Seed Needs 15,000+ Hummingbird & Butterfly Wildflower Seed Mixture 20+ Varieties, Annual Perennial

  • Flowers – Our Hummingbird & Butterfly Wildflower Mixture includes over 20 varieties of beautiful annual, perennial and biennials. The mix contains next to no inert matter and is 99% pure live seed.
  • Growth – Wildflowers will grow very well in the Spring and Summer months. This mix contains plants that grow to an average height of 12 to 36 inches tall. The thicker the coverage the more appealing your wildflower garden is!
  • Butterfly Garden – The flowers within this mix will draw in so many beautiful butterflies, such as swallowtails and monarchs! The flowers will attract other beneficial pollinators to the garden as well, like bumblebees, honeybees, ladybugs and more.
  • Quality – All wildflower seeds packaged by Seed Needs are intended for the current and the following growing seasons. All seeds are stored in a temperature controlled facility that is free of significant amounts of moisture.
  • Quantity – Seed Needs offers generous quantities. You can share with friends and family, or you can save the extra seeds until the following season, if properly stored.
  • Packets – Each seed packet displays an artful illustration of the variety to be grown, as well as detailed seed sowing information on the reverse side. They measure 5″ wide by 7″ tall.
  • Promise – Seed Needs will never knowingly supply GMO based seed products. The vast majority of our seeds are open pollinated & heirloom, with the exception of a few hybrids.

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“Great germination! Lasy year we had all kinds of beautiful pollinating visitors. I bought more this year and have them planted in 6 different spots. They’ve all begun to grow I can’t wait to watch them bloom again!” – Jose L. Cruz Jr (Source: Amazon)

“Beginner planter here! I live in North Texas Zone 8a, where the sun tries to kill you and the heat can be intense.From the assortment of flowers, I found that cosmos, larkspur, forget-me-nots, nasturtium, and zinnias have been the most successful in reaching full bloom. The cosmos, in particular, are thriving in the North Texas climate. There are a lot of different seeds, these seeds have the potential to grow successfully if given the right conditions.I lightly dug into the dirt and spread the seeds evenly across the area, then covered them with a shallow amount of soil. I watered daily, except for the 3 days a week I’m out of town for work. It took only a few days to start seeing sprouts. There are a LOT of seeds.The wildflower seed mixture has truly brought life and vibrancy to my outdoor space. I was excited everyday to see a new bloom! Since the flowers began to grow, I’ve noticed a rise in the number of butterflies, bees, birds, and other captivating insects that now frequent my garden!” – senpai (Source: Amazon)

“These grew in tall and colorful. I wish they actually had Lupine and Columbines since those are my favorite, but they still added a nice pop of color and variety to my flower bed.” – Kelsey (Source: Amazon)

“So I bought a packet of these in March of 2021 and just scattered them on the woodchips at the back of my property. Nothing had ever grown there before since the cats use the area as their litter box and I wasn’t expecting much. Boy was I wrong.Just a few months ago, a bunch of Tree Mallows started growing and now they’ve exploded/blossomed into what you see in the photos. White and Pink ones. Some the size of teacup saucers. Around 350-400 of them. I’ve also had Zinnias, Marigolds (not pictured), and, miracles of miracles, a purple Delphinium just popped up this week! (Haven’t photographed it yet because I want it to fully bloom first).Just a mind blowing explosion of flowers from one little packet of seeds. I now realize you have to be patient with flowers. Don’t expect immediate results and wait at least 6 months to a year for nature to take its course. Nature takes time. And again, I did nothing special and know squat about gardening. I just opened the packet and scattered the seeds around!One of the greatest things I’ve ever bought and I can’t recommend these seeds enough. I just had to come back here after a year to write this review and express my gratitude. What a gift.” – Jonathan G (Source: Amazon)

“I will be buying again next year. I bought the seeds about 2 months ago and they have thrived. Some of the flowers are over 2 feet tall and the butterflies and bees absolutely love them!I honestly didn’t expect the seeds to grow as well as they have. I was really lazy planting and just threw the seeds onto some not great soil, watering them daily for the first 2 weeks. I’m happily surprised at the yield they’ve produced. I have about 6 different varieties of flowers growing currently.” – Noelle (Source: Amazon)

“I would imagine that different packages would have different proportions of flowers, and that different flowers would grow better in different areas. Having said that, we have dozens upon dozens of zinnias, many different colors and varieties, all very beautiful. The amaryllis and some other flowers are starting to bloom as well, with a few nasturtiums, marigolds and cosmos. We had a large, sun-baked bank to fill, and it did a wonderful job. The soil is not the best quality (clay), but the flowers grew exceptionally well, and we are very pleased.” – Flexpicker (Source: Amazon)

“Very happy with this seed packet. I only wish I would have spread the seeds more thinly to cover a larger area. They have been blooming since early July. It’s now early September and there are still dozens more preparing to bloom.” – Chris M (Source: Amazon)

“These turned out beautiful around my mailbox! Didn’t have great luck in other areas of the house but I think that’s bc it was too shaded.” – Bonnie (Source: Amazon)

“These were so easy to plant and grow. The assortment of colors in my flowers is beautiful and my little garden attracts so many butterflies and bumblebees. It brings me so much joy. They’re also very hardy flowers as we’re in the middle of a terrible heat wave with little rain here in Ohio and I regularly forget to water my plants. More and more flowers bloom daily and I get so much joy from looking at them. I bought 4 packages and used 3 on a round plot of dirt, maybe 5.5 feet diameter and it’s very dense with flowers now.” – wemke (Source: Amazon)

“I will start by saying I had a few different packets of wildflower seeds, but I’m assuming most/all came from this envelope. The different colors/variety are amazing! I will say I see nothing but Zinnias, which are beautiful and colorful, was just hoping for a little variety of types! But I will definitely buy this packet again, and my mom’s jealous of mine and will buy one as well! I LOVE going out to admire my beautiful wildflower garden!” – Sarah Q (Source: Amazon)

“Great seeds!! I planted these seeds in mid June in the North East. Late for the zone but took my chances in hopes for some color. I followed the instructions on the package but I also lightly covered the seeds with soil so the birds wouldn’t eat the seed. High and quick germination about 5 to 7 days. Watered every day for at least a couple of weeks. The flower beds are in full sun. Within 2 months of planting, as shown in the pictures, I have wonderful flowers. I believe there are at least 8 different annual varieties. Not bad considering I planted later than I should have plus since I did have a high germination rate the plants are pretty crowded. I’m sure more varieties would have emerged if the beds were not so crowded. If you don’t have patience and you want a nice tidy manicured flower bed don’t buy wildflower seeds. They need time to grow and do what wildflowers do in nature. I will note that I had no expectations on the perennials flowering this season. That knowledge comes from years of gardening and maybe next spring I’ll see some. That’s the fun of gardening. Bottom line…these seeds are great and I will definitely buy more in the future.” – Lisa M (Source: Amazon)