Acanva Modern L-Shaped 3 Seat Sectional Sofa, White

  • L-shaped sofa adopts modern streamlined design, unique details highlight the quality and texture, which can bring a comfortable sitting experience to your living room, study, home office or bedroom living area.
  • The sectional sofa is based on a solid hardwood frame with durable foam cushions built into the white boucle fabric.High-performance and easy-care fabrics are extremely durable and soft to the touch.
  • Seat cushions are padded with down and foam to create a relaxing, “sink-into” feel. Made without harmful chemical treatments, our lambswool fabrics are consumer friendly and offer your family comfortable sitting experience.
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This sleek and elegant L-shaped sofa may add a comfortable seating experience to your living room. With unique accents, the sectional sofa provides a form cushion built into the white boucle fabric on top of a solid hardwood frame. Talking about its texture and quality, one can feel cosy in its down-filled pillows and soft cushions, experiencing a sink-in sensation. Its eco-friendly fabric, made without damaging chemical treatments, provides a comfortable seating experience, protecting your family from allergies. 

Popular Amazon Reviews

“Loved this couch! I was exploring Arhaus and West Elm sofa sectionals for months and couldn’t commit to a $8k+ couch that would take months to come in so I took a gamble on this one and couldn’t be happier! It looks designer, is built with quality, and is easy to clean! I wasn’t thrilled about getting a white couch but it cleans easily with Shout stain remover spray.The only negative is it’s a little stiff for my liking. My guests are satisfied with the comfort, I just wish the seat cushions were as fluffy as the back cushions, but that’s just my preference! I’ve still fallen asleep on it several times either way.” – Hanna (Source: Amazon)

“I’d been waiting on these couches. And they are a perfect fit for our living room. They are so comfy and gorgeous.” – Stefanie Rouse (Source: Amazon)

“Love it! Great quality, comfortable and stylish.” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“I was looking for in stock and ready to ship couch so my option was limited. Glad that I could find this style that could get shipped out pretty fast.The delivery speed was fast (got delivered in less than a week) and the white glove service was great. The couch is comfy and firm. The pillows are great too.However, I want to point out that it can get dirty very easily. My dog jumped on it when she was too excited and left her paw mark on it instantly.” – Eleanor Hirsch (Source: Amazon)

“I fell in love when I saw the photo online and I knew I had to have it. I was right, it’s exactly what I needed.It’s perfectly sized for my fairly small living room.The seating is not as deep as you might expect with it being 42 inches.The material is as good as the pictures and better. It’s honestly like laying on a cloud.In regard to the firmness, it’s perfect. I would definitely not call it firm at all but it’s very sturdy.Every time I’ve sat on it thus far I had a difficult time getting up.I highly recommend this sofa!It arrived Monday morning and I clicked buy on Friday night.Easily fit through the door and the drivers brought it in for me.” – Joseph Reynolds (Source: Amazon)

“Couch was delivered on time. Unboxed it and instantly knew I made a great purchase. It’s seriously stunning and modern and easy to assemble and comfortable and…just yes!” – Khadeejia Marcum (Source: Amazon)

“Amazing! Super easy to put together and very comfortable” – SilviaZ (Source: Amazon)

Types of Interior Design Styles that will Blend Well

While embracing the inner curvier person inside you, the L-shaped sofa works well in large and small apartments. Following are some interior design styles of your flat that will go well with your Acanva Modern sofa.

Mid-Century Contemporary – Styling your L-Shaped sofa with a mid-century contemporary interior design style that has an indisputably ageless appeal is a great option. The style is characterized by clean lines, minimal decoration, organic forms, and excellent utility, and this is everything you can find in Acanva Modern L-shaped white sofas. Choose the white colour and allow the light to come in for a breathable fresh environment in your living space.

Modern – Add Acanva white L-shaped sofa to create a cool-themed atmosphere in your modern all-white interior design living room. Furniture in this kind of interior style is streamlined, elegant, and minimalist, and they don’t have elaborate designs. This L-shaped white sofa offers the same function and complements a modern room’s overall design by blending seamlessly with its surroundings.

Minimalistic – A formal, open-concept living area with a minimalist colour scheme contrasting white and grey is everything one can dream of in a cosy, relaxing space. Everything looks fantastic with the medium-toned oak floors and white, even in the lights. To achieve this purpose, you can add Acanva modern white L-shaped sofa that will blend with your minimalistic design and serve as a mood softener to keep your mind relaxed and anxiety free.

Ways To Decorate the Room with Acanva Modern White L-Shaped Sofa

Choose geometric patterns and shapes – Geometric shapes and patterns are great design concepts that look excellent with your L-shaped sofa. You can decorate it in various ways by surrounding it with different geometric forms.

Wild oak furniture – Contrasting your Acanva modern white L-shaped sofa with wild oak is everything you need to make your living area modern and sleek. Besides the excellent contrast of dark and light, the balancing of textures makes the space pleasant and mess-free.

Give it direct access to the outdoors – Place your L-shaped white sofa close to a window where light is coming in and see what magic it does to your mind. Due to the warm atmosphere, you will not only get relaxed but also get a chance to embrace nature that is right in front of you.

Make it elegant and functional at the same time – Adding as much storage as possible is a good idea to organize your stuff that might ruin your sofa’s appearance. In addition to cabinets for keeping practical stuff, you may install shelving for books and decorative items. This is how your living area will seem neater, allowing you to fully relax in your soft sofa cushions with your loved ones.

Other Things to Think of

Be more cautious with maintenance – As the colour of this Acanva modern L-shaped sofa is white, you might have to be extra careful with drinks and food. However, if you are not clumsy, adding this sleek sofa to your modern living space will be the icing on the cake.

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