Vevor 100 Gallon Waterproof Deck Box with Aluminum Alloy Padlock

  • Larger Storage Capacity: This VEVOR deck box boasts a 100-gallon capacity to fit more. Create the perfect space for all your belongings! With this much space, your gardening supplies, kids’ pool toys, seasonal patio cushions, or even packages at your door will all have a spot of their own.
  • Extra Bench or Table: Our outdoor storage box features a flat top, allowing it to double as a convenient bench or table, and has a maximum weight capacity of 660 pounds, sturdy enough to have 2 adults on it.
  • Last for Years: This deck storage box offers the appearance of a natural wicker-look aesthetic while ensuring durability via the waterproof, UV-resistant PP construction. Its superior materials won’t easily chip or fade. You will be shocked to find how lightweight it is in addition to its jaw-dropping durability.
  • Added Security and Portability: Our patio storage box locks in place to keep your special items safe. Plus, an extra padlock is included. And guess what? Our deck storage box comes with a built-in hydraulic lift system to ensure that it’s always safe to open and close! Say goodbye to smashed fingers. Besides, each side is designed with a built-in handle that makes it easy to move the box.
  • Easy to Install: You can effortlessly set up your new outdoor toy box with your friends in less than 20 minutes (2 people are recommended for the assembly due to the large size). The installation steps are clear, and easy to follow pictures in the user manual make installation a breeze.

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“Vevor Deck Box. Easy to put together. It says 2 people to assemble but I was able to assemble on my own. Comes with a lock. Plenty of room for pool floats.” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“Great quality! Lots of space!! This is so easy to put together!!! Minimal effort!!! Easy to read instructions!” – Kristen Buckowing (Source: Amazon)

“I should have just put this together when it arrived. I watched the videos , read the manual and got a little scared since it said two people may be needed and if accidentally snapped in the wrong way you can’t get it back apart . So I waited and waited for help but now had enough. So I laid out all the pieces, they are all marked with letters and arrows so one knows what goes up and within a few minutes I had the sides snapped in, no hammer needed. Then I confused myself with the bottom, I had the bottom upside down, took me a while to figure that out and the rest was easy. Everything lined up and screwing in the lifters was easy as pie. I am so happy, this box is sturdy, two adults can sit on it if needed and all my pillows and knick knacks fit in there making my porch look neat and inviting now! This deck box also looks nice, inside and out! Totally 5 stars all around, price, assembly, looks, sturdy…… I am thrilled!” – Highmoon (Source: Amazon)

“I ordered the 100 gallon outdoor storage box. Since it is large, two of us put it together. Snapped the pieces in per instructions. The cover opens and closes with ease. I wanted to store my patio items in it and it does the job! I have decorative pillows, serving trays, dishes, glasses, patio candles and more. I am very happy with the large size. I am 130 and can sit on it. It has been waterproof as well. I may order another one!” – Victoria Taylor (Source: Amazon)

Other Outdoor Uses

Outdoor Gardening Center: Transforming the deck box into an outdoor gardening center entails using it as a consolidated space where all gardening activities can start. You can fill it with soil bags, gardening tools (from shears to gloves and watering cans), seed packets, and fertilizers. Its water-resistant nature makes it an ideal choice for this application, as gardening supplies often encounter moisture. The flat top provides a practical work surface where you can pot plants, divide perennials, or organize seed packets before planting. Considering its robust construction, it can support heavy items without bending or warping, making it reliable for supporting soil bags or serving as an impromptu sitting space for garden breaks.

Poolside Cabana: Creating a poolside cabana out of the deck box means it becomes a central point for all pool-related storage needs while serving as additional seating. Store pool toys, inflatables, goggles, pool cleaning nets, and even poolside games in it. Its waterproof and UV-resistant features ensure that both the box and its contents remain in prime condition regardless of weather exposure. The added security of a lockable lid helps in safely storing chlorine tablets and pool chemicals away from children and pets. As a bench, it offers a place for guests to sit and dry off or remove swimming gear comfortably.

Outdoor Entertainment Console: In an outdoor entertainment setup, the deck box’s flat, sturdy top can be utilized as a serving area or drinks station during backyard parties. Inside, it can hold outdoor dinnerware, glasses, a portable Bluetooth speaker, and even games or blankets for when the evening turns cool. Moving it is a breeze, thanks to the built-in handles, allowing you to position it ideally within your entertainment space, whether you need it as a side table, a bar area, or auxiliary seating. Locking capabilities mean you can store away valuable or fragile items when not in direct use, keeping everything secure until needed.

Patio Package Secure Drop Box: Using the deck box as a secure location for package deliveries enhances both convenience and security. Its generous size accommodates most packages, and the lock (with the inclusion of an aluminum alloy padlock) means parcels are safe until retrieved. This application is particularly beneficial for those who receive frequent deliveries or are concerned about package theft. Placed near your entryway, it acts as both a functional and aesthetic addition to your home’s exterior, blending seamlessly with outdoor decor while keeping packages out of sight and protected from potential weather damage.

Seasonal Storage Bench: Seasonal change often requires a storage overhaul, and the VEVOR deck box can effortlessly transition according to the time of year. In warmer months, it can store winter wear, snow removal tools, heating accessories, and holiday decorations. Conversely, in cooler months, it’s ideal for beach gear, pool toys, and patio cushions. This cyclical storage approach not only organizes your items effectively but also frees up space in your garage or closets. The bench functionality offers a place to sit when swapping out seasonal gear or a spot to rest when going through storage items.