Keter Circa 37 Gallon Resin Deck Box Patio Storage Container, Wood Texture

  • Keter Circa Round Patio Deck Storage Box will be an accent piece on your porch that gives an elegance or a way to declutter your backyard area that is an easy-to-clean patio storage accessory
  • Versatile outdoor table with storage doubles up as a convenient seat for an adult, or use the unique, circular top as a serving space for your favorite beverages and snacks
  • Multipurpose storage solution with a wood-like texture brings fashion and convenience to your outdoor patio space; Outdoor storage box with 8 inches all-terrain wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Offers 3-in-1 design that acts as a deck chair, patio table, and storage box with built-in handles for backyard essentials with simple assembly in minutes with no tools required
  • All-weather resin construction storage box requires little to no maintenance while keeping interior contents safe and dry; Exterior measures 27.5 inches long, 27.5 inches wide, and 17.1 inches tall

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“It’s a nice and solid piece of furniture/storage. I was surprised at how easy it was to put together — all you need to do is make sure each tab goes into it’s respective slot and then listen to a click sound to make sure that the pieces are connected properly. A negative is that the color of the lid seems to be washed out (whiter) than the sides, which were darker and expected. It doesn’t show in my picture, but it’s noticeable in another reviewer’s picture.Another negative is that it gets shipped in the original packaging where the cardboard itself felt flimsy. I received a package that seemed beat up in places and was really held together by a white packing strip. Nothing inside was broken, but it could be possible that something would have fallen off if given the chance. Overall, I can’t say how well it’ll stand up to the elements, but I suspect that it’ll do a stellar job at that. What I really like about this is how nice it looks and that it’s circular with sufficient storage to hide things. I haven’t seen many outdoor storage pieces that are circular compared to the basic square storage boxes, so I would think that this is a unique piece of storage to have.” – Alex (Source: Amazon)

“This was exactly what I was looking for (even though I really wanted it in gray which was sold out). It’s the perfect size to act as a coffee table/foot rest and easily fits my throw pillows, lanterns, and other small yard items when the weather turns. Seems sturdy, excellent price, and kept my pillows dry during the first rain…all I could ask for!” – wzopf (Source: Amazon)

“It’s very nice. I like it a lot. Annoying to put together, but the snapping system is so much simpler than needing screws, tools, etc.. took me about 15 min to put together by myself. Very lightweight. Good size storage.” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“Great buy! Love it! Exactly what I was looking for!” – Kmfinley101 (Source: Amazon)

Other Outdoor Uses

Poolside Organizer: When used by the pool, the Keter Circa addresses multiple needs: organization, seating, and function. Its 37-gallon capacity allows it to store a variety of pool equipment, such as inflatable rafts, balls, goggles, and maintenance tools like nets and brushes. The waterproof and weather-resistant design protects these items from splashes and moisture-related damage. When closed, the storage box serves as an extra seat, supporting an adult comfortably while they relax by the water. Additionally, its flat, circular surface offers a convenient place to set down a tray of frosty beverages, snacks, or personal items like sunglasses and hats, keeping them dry and within easy reach during poolside activities.

Garden Tool Cache: For garden enthusiasts, the Keter Circa offers an elegant solution to store garden supplies outdoors. Shovels, trowels, pruning shears, and gardening gloves can be kept tidy and out of sight but close at hand. The box prevents tools from rusting because of its weather-resistant characteristics. The top can be used as a makeshift workbench or potting area while transplanting seedlings or dividing plants, with the convenience of having all supplies in one spot. After its use, the resin surface easily wipes clean of dirt and soil. During an outdoor gardening session, it also offers a place to sit and take a break or admire the fruits of one’s labor.

BBQ Serving Hub: As a BBQ accessory, the Keter Circa is ideal for outdoor entertainment spaces. Neatly storing BBQ necessities such as charcoal, grilling tools, and oven mitts within arm’s reach makes the cooking process smoother. Transformed into a serving table, it keeps condiments, spices, cutlery, and napkins organized and accessible for guests. The unit’s portability allows for quick relocation, ensuring that it is positioned wherever it’s most needed during the BBQ. The storage container’s ease of maintenance means that any spills or stains from sauces or marinades can be cleaned up hassle-free.

Patio Entertainment Console: The Keter Circa’s sleek wood-textured design blends effortlessly with patio furniture, acting as an attractive entertainment centerpiece. It’s handy for storing entertainment components like board games, magazines, or remote controls while providing a safe spot to rest electronic devices such as tablets or Bluetooth speakers. In the evening, the storage area becomes particularly useful, as it can house cozy accessories like blankets and pillows, keeping them fresh and ready for use when the temperature drops or the night extends for outdoor movies or stargazing.

Elegant Mobile Cooler: When needed, the Keter Circa morphs into a sophisticated cooler for chill beverages during any outdoor social event. Just by adding ice, this storage unit can keep sodas, beers, and wines cold, turning into a conversation piece thanks to its unique look. The built-in handles and wheels make the container incredibly convenient for moves, ensuring the refreshments are exactly where guests need them. Since the unit is made of easy-to-clean resin, once the party winds down, draining and cleanup are simple, and it’s ready to be used as a storage box or seating option once again. This versatility makes it the perfect companion for different types of gatherings and seasonal uses.