Rubbermaid Large 5×2 Plastic Weatherproof Outdoor Storage Shed

  • SENSIBLE STORAGE: Preserves essential yard or patio space with smaller footprint
  • SLIM DESIGN: Safely store long garden tools, brooms, ladders, storage totes, bags of fertilizer, gas cans and more
  • UNMATCHED DURABILITY: Tough, double-wall resin construction and an impact-resistant floor are designed for long-term durability.
  • APPEALING DESIGN: Metal handle accents provide an aesthetically pleasing design to compliment outdoor décor
  • LOCKABLE DOORS: Lockable for added security. Lock sold separately.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: Shed won’t rust or rot providing weather-resistance all year long, unlike metal or wood sheds
  • DURABILITY: Rubbermaid deck boxes are designed to last even in busy, harsh-weather environments. Premium features such as double-wall construction and weather-resistant materials provide a safe place to store your upholstered cushions, pool accessories, gardening equipment and more, and add an attractive decorative element to your deck, patio or pool area.

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“This is a sturdy little shed with ample room to store my gardening gear.It is sturdy and seems to be rock solid on top of the foundation that I made from pressure treated lumber. I was able to assemble it by myself, although I did need to use a step ladder to prop the sides up.There are some small gaps around the top which I filled with silicone to keep the spiders out.This shed accepts Rubbermaid shed accessories, they slot into the back/sides very securely.” – Tom AE (Source: Amazon)

“This shed is an addition to the one next to it. We needed extra storage and I liked the first one but wanted one with more height. I already had a level cement pad that was level. The level part is key to this shed assembly and working correctly. I put it together y myself working at a leisurely pace in about 2 1/2 hours. Screw gun definitely made I easier and faster as there are quite a few screws. Drilling pilot holes as suggested in the instructions is also very helpful. The instructions were easy to follow and I am very happy with the end product so far.” – Susan (Source: Amazon)

“When it was delivered I thought it might be broken and pieces missing- the box wasOpen on both ends and smashed; plastic wrap off and all sides crushed. However because I had waited for it longer than I expected-I decided to check it and the interior box was intact other than the bag of installation pieces was falling out the bottom. Everything was there and all worked out. Product was as expected after putting it together.” – Theresa Hawley (Source: Amazon)

“I get so angry when assembly instructions are vague with poor illustrations followed by parts that don’t fit, etc. This is not the case here. I’m a 74 year old man who assembled this in 2 hours by myself. I consider myself to be a mediocre DIYer. Since I put this together yesterday, I have no idea about its sturdiness and how much storage I can get in it.I would recommend before receiving this shed that you give thought about its base that it will sit on. As you can see from the picture, I created a base out of concrete blocks.” – Vito Simplicio (Source: Amazon)

“**2 Year Update 5/20/2022**: Still going strong! The shed still looks just like it did when we set it up. The addition of the L-brackets and sliding bolt lock in my original review appear to have prevented any warping that other reviewers complained about. The shed hasn’t discolored or faded at all (it gets full sun from sunrise til about 1pm) and has never leaked water. The cushions inside still look new and have been well protected from the elements in between use. Now I’m considering a second Rubbermaid shed to hold our grilling and extra gardening supplies!We needed a cross between a very large deck box and a small shed to store our outdoor cushions in during rain or off-season. We have a *very large* concrete seat wall that uses an enormous amount of outdoor cushions – way more than a typical patio set. I read reviews both here on Amazon, and on several big box store websites, for different lean-tos, XL deck boxes, sheds, etc. Most have relatively high reviews, but it seems like all are plagued with complaints about durability or warping, or poor assembly instructions. In the end, we ordered this 5 x 2 Sandalwood Rubbermaid Shed because it fit the dimensions we needed. I read several previous reviewers comments about the roof warping and effecting the closure of doors, and we have mediated those concerns by both installing some small L-brackets to the front of the shed (not the doors but the small bit before the door hinge) and the roof, and we have also purchased a sliding bolt lock that a previous reviewer posted a photo of (ours not installed yet). I am hoping these two amendments will prevent the roof from warping and keep the shed in top condition.We installed on a level crushed granite surface, on store-bought pavers. Install was quick and easy with two people – maybe 1.5 hrs tops, with the second person only helping stabilize a couple times. In my photo, you’ll see the shed easily fits 8 seat cushions (48 in L x 18 in D x 3 in H), 16 back cushions (20 in square) and 4 lumber cushions. We are actually getting a 9th seat cushion and believe that will fit also. We put a few pieces of wood at the bottom to keep the cushions off the ground, just in case of a high water (although this shouldn’t be necessary since its already raised on pavers). We didn’t see a lot of light inside when we stood in it closed, assembled, so we did not add any silicone to seal it. Our shed is housed somewhat by the roof overhang, but not completely.I will update the review for durability after a full Summer season of cushion storage.” – Erin D. (Source: Amazon)

