Tangkula 47 Gallon Acacia Wood Deck Box Storage Bench

  • Durable Solid Wood Frame: Made of natural acacia wood, our storage bench is sturdy and durable without easy deformation or cracking. The teak oil coating provides a beautiful and lustrous finish in addition to a layer of protection. All parts are connected by premium hardware, ensuring a high load bearing capacity of 355lbs.
  • Large Storage Space: The internal dimension of the storage box is 45” x 16” x 15”, which provides enough space for you to store gardening tools, patio cushions, barbecue supplies, sports equipment, etc. This deck box is an ideal storage solution for hiding your outdoor accessories to maintain a neat and orderly appearance. But the deck box is not waterproof, you should make a awning for it.
  • Thoughtful Details Design: With flexible hinges and a round handle, the lid of the storage box can be easily opened or closed, making it easy for you to access items. In addition, the breathable slat design ensures no odor inside and keeps your items dry for a long time.
  • Multipurpose Storage Box: In addition to providing storage, this deck box can also be used as a bench, allowing you to get a good rest after gardening work. The seat is large enough for two people to sit together. It is a great addition to your backyard, garden, porch and other places.
  • Easy to Assemble & Maintain: All necessary hardware and detailed instructions are included for quick assembly. The overall dimension of this deck box is 47.5” x 17.5” x 17.5” (L x W x H). The smooth surface facilitates daily cleaning and dust left on it can be quickly wiped with a damp cloth.

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“Nice outdoor cabinet. Fairly easy to assemble for one person. I did find the lid brackets pre-installed backwards. Other than that, a nice addition to our deck.” – Ron (Source: Amazon)

“The container was easy to assemble, probably about 20 mins or work. Requires a screwdriver but includes a small hex wrench. Easier to install with your own wrench. The end result looks great. Overall I would recommend this.” – Todd Wertheimer (Source: Amazon)

Using as storage bin for kindling. Very easy to assemble and looks attractive. Only complaint is that the screws for the hinges are easily stripped when tightening into the wood but this does not seem to have compromised the strength of the hinge attachment (3 screws per hinge side helps).” – Christopher W. (Source: Amazon)

Other Outdoor Uses

Patio Cushion Storage: Patio cushions are vulnerable to weather, and the Tangkula Deck Box offers a spacious interior to store these items. Measuring 45″ x 16″ x 15″, it can accommodate multiple cushions, keeping them dry and sun-protected, which prevents fading and mildew growth. The teak oil coating shields the wood from the elements, while the breathable slat design allows air to circulate, preventing odors and mold from developing inside the box. The convenient lid with hinges offers ease of access, so cushions can be retrieved or stowed away effortlessly during outdoor activities.

Gardening Supplies Organizer: For gardening enthusiasts, having a central hub for tools and supplies is crucial. The deck box can effectively become a miniature gardening shed, sparing gardeners from repeated trips to the garage or basement. Users can store bags of potting soil, spades, pruning shears, gloves, and watering cans; all while ensuring easy access and organization. The round handle and flexible hinges allow for one-hand operation when hands are full or dirty from gardening. Although it’s not waterproof, placing it in a shaded or semi-covered area can help keep contents dry and prolong the life of the tools.

Poolside Accessory Cabinet: By positioning the deck box near a pool area, users can utilize it to store pool supplies. The ample storage can hold pool maintenance equipment like skimmers, chemicals, and brushes, as well as towels and pool toys. While the box itself is not waterproof, creating an awning or situating it under a patio overhang can offer the necessary protection from splashes and rain. The deck box’s surface cleans easily, so sunscreen spills or water stains can be quickly wiped away, leaving the poolside area both organized and inviting.

Outdoor Entertainment Station: During parties, the deck box can act as a centralized spot for guests to find and store items needed for outdoor entertainment. It can be loaded with serve ware such as outdoor plates and cutlery, picnic blankets for seating, and frequently used items like bug spray and sunscreen. Accommodating up to 355lbs, it doubles as a bench, offering additional seating without necessitating extra chairs. The easy-open lid ensures guests can grab what they need without hassle, and the box’s natural aesthetic complements a festive outdoor ambiance.

Backyard Clutter Concealer: The Tangkula Deck Box can serve as an excellent organization solution for general backyard clutter. Toys, sports equipment, yard games, and even infrequently used items can be stored out of sight, preventing them from littering the yard or getting damaged by weather or sunlight. This not only makes for a safer environment by reducing tripping hazards but also maintains the neatness of outdoor living spaces. Additionally, this box, when placed strategically, can contribute to the area’s decor by enhancing the rustic or natural look of a garden, blend in with similar wood elements in the area like fencing or decking, creating a cohesive aesthetic.