YaFiti Modern PU Leather Kitchen Counter Swivel Bar Stools Set of 2, White

  • ✔【Mid Century Modern Barstools】This bar stool features a modern minimalist design that blends historic vintage design with stylish elements, perfect for mid-century bistros, street fashion cafes, and islands to give your décor a fresh new look.
  • ✔【Comfortable Bar Stool】The modern bar stool is made of PU leather upholstery and bentwood, and the bar stool is padded with soft foam and the backrest curve is ergonomically designed, you can comfortably lean on the backrest of the bar stool and rest your legs on the footstool to enjoy a more comfortable and relaxing sitting experience.
  • ✔【360° Swivel and Adjustable Height】The swivel bar stool is adjustable between 37.8-46.06 inches, fitting counters from 35 to 47 inches high, and the counter stools seat swivels 360 degrees to fit people of different heights. 360° swivel and adjustable height design help you to easily access items and sit in a comfortable position.
  • ✔[Anti-slip and Widely Used]: The base of our adjustable bar stool has a rubber ring that provides anti-slip functionality and prevents scratches on the floor. The counter height stool rubber ring also prevents harsh noises when moving the bar stool. The industrial modern design and counter height of the bar stool is perfect for use at any kitchen counter, café, bistro, island or home bar.
  • ✔[Easy to Clean and Assemble] The bar chair is easy to clean waterproof PU leather and you can easily remove stains by simply wiping with a damp cloth. Our barstools set of 2 is designed with a simple but stable construction so it is very easy to assemble.

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“These chairs are beautiful and look so great! Some parts look a bit flimsy, like the bottom ring Which is silver color plastic, this part purpose is simply cover the joint of the tube with the base, I guess that piece could have been made with a better material and attached somehow to the tube, but its not, the plastic rink (cover) just sits there to cover where the base and tube joins. Besides this, the wood was a beautiful stain, im sure it scratches easily, so we ought to be careful. I have a mall at home and thanks God she behaves and we never allowed her to het in our furniture (she has 3 beds in different parts at home lol) . This is a great option without budget despite those details. I was about to purchase some modern acrylic barstools but I ended up selecting these instead and I am happy with them. Not sure how long will last but even if only a couple of years, the price was good for 2 chairs and much cheaper than similar products in retail stores.” – Carito (Source: Amazon)

“Impressed! These were well packaged, easy to put together and look great!” – Turtle (Source: Amazon)

“Easy assembly. I had a stroke and I find it difficult to put things together now. These were no problem!! Black screws on black; silver on silver. My place has sailing/coastal vibe and these barstools look like seating on a yacht. The padding is a very dense foam, and the back support is great. If you’re on the fence, here’s your push! Nothing cheap here!!!” – KristieLynn (Source: Amazon)

“Amazing counter chairs at a very decent price. I love just everything about these chairs. Easy to assemble / clear instructions. The chair is super comfortable, made of nice materials, and the wooden part is above and beyond, it has such a pleasant touch! I’ve recently moved and have to buy everything for my new home, and these chairs so far are the best purchase. Arrived a couple of days earlier than expected.Make sure you don’t bump a wooden part into a granite counter, wood doesn’t like it. Still, at this price, this is just a gift!” – Lena (Source: Amazon)

“Could not be happier with these bar stools! Color of the wood is perfect. They are so comfortable, and the quality is amazing.. BUY THEM!!” – Danielle Davis (Source: Amazon)

“Wow so comfortable and quality!Not to mention beautiful and everything we were looking for! One of the best purchases for our home!” – Kiara (Source: Amazon)

