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80 Brilliant Modern Bohemian Kitchen Design Tips and Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

The Bohemian interior design came from the nomads and artistic people from Central-eastern Europe. It involves combining blends and styles with a lot of cultures. The benefit of the Bohemian designs is that you can use what you have or what you have gathered in your life. You can use patterns, old arts, and do not mind if they match or not. The Bohemian designs give a warm and relaxing feeling, which is everything you need for a home.

A Bohemian design needs creativity and art for it to be complete. For most people, a kitchen is where they spend most of the time within a day. However, guests also gather in the kitchen, especially when one has a party. It is therefore crucial that you make your kitchen a relaxing place where you can work from, cook, and eat. The easiest way to achieve this goal is to introduce the Bohemian style. You do not need to remodel your house to get this look. Most people achieve the Bohemian style on a budget.

Numerous categories of designs can be used to come up with the Bohemian style, although there are specific elements that can achieve the look. The main one is displaying plants. 

The design does not primarily focus on the electronics you have in your kitchen but how you have applied the design in your kitchen. Apart from the kitchen, the Bohemian design tips can be incorporated in other parts of the house, including the living area. Below are several design tips for creating a modern Bohemian kitchen.

Colors and patterns

When it comes to Bohemian designs, you should not be worried about colors that do not match. Different colors that do not go together are the best for this design. Get different paint cans, a bold rug, and tiles and try out something daring.

Color plays a significant role in coming up with a Bohemian design. Plenty of green plants, green or grey cabinets, and yellow window frames can bring out that energetic atmosphere.

Choose yellow colors to bring out the Bohemian designs. Yellow comes in different shades, including gold, sunny yellow, goldenrod, among others.

Combine patterns on the wall to rock that popping color in your kitchen. Patterns and colors look great together.

Add natural patterns with your curtains no matter the window coverings you want.


You do not need to mix multiple colors to come up with a Bohemian kitchen design. You can always transform your sleek and modern white kitchen into a Bohemian kitchen. You can use a rug on the kitchen floor that will bring out the Bohemian look. Include plants lining on your kitchen shelves to create that homeliness feeling.

Botanical wallpaper patterns

Patterns from nature and botanical prints bring out the Bohemian design beautifully. You can even reduce the kitchen decor if you decide to go with the botanical patterns. However, it does not need to be one pattern because the Bohemian kitchen design is all about mixing different things to come up with the look.

The best thing is that these botanical wallpaper patterns are DIYs. You can play around with any patterns you want to take the Bohemian look to another level.

However, the patterns cannot only be installed on the wall but also the kitchen floor. Adding patterned flooring can bring out the design because, in this case, you are covering a large surface with the print.


Plants can vary. Choose foreign plants such as cacti or plants which can grow and take over the ceiling and the walls to bring out the Bohemian design.

If watering plants is not your thing, then settle for plants that are easy to take care of or climb the entire kitchen within a short period.

The best thing about using plants is that you do not have to use other elements to create the look. You can always add more plants when you feel that you are not satisfied.


As much as the Bohemian involves the inclusion of different styles, you can always include your kitchen to the living space. If you can, you should get rid of separating the kitchen and the dining area or the living area as much as you can. You can also deal with it in another way. You can include a breakfast bar to make your space more of a home than a working space.

Mix and match

If there is an idea that brings out the Bohemian look is mixing. You can use a huge dinner table to serve as the focal point of the Bohemian look in the kitchen. Use everything you have at hand and check what works for you.

However, you can incorporate the idea of chairs, potted plants, and various dinnerware that do not match. Place the potted plants on the desk to come up with an inviting and homely environment.


The bold statements do not bring out the look sometimes but also the details. Using mosaic tiles on the wall behind your counter will create a homely atmosphere to build a basis for a cozy design. Match the tiles with plants and an open shelve showing your glassware. The tiles can be of the same pattern depending on what you want.

Bohemian shades

Well, you don’t have to use bold colors to create that Bohemian style. You can use shades of black, white and brown and you will have a look. An African-like pattern with these colors will leave you out of words. Adding some crocheted lampshades will add more flavor to the style.

Embrace the old

If you have an old house that you do not know how to design, don’t be worried because a Bohemian design will do. Flaunt that kitchen with everything you can see around, including putting the wooden beams on your kitchen ceiling. Embrace that old-fashioned fireplace at the corner of your kitchen!

Jewel tones

Elements like wooden kitchen countertops, colorful plates, and hanging arts bring out a great Bohemian style.

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