Weltallina 67 Inch Tall 5-Tier Industrial Metal Bookcase Display Shelf, Black

  • Sturdy and Stable: While the book shelf modules seem to float in the air, the 5 tier bookcase can hold 50kg (110 lb.) of books, CDs or magazines and the tilted design eliminates the need for bookends. For improved stability, you may also choose to mount the anti-tip tool onto the wall.
  • Modern Design: The distinctive design of the bookshelf makes it a standout furniture item that instantly grabs one’s attention. The book shelf’s playful shape and modern aesthetics contribute to its appeal, making the 5-tier bookshelf a perfect fit for any modern or contemporary home. Dimension: 18.11″×8.86″×67″
  • Easy to Assemble: The package pf bookcase comes complete with a detailed instruction manual, instructional videos, and a set of necessary tools for installation.
  • Multifunctional & Versatile: This 5 tier bookshelf is incredibly versatile, with a wide range of potential uses. It can be used to neatly arrange books as a bookshelf, to showcase beloved collections as a display rack, or to keep your office space organized as an office rack. Additionally, the bottom shelf can be used to display plants or other decorative home decor. The possibilities for the book shelf are endless!
  • Customer Service: If you encounter any issues during your purchaseof our 5 tier bookshelf, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We guarantee a quick and easy response and replacement process.
  • To streamline the installation process and reduce setup time, we have revised the instructions and installation video. The updated versions will be sent to you shortly after ths order.
  • When installing the bookshelf, please be cautious and avoid using excessive force, as it may complicate the installation process. After the installation is complete, you can tighten the screws of the bookshelf if needed.

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“Sturdy, gorgeous and functional!!! If I could give it 10 stars I would. Its is a very sturdy piece. It can be decorated multiple ways and looks gorgeous!!! Totally worth it’s value.” – Laura M Nieves (Source: Amazon)

“This is gorgeous. Assembly was a little harder than expected but instructions and video included worked great. This is wobbly if not secured to the wall. Holds a lot of books.” – Candice (Source: Amazon)

“My son’s 23 YO old girlfriend saw this just after it was built and proclaimed it “sick.” You can’t get higher praise than that, lol! It really looks amazing. I would say better than it looks in the listing.Assembly? I am very lucky that my husband is great at this stuff. Could I have built it? I don’t know. Probably not. He says it wasn’t difficult, except that some of the screws are in very awkward spots. He has a tool that helped him do this, but says that if you didn’t either have this tool or very small hands it could be challenging. This is definitely a step and a half over IKEA. But, if you are a proficient builder, This thing rocks. And the price, again, if you can put it together yourself, is incredible.” – Linda S. (Source: Amazon)

” All my things can be arranged in it. This bookshelf is suitable for my living room.All my things can be arranged in it.” – doudou (Source: Amazon)

“Unique Bookshelf. I love the creativity this bookshelf provides. Great customer service. My first bookshelf I received had a defect and it was quickly replaced with a new one. I am a happy customer!” – Shonda (Source: Amazon)

“Eye catching! Follow the assembly instructions! This book shelf is looking great! I really like the design, the clean lines and it’s currently holding really heavy books. So it’s strong enough. My advice after my own struggle: please follow the instructions closely. I thought it’s so super easy that I don’t need to do it and I ended up having to redo everything. I screwed the screws with my hands and there was a black residue on my fingers left from this. It came off easily by washing my hands with soap. It’s an eye catching piece of furniture. I’m glad I got it and would recommend it to anyone.” – Happy Shopper (Source: Amazon)

Ways to Decorate with the Weltallina Bookshelf

Modern Minimalist Reading Nook: Transform a corner of your room into a cozy reading space by positioning the Weltallina bookshelf as the focal point. Populate the shelves with a mix of your favorite books, some vertically and others stacked horizontally for visual interest. Incorporate a sleek, modern lamp on one of the upper shelves for targeted lighting. Place a comfortable, stylish, mid-century modern chair beside it with a small round side table for your coffee or tea, completing the look with a soft, patterned rug underneath.

Eclectic Display of Art and Souvenirs: Celebrate your personality and travels by using the Weltallina bookshelf to showcase an eclectic mix of art pieces, framed photos, travel souvenirs, and unique finds that tell your story. Use the shelves to create captivating visual stories, combining items of different heights, textures, and colors. Add small indoor plants or succulents in geometric pots for a touch of green, and consider positioning a striking piece of wall art above the bookshelf for a cohesive gallery feel.

Sleek Home Office Storage Solution: In a home office setting, capitalize on the versatility and design of the Weltallina bookshelf by storing work essentials and decor meticulously. Use stylish baskets or boxes on the lower shelves for hiding away less attractive office supplies. Arrange books, binders, and decorative storage files on the open shelves. Accessorize with metallic or acrylic office gadgets, a couple of designer figurines, or award trophies to blend functionality with personal style. Incorporate a LED strip light underneath shelves for added allure and to illuminate displayed items.

Serene Plant Oasis: Turn the bookshelf into an indoor garden by dedicating its sections to a variety of potted plants and terrariums, blending sizes and textures to simulate a lush, green environment in your living space. Use the tilted design to your advantage by selecting some trailing plants like Pothos or String of Pearls for higher shelves allowing them to cascade gracefully. Complement with small stones, wood elements, or even a miniature fountain on one shelf for an almost Zen, nature-inspired corner.

Sophisticated Entertainment Hub: Craft a refined entertainment hub by putting the Weltallina bookshelf in your living or entertainment room. Dedicate a shelf for curating an exquisite selection of vintage records or a sleek turntable. Use another tier as a designated spot for art books or high-quality hardbacks. Feature a chic arrangement of high-end audio equipment or decorative aficionado gadgets, such as vintage binoculars or a classic camera collection. Supplement with framed concert posters or album covers to tie together the theme.