YNNICO Art Deco 6 inch Plant Pots with Drainage Hole and Tray Saucer

  • 🌻GREAT SIZE SUPER TRENDY COLORS- 6’’D * 6’’H. Perfect for most small and medium-sized houseplants such as Aloe Vera, Snake Plants, Pothos, Peace Lily, ZZ Plants, Orchid, Succulent, colors specially for spring season flowers.
  • 🌻EASY DRAINAGE WITH MOVABLE TRAY – Excess water flows out drainage holes. Plates capture overflow water for easy cleanup. Perfect for indoor use.
  • 🌻THICKER STURDIER AND NICER – Compared to other flimsy plastic pots, our plant pots are made of super thick sturdy and environmental polypropylene material. It’s lightweight, durable, odor-free, and will never be deformed or broken.
  • 🌻MODERN STYLISH DESIGN – The planter engages a modern minimalist style to match any home or office decors, and bring out a modern stylish visual representation for your plants.
  • 🌻INTRIGUING DESIGN – A simple modern aesthetic and clean matte finish planters. Bring us a colorful world visually.

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“I love them! I wasn’t keen on having plastic containers, but these are beautiful and sturdy! I needed to repot my succulents and these were the perfect upgrade. They have drainage and you can fit quite the variety of small plants in these. Also love that each once comes with a color tray so you can mix and match as you please. The only thing I wouldn’t suggest putting in these is a plant that needs bottom watering. These trays are not designed for that so stick to top watering plants!” – Maddie Trahan (Source: Amazon)

“Great set of 5 plastic pots! These are perfect inexpensive way to add some color to your decor if you have a lot of plants. These have a drainage hole and a separate saucer.” – Tami H. (Source: Amazon)

“Great quality and colors for the price. I absolutely love the colors and the design on these pots. They are lightweight and thin but they’re durable and strong and the price is great for the fact that you get five of them. They also have good drainage so your plants don’t get watered.” – Rena Jones (Source: Amazon)

“I like the orange retro texture design on these. Very MCM lounge if put them in the right spot. Definitely an afternoon look to them, so maybe on the porch or in a sunroom. I confess they are smaller than I anticipated, even though the vendor pictures indicate size. But they will do.These are made of extremely sturdy plastic—you can barely bend them. I love that they have grates in the bottom instead of holes, which creates more aeration and better drainage and bottom watering. I’m going to use them for smaller pothos around the house, as well as grown herbs at my bar, for muddling and garnish, like mint and basil.It’s nice that the come with matching saucers, although they are a touch small, and really are just intended to catch drainage. I may replace them to allow for better bottom watering. These would be great for succulents that don’t need a lot of attention.I’m happy to have this set, and will get some good use out of them, even if they are a little small for how nice they are. They are a 4 for me.” – Jason Millhouse (Source: Amazon)

“Lovely planters! There’s really nothing not like about these planters: they’re a nice size, they’re attractive, and you get 4 for a great price! These were the perfect way to add a little pop of color to our plant wall, and I still have 2 more I’m figuring out where to use. Do note, these are more of a pumpkin color than terracotta (see pics), but I love them all the same!” – Jeremey (Source: Amazon)

“Perfect and unexpensive option, nice color and looks good. Use this for plants at the office, they look good, works as advertised and will order more since people at work asked me where did I get these, now they want plants in their desks” – Felix (Source: Amazon)

“Sturdy pots just the right size for my windowsill herb garden. The YNNICO 6 inch plant pots were a pleasant surprise. For the price point, I didn’t expect much. But these are actually pretty good. They aren’t flimsy and the orangish color I can get used to. The pots sit snug but not too tight in the saucers. I thought they might be top heavy, but they are balanced nicely and don’t tip over easily. The pots are the perfect size for growing herbs on my windowsill.” – archae0 (Source: Amazon)

“Very cute pots. Decent size considering. Very lightweight but feel sturdy. Nice deep colors and pretty texture. Good drainage in the bottom. Saucers are way to small for the pots. But I plan on using these for hanging pots so actually works very well for me. Just be sure not to overwater because they will either overflow easily or clog right up.” – C. B. Wells (Source: Amazon)

“I love these flower pots. They are made with thick, sturdy plastic with a very nice wave design. The wave design in the plastic is very attractive & looks really good when light/sun hits it. The colors are very beautiful, well-saturated earth tones that look great both inside and outside. The pots have drainage holes on the bottom and saucers. The saucers are not attached so you can mix & match the colors if you want. Since the saucers are not attached, you have to be careful when moving the plants around but I don’t find it to be that big of an issue.” – SAM B (Source: Amazon)

“I was pleasantly surprised when I received these planters. They are perfect for medium-sized to even larger-sized plants. They are lightweight and can hold a heavy-weight plant. They come with pre-drilled holes at the bottom and a dish to hold the water; the colors are bright and vibrant and the design is quite nice. These planters will do well either inside or out. Even though they are made of strong plastic, they look quite nice and will hold up. I am in the process of replanting my succulents that have outgrown their current pots and these will do just fine, especially with the weight of my larger aloe plants. I am very pleased with these planters. Don’t hesitate to buy them. You won’t be disappointed.” – Craft Cat (Source: Amazon)

“Nice looking planters. I am retired and now getting involved in propagating plants and veges. These planters are inexpensive and they have a drainage hole and a water tray for the bottom. Some of the plants will go outdoors and some will go indoors. These are attractive enough for Livingroom plants and rugged enough for outdoor plants.” – M. Bilodeau (Source: Amazon)

“I bought these for my patio. They look great. Their quality is much better than I expected. Definitely looks like they are ceramic, I don’t think anyone will know they are plastic. Perfect size for my herbs and small plants. Wish they also came in black.” – ALR (Source: Amazon)