VASAGLE Wooden 5-Tier Bookshelf Display Shelf Room Divider, Rustic Brown

  • Particleboard With Melamine Veneer
  • Roomy, Practical, Decorative: Whether needing space for toy storage, book organization, or trinkets display, our 5-tier storage shelf is just the piece you need
  • More Secure: Compared with other storage shelves, this one is more secure, because it comes with 2 anchoring devices that keep it safely in place
  • Professional Finish: All edges have been smoothly sealed and each unit comes with caps that conceal screw hardware, thus presenting a freestanding bookshelf that is safe, worry-free, and stylish
  • A Stage for All: Family photos, book collection, and your potted string of pearls—offer them a stage to shine with this floor-standing bookshelf; what about more decorations? No problem, sturdiness is the essence of it, letting each shelf hold up to 33 lb
  • For a Serene Soul: Reading is a calming, relaxing thing. That’s why we’ve included labeled parts and clear instructions for a sensible assembly process—after putting it together, you’ll get peace of mind ready for receiving nourishment from books

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“I was surprised at how heavy and sturdy this shelf was! It took 10 minutes and not much cognitive function to put together. It looks like quality wood. I’ll get more for sure!” – Britney (Source: Amazon)

“This bookcase is absolutely beautiful! It is so unique and such a statement piece. Its printed wood images but still pretty nice. Darker than I though it would be but still beautiful!” – Angie Powels .H (Source: Amazon)

“I wanted to use this as a vinyl record shelf and they didn’t fit completely vertically however they do fit nicely with a weighted item as decor so I made it work. there’s a little bit of wobble but it looks fantasticUPDATE!!I bought another and was able to adjust the way they turn very easily and created this amazing arch type shelving unit and it is just amazing. Highly recommend!” – Hailey Shaddon (Source: Amazon)

“I just love this book shelf! Easy to assemble, it took me about an hour to build and the quality is surprisingly good. I wasn’t sure what to expect because of the price. Very happy with my purchase.” – Denise (Source: Amazon)

“It was easy to put together. I was looking for something with a small width to put on my wide hallway and it worked great!” – Andres and Family (Source: Amazon)

“I purchased this to kind of break up a room without being too big and this worked perfectly!Easiest thing I have ever put together!” – Diane Drussell (Source: Amazon)

“I was waiting for a month to write a review so here it is.Packaging was just the box the wood panels came in with and protective foam but it was effective since none of the wood panels were chipped or broken.This shelf is easy to assemble with an electric screwdriver but even without it would still be doable. Seeing that I’ve had it for a month and it’s still able to shelf all my books sturdily as seen in the picture (by the way, i have two shelves put side by side), it’s safe to say that the shelf I received was well-made. Not to mention, most of the panels have two rows of books sitting on it.I’d just say that it’s best to anchor it to the wall (which this shelf comes with) if you’re going to have it carry heavy stuff just for that extra protection. I’m not allowed to drill screws on my walls but adhesive ones do just fine.All in all, I’m in love with how it looks and I absolutely love how it’s sturdy enough to carry all my books. I totally recommend this shelf, so if you’re looking for a sign, this is it :)” – Yina (Source: Amazon)

“Love these. I put two together to achieve the look I was going for. Assembly instructions are easy to follow. I put them together myself. I don’t have a drill, but would certainly be faster and easier if I did. Not quite through arranging & rearranging items, but love the look.” – The reluctant shopper (Source: Amazon)

“A great little find. I normally buy solid wood structures but my finances wouldn’t allow for the cost and so I decided to buy one of these bookcases. I initially only wanted one but after I saw how nice it looked I decided to follow another reviewers idea of creating an accent wall and purchased two more.Set up is extremely easy. You will want to read the directions as there’s three different types of boards and if you get to the very end and realize you chose the wrong board it will look weird. There are wall mounts included and you will need them as these are sturdy but not sturdy enough. And as with anything that you build out of a box stability isn’t the greatest so don’t move these things with items inside.I bought three of them so obviously I recommend the product but I wouldn’t choose it over solid wood bookcases if my budget allowed.Just as a side note, if you live in a complex and you’re unfortunate enough to have USPS deliver these items just be aware that they refused to deliver my very last one because of the weight. Just be prepared to contact Amazon if that happens and let them know for a refund and additional prime membership months.” – Babbles (Source: Amazon)

Other Interior Design & Decor Ideas

Bibliophile’s Retreat: Dedicate the VASAGLE Bookcase to your reading material, categorizing books by size, genre, or color, depending on your preference. For an added delight, arrange a floor lamp that complements the bookcase’s rustic finish next to a comfy accent chair, encouraging hours of reading. You could add accents such as framed literary quotes or a tiny drawer on the lower shelf to store bookmarks and reading glasses.

Eclectic Display: Each shelf of this charming bookshelf can present an opportunity to showcase your personality and interests. Experiment with balance, placing a bonsai or delicate philodendron plant on a lowest shelf for height and greenery; then blend it with neutrally-toned ceramics like decorative jars or an antique Chinese vase. The rustic brown color will help highlight vibrant artwork or vibrant souvenirs and picture frames.

Rustic Room Divider: Placing the VASAGLE Bookcase to divide a large living room into different areas like a quiet reading area and a family TV watching place might give your room a dynamic appeal. Do not forget to align the displayed items at eye-level or focal points when moving around. Adorn it with string lights entwined across the sides or along the boundary, popping coziness and ambiance around it.

Functional Entrance Hallway: With its rustic appeal, this bookshelf can serve as a statement piece where you can storing frequently used items like gloves, hats into decorative baskets on the lower shelves. A woven or metal tray could function as a drop-off point for keys and mail. The mid-shelf could be used to exhibit family or travel photographs and candles that enhance the cozy and welcoming vibe.

Home Office Organizer: Provide your home office with structure by storing reference books or binders on the bottom shelves for easy access, and create a zone for paper management by adding labels, binders, and folders into baskets or decorative boxes in different sizes on the middle shelves. Reserve the top shelf for decorative objects or indoor trailing plants, like Pothos or String of Pearls, which will provide a refreshing green touch and improve air quality. The rustic aesthetic provides an element of nature and contemplation to your workspace allowing you to stay calm and focused.