Suncast 99 Gallon Outdoor Resin Wicker Patio Storage Deck Box, White

  • DECK STORAGE BOX: Beautiful wicker outdoor box has a 99-gallon capacity for patio, deck, yard, porch, garage, and shed storage!
  • DURABLE: Water-resistant poly resin construction resists fading and rust to keep your box looking new for years to come
  • VERSATILE: Store pool toys, grill supplies, tools, gardening items, sports equipment, patio furniture, and more!
  • FUNCTIONAL LID: Lid flips open on hinges for easy access to your items. Rain water flows off of the box to prevent water pooling
  • MEDIUM SIZED: Storage box measures 25.5″ x 50″ x 25.5″, the perfect size for your outdoor space

“I got this to store things indoors. Unfortunately, I think it’s just a little too big to look normal for indoor furniture. Also the style: it’s a little bit outdoorsy and Even though it’s got a nice wicker design, it still doesn’t look quite right. It looks more like lawn furniture.I tried to resolve it by turning it into a little display table. I covered it with a cloth, put some games and a little lamp on it. It kind of worked, but it’s still just looks a little weird.Unfortunately I think I’m going to have to get some ottomans instead. Which is a shame because the storage size inside this thing is spectacular. It’s still an excellent box. Just doesn’t quite work for what I was looking for.Also, there was a small inch sized crack in part of the plastic When I first put this together. I’m not sure if it was caused by me or was already there. The benefit of this is it’s very lightweight. However, the plastic isn’t super super strong. It doesn’t reduce the functionality though. It’s stayed together pretty well for a while. But if you’re looking for a very high level of robustness, or perfectly water tight, this might not work for you. However, I think it’s a nice blend of lightweight material and style for outdoors.” – Kt. (Source: Amazon)

“We needed a place for fertilizers and outdoor items. This was a good option and amazon had more items to choose from than Lowes. It has a nice clean look and holds alot. Very happy with my purchase. Would be great for outdoors cushions as well. Highly recommend my husband didn’t have any trouble putting it together. I can’t say if it would hold out water we just put it out and it’s under a covered porch. It seems to be tight and hope no bugs can get inside. It also had a little latch if you needed to lock it but not sure I would store anything valuable inside because it wouldn’t be too hard to break if something was determined to steal from you” – Sarah (Source: Amazon)

“I’m a woman in my 70’s. Assembled by myself in about 30 minutes. Yeah, it was a little awkward but, hey, it’s as big as me. Looks nice. Going to store my bird seed and cushions etc. I’m happy : )” – 50’s chick (Source: Amazon)

“Easy to assemble, attractive, fairly sturdy but wouldn’t recommend moving it around w/out a second person.” – Ellen in the Foothills (Source: Amazon)

Other Outdoor Uses

Swimming Pool Gear and Supplies Storage: The proximity of this storage box to a pool area can significantly improve convenience for swimmers and pool owners. Not only can it house all swimming essentials, but it can also store pool cleaning and maintenance supplies. Its water-resistant build ensures that items like chlorine tablets, pH test kits, and algaecides are kept dry and safe. Additionally, incorporating a lock feature could enhance security, preventing unsupervised access to chemicals and sharp tools. Beautifully designed, it complements poolside lounge areas, doubling as a bench for pool towels or decorative poolside items, creating a cohesive and stylish pool area ambiance.

Gardening and Landscaping Tools Hub: A dedicated space for gardening tools not only helps in keeping them organized but also prolongs their life by protecting them from the harsh outdoor elements. By using dividers or adding small shelves inside the box, different types of tools and supplies can be neatly organized, making them easy to find and access. Its capacity can accommodate larger tools like rakes and spades vertically if needed. The aesthetic makes the storage box a seamless addition to garden landscapes, blending with greenery and outdoor decor. It can also be conveniently placed alongside garden beds for easy access during planting or maintenance work.

Patio Furniture Cushion Keeper: Cushions and covers for outdoor furniture are susceptible to weather damage and can be cumbersome to store indoors. The storage box acts as a perfect hideaway, protecting them from rain, UV damage, and mold. By adding silica gel packets or small vents, it’s possible to prevent moisture buildup inside, keeping the contents dry and fresh. This solution not only extends the life of these fabrics but also ensures they are readily available for impromptu gatherings, improving the usability and comfort of outdoor living spaces.

Outdoor Entertainment and Party Supplies Cache: For those who host regular outdoor events or have settings like outdoor kitchens or fire pits, this storage box is a boon. It can hold all necessary party supplies, from non-perishable snacks and disposable tableware to strings of lights and portable Bluetooth speakers. By categorizing items into bins within the box, everything remains organized and easy to grab when it’s time to host. This organization transforms the outdoor entertainment experience, ensuring that gatherings can be almost spontaneously organized with all essentials at hand, neatly stored away yet utterly accessible.

Sports and Recreational Equipment Vault: An outdoor, easily accessible storage solution for sports and recreational equipment can encourage more active outdoor time and spontaneous play. By dedicating zones within the box for different types of equipment and possibly installing racks or hooks on the inside of the lid for small items like jump ropes or racket bags, equipment is kept in order and readily accessible. This organization not only makes it easier to find what you’re looking for but also protects valuable sports gear from weather damage or getting lost. For families, this solution helps in keeping outdoor spaces tidy and ensures that children always have something to do outside.