“Although it wasn’t cheat, I think it was worth the money. I highly recommend following the tips given to you in the installation about predrilling the holes, especially the ones on the back of the shed at the top. Also the instructions say to used dish soap as a lubricant to help the corner joints slide together easier, us it but here’s another tip, it’s much easier if you connect the corner joints first and then attach them to the base especially if your assembling it by yourself. Also remember to lift one panel up and then slight the joins into place. Don’t make the same mistake that I did of trying to push the joints together after putting them on the base like the installations tell you to do. Other then that, it was very easy to put together, by myself it took a total of 2.5 hours. I’m very happy with it. It’s very spacious for a 5ft x 2ft shed and its perfect for my narrow patio. I didn’t really take the time to prepare a flat base for it to set on which in the long run could cause some issues with warping so I would highly recommend making sure it’s on a flat level surface of some kind. Also the whole for a lock is kind of small so I couldn’t really put a decent/secure size lock on the shed which was a little disappointing for my husband.” – Angela Red (Source: Amazon)

“I bought this shed for its small profile to store Christmas decorations in. It did exactly what I needed it for. It was easy to assemble by myself except for needing someone to hold roof down on corners to make sure it is nice and tight. Even though it comes with a floor the instructions recommend having a sub-floor. I recommend it too. I calculated the cost of a floor framed in wood and covered with either 1/2 inch pressure treated plywood or 5/4 deck boards. The cost was about the same at around $100.00 Having some extra brick pavers left over from a patio I used them instead. I don’t think the shed would do well sitting on the bare ground.” – Bruce (Source: Amazon)

“Nice garden shed. While I think filled this shed won’t blow away we still felt better anchoring it to our fence. Otherwise this is a perfectly functional little shed as you can see.” – Melanie Hancock (Source: Amazon)

“Very satisfied. A little harder than expected to assemble, but very happy with the quality. I like the accessories that you can purchase additionally (hooks, baskets, etc)” – April (Source: Amazon)

“Perfect for our yard tools. Delivery was a little rough, but love the shed. Standing next to side of a tough shed. For visual size” – Bobbie (Source: Amazon)

Other Landscaping Ideas

Patio Essentials Storage: Many households enjoy spending time on their patio and thus have numerous essentials like mats, tools for BBQ, decorative items, candles, lanterns, and outdoor seating cushions. These outdoor items require safekeeping from inclement weather to prolong their lifespan. The Rubbermaid Outdoor Storage Shed would be an ideal choice to store these items, given its weather-resistant features and smaller footprint, which wouldn’t take up much patio space.

Landscaping Tools Storage: Gardening enthusiasts often need different tools like rakes, shovels, edgers, wheelbarrows, hoses, and shears. The efficient slim design of this Rubbermaid shed enables vertical storage of long-handled tools, ensuring they’re easily accessible, well-organized, and not left out in the harsh environments which can degrade their quality. The shed’s double-wall resin construction and impact-resistant floor add to the durability, ensuring these tools maintain their function over time.

Pool Storage: Pools require maintenance and accessories for fun activities. Items such as jackets, pool floats, toys, towels, cleaning tools, and others can clutter your pool area if not stored properly. The Rubbermaid resin storage shed, with its lockable doors and weather-resistant attributes, provides a perfect solution to store and protect these items. Now, you can enjoy a well-organized and neat pool area.

Fertilizer & Soil Storage: Keeping bags of soil, fertilizer, and compost in good condition is vital to gardening success. Storing these items inside the Rubbermaid shed ensures they’re protected from weather elements that could otherwise affect their quality. Its lockable doors also secure these items from pests or other animals that may tamper with them.

Outdoor Sports Equipment Storage: Sports equipment often clutters outdoor spaces, garages, or basements. This shed provides an aesthetically pleasing and accessible place to store balls, nets, gloves, and other sports equipment in an organised manner. The shed’s resistance to weather conditions ensures the equipment inside won’t be adversely affected, and the lockable doors provide additional security. This could be a great option for families with kids in sports, enhancing convenience while ensuring equipment remains in good condition.