Keter Novel 243397 Large 90 Gallon Waterproof Deck Box Storage Bench

  • SPACIOUS: 90-gallon spacious interior capacity provides storage and protection for large cushions, garden equipment, and pool supplies; Dimensions (L x W x H): 49.2 x 21.6 x 24.8 inches
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Fade-free resin is durable and weatherproof to keep contents dry and ventilated; Easy to clean materials makes this storage bench maintenance-free
  • EASY TO USE: Automatic opening system provides easy lift and soft close with minimal effort
  • BENCH SEAT: Doubles as a patio seating solution to comfortably seats 2 adults up to 485 pounds
  • LOCKABLE: There is a lockable feature to keep your items inside safe and secure

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“Ok so I may have misjudged how big 90 gallon capacity was. This thing is huge!! I was going to put my little lawnmower and weedeater in it, but now the possibilities are endless. Just for those parents out there you could fit 4-5 10 year olds in this laying down stacked on each other. Not that I would recommend you do so. It may be illegal. My 10 year old wants to fill it with pillows to sleep in it tonight. Assembly was super easy. I read directions and the 10 year put it together while I drank an ice cold Pepsi (he wanted to). It’s in the 70’s here In Washington today. Oh and any questions about being sturdy don’t worry it’s lasted 30 min so far and the kid has already jumpped on the lid and got scolded.” – Panda (Source: Amazon)

“I just put it together today so I can’t really comment on issues with weather or over time durability..The size of this outdoor storage box is perfect for what I’m using it for! Outside toys and misc. I was hoping it was big enough to put several big bouncy balls in it along with other random things…It’s the perfect size! I put just a few things in it for the picture to show its size, since then I have put in one more red scooter, two more large bouncy balls and other random toys and there’s still room in it. Three children and myself have sat on top of it and it feels pretty solid myself sat on it and it feels pretty solid.” – Shelly P. (Source: Amazon)

“It works just as described. I would have given it 5 stars if it had a spring loaded lid, you have to make sure it is open all the way so it doesn’t fall on your head… Which a 4 year old doesn’t think of when opening it. No leaking at all. It was not difficult to put together, I did it myself in about 30 minutes or so. Fits all my daughters toys in it to keep them off the lawn. It is a very good size. I can sit on it with my daughter no problem, combined we are about 150. I would say 200 would be the max.” – Melbren (Source: Amazon)

“I needed an outdoor storage box to put our various sports gear in because it was cluttering my office. Impressed with what I received! It only took me 5-10 minutes to put together (without the instructions because oddly my instruction pamphlet did not have pages 1-5). Super easy assembly.Also, it rained last night and the items inside were dry!” – Sarah (Source: Amazon)

“Held all my spare roof tiles, pavers and some gardening items. I did lay down a layer of thick cardboard that may the bottom a flat surface to even distribute the internal weight capacity. Which surprised me. Love it when things work out.” – Dark Knight (Source: Amazon)

“I put it together, by myself (female, 5′ 3″, exercise adverse) in 10 minutes, no tools needed but a rubber mallet made it easier. Package arrived completely intact. I’ll provide an update in 6 months.” – T.Daniels (Source: Amazon)

“I think it took me 5 mins to put this together! No tools needed, the directions were precise. I’m happy with the product.” – Andre (Source: Amazon)

Package arrived quickly and was not heavy. Built it in my living room in about 10-15 minutes with NO TOOLS. Very well marked panels for easy and quick assembly. Great purchase.” – Erik (Source: Amazon)

“Should’ve bought it sooner! Driveway junk problem solved, toys and balls won’t weather so quickly. Doubles as a seat. Too me 15 min by myself to assemble. Win!” – Jeannette Wilson (Source: Amazon)

Other Outdoor Uses

Seasonal Patio Cushion Storage: The capacious 90-gallon interior of the Keter storage box makes it ideal for accommodating bulky patio furniture cushions and pillows. Its fade-free resin construction ensures that materials will not deteriorate due to exposure to sunlight or fluctuating temperatures. The easy-lift and soft-close mechanism provide accessibility without the hassle of heavy lids that could pose a challenge when hands are full. Furthermore, this storage unit’s bench can enhance the patio’s functionality during the off-season by providing extra seating and serving as a decorative piece that complements the existing outdoor decor.

Poolside Organizer: The waterproof design of the storage box is perfect for pool areas where splashes and humidity are prevalent. It keeps items like goggles, pool noodles, and inflatable toys dry and organized, preventing them from cluttering the pool deck. The ventilation helps in keeping the contents free from mildew and odors that often accompany damp pool items. Also, since it supports up to 485 pounds, parents or guardians can comfortably sit on the bench while keeping an eye on children swimming in the pool, adding functionality by saving space that would otherwise be required for separate seating.

Garden Equipment Safekeep: Gardening equipment and supplies are best kept out of the elements to extend their life and maintain their condition. The Keter storage bench provides ample room for a variety of tools such as shovels, spades, watering cans, and even bags of potting mix or mulch. It also makes a great spot for taking breaks from garden work, sparing gardeners from tracking soil or water indoors when they need to sit for a moment. The lockable feature is particularly advantageous for safeguarding against accidental usage of tools or hazardous materials like fertilizers or pesticides.

Outdoor Entertainment Storage: Entertainment essentials like outdoor lanterns, extension cords, and barbecue equipment can quickly clutter an outdoor space if not stored properly. In this scenario, the storage bench is more than a storage facility; it’s a space manager keeping the outdoor living area neat and ready for action at any moment. Its ability to blend with various backyard aesthetics due to its neutral brown and cream coloring means that it won’t be an eyesore but an integral aspect of the entertainment setting. Its portability also means it can be moved to various locales within the outdoor area depending on where it’s needed for seating or storage during an event.

Deck Box and Extra Seating for Small Urban Outdoor Spaces: In urban environments, every bit of space is precious. The Keter storage box’s full-size storage capability along with its strength to accommodate adult seating allows for maximum utility without infringing on limited space. Whether it’s keeping gardening supplies for a small herb garden or holding outdoor dining accessories like tablecloths and candleholders, this box is adaptable to numerous storage needs. Plus, for those who entertain, it becomes a multifunctional furniture piece that can quickly transition from storing to seating, presenting an elegant and pragmatic solution for urban lifestyles.