. The only thing we wish is that it came in white to match our house, but the beige is fine.” – CS in VT (Source: Amazon)

“Really easy to put together. It looks great and it is exactly what we need it to store all the chemicals and floaties for the pool. Could not be happier with the outcome. It doesn’t come with the plank to make shelf. Everything else is great.” – Diana (Source: Amazon)

Other Outdoor Uses

Gardening Equipment Storage: Hobbyist gardeners and landscaping professionals alike can use the Keter Store-It-Out MIDI Horizontal Shed as a centralized storage solution for gardening tools, soil bags, pots, and gardening gloves. The shed’s weather-resistant design ensures equipment is protected from the elements, while the attractive appearance keeps the garden area aesthetically pleasing. Partitioning tools based on usage (like planting, pruning, or soil maintenance) can enhance organization and efficiency.

Poolside Organizer: Positioned near a pool, this shed serves as an excellent organizer for pool toys, maintenance equipment (such as nets and vacuum hoses), and swimming accessories (like goggles and inflatables). Its easy-open lid and front doors offer quick access for family members and guests, keeping poolside areas uncluttered and safe. Regular cleaning of items before storage will further protect them from mildew or damage.

Outdoor Entertainment Supplies Cabinet: For enthusiasts who love hosting barbecues, garden parties, or outdoor gatherings, the Keter Shed can store outdoor dining essentials—such as plates, utensils, and outdoor lighting. This not only makes setting up for events faster and more convenient but also protects these items from weather damage. Adding labels or using organizational bins inside can streamline setup processes for different occasions.

Seasonal Decorations Storage: Seasonal and holiday decorations for Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and more can accumulate and take up considerable space inside homes. The Keter Store-It-Out MIDI Shed provides an excellent external storage option for these items, keeping them safe and organized until they’re needed. This aids in preventing clutter inside the home and makes transitioning decorations for different seasons easier and more efficient.

Pet Supplies and Outdoor Toys Hub: Families with pets or children can use the shed to store outdoor play equipment, such as balls, frisbees, and pet toys, as well as essentials like leashes, outdoor beds, and feeding bowls. This not only helps to keep the backyard or garden tidy but also means that everything needed for outdoor fun or pet care is conveniently at hand. Regular sorting and cleaning of stored items will ensure that everything remains in good condition and ready for use.