Rubbermaid Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Storage Shed, 7 x 7 ft

  • This shed has a HUGE storage capacity, perfect for storing all your lawn care essentials like riding and push mowers, patio and garden equipment, and even large trash cans
  • The doors open wide, making it easy to get items in and out without any hassle
  • The double-wall resin construction and impact-resistant floor make this shed extremely durable and able to withstand heavy use
  • You won’t have to worry about the shed rusting or rotting due to bad weather – it’s made of durable resin that stays strong all year round
  • No maintenance is required – just set it up and forget about it
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When people think about a backyard shed, the first thing that usually pops up in their minds is the availability of additional storage space for tools, lawn machinery, and seasonal items. While it is true that your garden shed provides extra space to keep random junk, there are various other benefits you can gain by installing one in your backyard. Besides all these qualities, a storage shed space actually improves your quality of life in many ways.  

Popular Amazon Reviews

“Need solid level ground I used pavers. Not strong enough for midwest wind storms. Perfect for unsecured storage and A+ for looks. I am glad I bought it, I did not want to spend 3 weekends putting a shed together. 3-5 hour job with this one. The hardest part was removing sticky protective film from three windows on roof.” – Theodore Weber (Source: Amazon)

“The is a super little shed & my husband & a friend’s son put it together (on a solid base) in just over 4 hours. It slotted together pretty easily (Tip: don’t forget to use the washing liquid to help slide then clip the parts in). It seems very sturdy and we have it bolted to a sold base so it shouldn’t go anywhere. However, there is one really annoying little thing – (which, of course, you don’t find this out until you reach the very last step of the build!) and that is the right hand door has this odd little nub at the top which catches on the inbuilt guttering at the front and prevents the door from closing properly! The only way to shut it, is by holding the handle & pushing the top of the door (slipping it) underneath the gutter first, then push the bottom of the door shut with your toe (or it just won’t line up to close!) Without this protrusion, the door would have easily closed. We think this could possibly end up wearing over time either the guttering in the place where it catches or the protruding piece on the top of the door and you can’t rub it down or cut it off as the door is hollow & water would get inside. It must be a design fault as I’ve seen other purchasers complain about the same issue & never seen a response from the manufacturer in the questions section.Nevertheless, overall and so far, we are very pleased with it but I can’t comment as for it being weather proof, time will tell. Now the next challenge is finding the shelves and other accessories to fit inside!!” – LBlume (Source: Amazon)

“Great shed. It’s my second time assembling a shed. The first one was a suncast that I needed help with the roof. This one I did fully solo and the roof came in 3 pieces so it was manageable for a single person. It took around 5 hours in total which I thought was pretty good. The most time consuming part was pealing off that damn sticker on the window treatment. So frustrating. Overall I recommend this shed. The price was a little high but so is everything right now.” – ZachZ (Source: Amazon)

“Overall I love this shed, that is once it was built. My husband put it together by himself. No small feat for someone who is 75. Anyway, he leveled the site, packed stone dust, then built a solid foundation for it to sit on. Like so many other reviews, he had a few problems with pieces not fitting correctly, having to drill out holes, and especially the doors. Ummmm the doors. They still don’t fit exactly as they should, but they are at least tight when closed. For such a small building, it’s perfect for all of my gardening needs. It also holds all of our summer chairs, tables, flower pots, etc at the end of the year. It’s a good looking shed with the colors, litte windows, etc. I would purchase it again in a heartbeat, just wish quality control was a bit better.” – Cher (Source: Amazon)

“This is a quality product. Be sure to construct the shed on a good base. Overall, I would recommend this shed.” – Gary B. Coxey (Source: Amazon)

“I received this shed today on time and damage free. Myself and a friend finished it in about 4 hours. Using a combination of YouTube and the provided instructions it went very smoothly. The YouTube video was 3 years old and there were some updates done to the design giving it extra support / fasteners. As stated in other reviews, a flat foundation is key. I also went through and installed small hinges using self tapping screws for extra strength. (Also picked this up from other reviews) The dish soap was also a big help. Overall for the price compared to other models I’m very pleased.” – Kolbe (Source: Amazon)