“I recently upgraded my kitchen counter seating with the adjustable height barstool from Yafiti, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. This sleek and stylish barstool combines comfort, convenience, and functionality, making it the perfect addition to my home.One of the standout features of this barstool is its adjustable height mechanism, allowing me to effortlessly customize the seat height to fit my tall kitchen counter perfectly. Whether I’m enjoying breakfast or hosting guests, the padded seat and back provide exceptional comfort and support, ensuring a pleasant seating experience every time.The swivel feature adds an extra element of convenience, allowing for easy movement and accessibility while seated. Whether I’m chatting with family or reaching for items on the counter, the swivel function allows me to do so with ease.Assembly was a breeze, thanks to the straightforward instructions and minimal parts. Within minutes, I had the barstool assembled and ready to use, without any hassle or frustration.Furthermore, the sleek and modern design of the barstool adds a touch of sophistication to my kitchen decor, elevating the overall aesthetic of the space.Overall, I’m highly satisfied with my purchase from Yafiti store. The adjustable height barstool offers the perfect blend of comfort, style, and functionality, making it an essential piece of furniture for any kitchen or bar area. If you’re in search of a quality barstool that delivers on both form and function, look no further than the Yafiti adjustable height barstool.” – Tom (Source: Amazon)

“Super modern. This stool is really nice and sleek. Its feels really soft and smooth. Has a really good height but make sure it fits your needs.” – Alejandro G. (Source: Amazon)

This is a beautiful and well made bar stool. It was very easy to assemble and it works perfectly and this stool is also very comfortable too. My husband and I made a video that shows some of the features of this stool. Take a look if you are interested. For reference my husband is 6’2″ and weighs about185 pounds.The bent wood feature is very pretty and I also like the seat padding that makes this stool so comfortable. I believe this is a five star bar stool.” – Papillon (Source: Amazon)

“My wife wanted this chair/stool to use at a craft room table. It’s plenty tall for her purpose. In fact, as an already-tall stool, the additional height permitted by the pneumatic riser makes this chair almost jittery tall….So, the look is great and the feel of the chair is comfortable. The curved seat and back might make this chair a bit uncomfortable for larger people. Bear that in mind when ordering.I would say that the weak link in the chair, if any, is the connection to the base. It’s not the heaviest or most solid of bases and I get a kind of precarious feeling on the chair if it’s raised at all above the minimum possible level. But I’m 195 pounds and my wife, who weighs considerably less, feels fine with the seat raised.” – Nebti19 (Source: Amazon)

Ways to Decorate with the YaFiti Leather Stools

Vintage Luxury Theme: Create a sophisticated dining area or kitchen space that echoes the swanky charm of mid-century modern design. Pair these bentwood adjustable bar stools with a smooth marble or polished wooden bar counter. Integrate elements such as brass or gold accents, globe pendant lights, and geometric patterns in the wallpaper, rugs, or backsplash. Keep the palette neutral with pops of vibrant colors like teal or mustard for that nostalgic luxury feel.

Street Fashion Café Vibe: To mimic the adventurous spirit of a street fashion café, focus on creating an eclectic mix of colors and textures. Use these PU leather upholstered bar chairs as the clean, modern anchor to the space. Contrast them with rustic wood surfaces, industrial metal fixtures, and pops of graffiti art or bold, abstract paintings on the walls. Incorporate other eccentric pieces like unique sculptures or vintage music records to fully capture the essence of street art and fashion.

Minimalistic Island Getaway: For this theme, envision a serene and uncluttered kitchen island setting. Allow the sleek lines of your bar stools to blend harmoniously with natural materials such as bamboo, rattan, or light oak for your counters and cabinets. Opt for organic linens, lots of greenery in simple planters, and sheer white curtains to amplify the light, airy vibe. Accent lighting or minimalist pendant lights can underline the bar area without overwhelming the simplicity.

Eclectic Boho Chic: Combine the clean, modern design of these bar stools with the colorful, worldly aesthetics of bohemian style. Pair them with a reclaimed wood bar or kitchen island. Add vibrant, patterned cushions (consider removable ones for the stools) and plenty of textiles like woven carpets and tapestries. Display macramé wall hangings, eclectic pottery, and a mix of global decor pieces to add personality and warmth to the space.

Industrial Retro Fusion: Cap off an industrial-themed bar or kitchen with these sleek, adjustable bar stools. Marrying the industrial look with a retro flair, think exposed brick walls, polished concrete floors, and metallic surfaces balanced with the curved, wooden accents of the stools. Use Edison bulb pendant lights, metallic pipes for open shelving, and vintage signs or gadgetry as decorative pieces. The juxtaposition of rugged industrial elements with the smooth, organic lines of the bar stools will create a markedly dynamic space.