WLIVE Retro Lift Top Wood Coffee Table with Hidden Compartment and Drawer

  • 【LIFT-TOP Design】The tabletop can be lifted and closed effortlessly, creating a versatile work surface. It is not only a functional coffee table in the living room or reception room, but also a home office desk while you don’t need to lean forward.
  • 【Spacious Storage】This coffee table with two extra hidden storage compartments,one under the lift top and another under the slide-out top.It can store laptops, magazines, remote controls and gamepads, making your desktop tidy.
  • 【Gently Close Design】High quality lift top mechanism enables the tabletop to be lifted up or lowered down effortlessly and noiselessly, Children don’t have to worry about hurting their fingers when using.
  • 【Sturdy & Durable】The life top coffee table is constructed of particle board with water resistant paint and stable steel frame to ensure years of use.The design of the U-shaped legs and corner code makes table more sturdy.
  • 【Easy Installation】Easy to assemble with clear instructions and tools included; Any question before and after purchase, please contact us and we will find solution for you in 24 hours.

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“We bought this coffee table a few months ago and are loving it. It definitely took a little effort to put together, but the instructions were easy to follow. We love the feature of the lift in the table, and the sliding part also gives a little extra storage. We had to readjust the lift portion to get the crack between the two tops more even, which was a little frustrating, but ended up working out. It feels like a very sturdy table, considering the material it is made out of. The slow close option on the top is very nice, but a little abrupt at the end. So, if you had a full glass of water sitting on it, it may splash over the edge a bit. For the price I think it is a good option for people who need extra storage in a small space. I would buy again.” – Hailey S (Source: Amazon)

“Was easy to put together. Love it, very sturdy. Very happy.When unpacking make sure you go easy to remove the corners on bottom piece of the table, mine was stuck and when I removed it it torn the corners off. You can’t see it anyway, it is on the inside bottom of the opening where you hide stuff.” – Yvonne B (Source: Amazon)

“I’ve been hesitant to purchase one of these for a very long time now (lack of stability) and let me tell you how much I’ve regret not purchasing it any time sooner. It’s a beautiful clean-cut coffee table with an amazing modern twist.Assembly: It took almost 2 hours. Take your time and follow instructions closely. DO NOT screw in all the screws completely until the all of the screws are slightly in the holes according to the specific stage of assembly. Then tighten all the screws before moving on to the next stage. It would help if you had some assistance because at some point you will need to attach and align the heavy top part onto the legs (Thank goodness I lift weights or it would’ve been challenging). Last tip, having a drill will cut down time to take to assemble.This table is worth it. From the spacious compartments to the soft closing of the table tray. I’m sleeping on the couch tonight, but it’s for a good reason this time.” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“The assembly wasn’t too bad with two people doing it. The table is sturdy and works well. You just have to follow instructions and it’s a good table. I saw reviews before I bought it that said the legs broke if you move it too much but I love this table a lot to move it further away or closer to my couch and all you have to do is just be careful if it’s created dents in your carpet and settled. If not you can just push it at the bottom and it glides easily on carpet. That’s just common sense to me but… it’s a good table for a good price. I love it and I’ve had it for 4 months now” – Briana (Source: Amazon)

“Assembly was pretty difficult for me. I made a mistake in the beginning of the process which was awful as I had to disassemble everything too. I will admit the lifting function is not as smooth as I’d like too.However, it looks nice, and it is a great deal for the price.” – Morgan Brown (Source: Amazon)

“Great value for the price! I was nervous to get this, but it’s definitely worth it and I’m so glad I took the chance. I put it together alone and it took me 2 hours. It would’ve taken a shorter amount of time if I had someone helping me, I’m sure. All pieces were there and most of the little parts came with extras just in case, which I appreciated since I have a puppy that likes to get his teeth on anything he can find! You definitely need a second person at the end to help lift the top part onto the bottom, but other than that, as long as you have the time and motivation, it’s definitely do-able by yourself. The top pieces fit together perfectly. There is a slight gap between the 2 pieces of the top but that doesn’t bother me. Overall a great furniture piece!” – Kaitlyn (Source: Amazon)

“I am being real with my expectations given how much this coffee table is (it’s not expensive at all). Having said that its great for the money! The instruction calls for two people to assemble this table but I did it all by myself, just make sure you’re strong enough to lift it up when assembled. The steps are easy to follow and the finished product looks great! Are there little imperfections on the wood panels, yes, but they’re not severe. Like I said for thr price I paid this is well worth the money. Love the lift up table and the storage compartments. Definitely a classy looking piece.” – Christine Wang (Source: Amazon)

“Not too many pieces to assemble, but sadly there were no instructions in the package. I was able to find a quick instructional online (youtube) and I was able to put it together in around 45 minutes.” – Tiff6997 (Source: Amazon)

“I loved how easy this lift-top coffee table was to assemble. Two people are recommended yet I was able to complete the job myself. It functions exactly as described. Also, when I realized I initially chose a different color than intended, WLIVE was incredibly responsive and exchanged the order immediately. I recommend this product 100%!” – Jenna Segraves (Source: Amazon)

“Overall, I love it! Not too big and not too small. Fits just right! The lift for the pc, very convenient when I don’t want to go to my desk. Easy to assemble but, definitely pay attention to the instructions; the letters on boards and parts. Bag came with extra parts which is always a good thing.” – Betty (Source: Amazon)

“Took my boyfriend and me 1hr to assemble. Very sturdy. Sleek look and love all the storage. The two top pieces are slightly crooked. Pay Extra attention on that step if that would bother you.” – Mikayla Strickland (Source: Amazon)

“I just put this together and it came out great. Looking forward to using it. Was fairly straight forward to assemble.” – Jeff Sullivan (Source: Amazon)