“Nice small shed for yard tools. Went together fairly easily with just two people. The only issue I had was getting a good attachment for the window bay. I used some basic hinges to ensure the joint closure and has not leaked at all. Building a small platform is a must to keep bugs and rain out.” – Emily Grajales (Source: Amazon)

“I tried to leave a somewhat detailed video review of the shed, so if you have the time check that out.The shed is pretty decent looking. Make sure you take some extra time to ensure your foundation is in good shape, otherwise you will end up having issues with the shed.That being said, I am happy with the purchase and have already begun utilizing the extra space. If you’re on the fence about this purchase, I’d say go for it.I think the plastic shed will outlast a wooden or metal one if it’s well taken care of. The assembly was pretty straight forward and easy to follow. Everything is labeled really well which makes it easy to ensure you’re using the correct parts at each stage of the assembly.” – ChristineT89 (Source: Amazon)

“What can I say ..firstly it arrived at the timeframe it said it would and the box was in very good condition.It was not hard to put together at all.I put it together myself. My wife wanted to be part of the installation,but her work schedule didn’t allow for it.I knew once I started itll be done.I won’t lie an extra set of hands is helpful for holding down or holding up..once it is being snapped in place.The tools are a must and if you follow the instructions to a T you’ll be fine.There were some misaligned holes but other than that I’m satisfied.It is a shed and their pretty much all the same.I would definitely recommend this shed for anyone who is looking for one.” – Mike M. (Source: Amazon)

“I put this shed together alone over the course of 3 weekends. If I didn’t have to haul the pieces from my driveway to the backyard I could have done it in 2. Total labor time on the shed itself was about 5.5 hours. Partially due to the location and having to move my ladder so much. Definitely use dawn dish soap to help the pieces slide together and make sure your foundation is level! I used a rubber mallet to assist getting some panels together and that helped. Also, I recommend that you put the panels in the sun on a flat surface to make them straight as they were a little warped from shipping.If you are assembling solo, a triangle ladder that you can sit on the top of is a must unless you are tall. I’m a 5’7 125lbs 50+ woman who is good at construction but balancing a few of the panels and hefting some of the roof had me cursing, especially on the 90 degree days. Definitely easier with a helper but, my pittie mix could only offered kisses! Shed seems pretty sturdy and is a nice size. I like that it is plastic and recyclable. My old shed got termites from being near moist woods.This shed has already weathered a pretty big rain and wind storm and no leaks. I also like the skylight and door hardware adds a nice touch. So far the floor has been easy to clean as well. My recommendation is call a buddy to help and this can be a one day project.” – Liz (Source: Amazon)

5 Reasons Why You Need a Storage Shed in Your House

Sheds are more than just storage rooms – Your storage shed is more than just an empty room to fill up your stuff; it provides you with undiscovered organizational potential. Adding shelves, installing boards, or introducing hooks can help use all the free space in your shed more efficiently. These additional features in this small area improve the functionality of ceilings, walls, and floors, all while making your life a little easier.

Sheds can increase property value – Your house’s exterior will always be the first thing people will notice, which means it should leave a positive impression. Not having storage space and keeping your lawn equipment piled up near your garage could really affect your house’s resale value. Invest in a Rubbermaid Resin Weather Resistant outdoor storage shed that easily blends with your existing home’s exterior and allows you to decorate it to make it look more interesting for the times when guests or potential clients visit your place.

Sheds can spice up your backyard – Having no trees, flowers, or other interesting objects in your backyard makes it look extremely dull. Make it a place you would want to visit regularly by installing an outdoor shed. They provide you with a space to hide your lawn equipment, signs, or other items while making your yard look more beautiful. You can also uplift the outdoor design by adding trees and flowering plants around the shed to create a lush and colorful landscape.

Storage sheds maximize safety – A storage shed keeps your home safe by providing you with a place to keep potentially hazardous chemicals away from your kids and pets. Herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers, or other household chemicals can be kept in your garden shed. You can also store other dangerous home items like your power tools or furniture polish and stain. Storing all these items away from your home reduces the risk of unfortunate accidents.

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