Pulaski Wood Frame Faux Leather Accent Chair

Classic mid-century modern chair design, updated with plush foam padding for comfort Comfortable, stylish accent seating that works in any room of the home Cognac brown faux leather adds a vintage feel with modern durability and easy maintenance Plush upholstered seat balances support and comfort; hardwood frame delivers long-lasting performance Built on a hardwood solid frame with soft, supportive seat and back for comfort Some assembly is required; hardware and instructions are included. Affirm monthly payment plans available. No impact on personal credit score. No late fees. Allstate Outdoor Furniture Protection Plan available with 3-year and 5-year options.

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The Pulaski Wood Frame Faux Leather Accent Chair is a classic furniture piece that makes a statement with its simplicity. Muted hues, plush upholstery, and a hardwood frame are the main features of the piece. The chair has foam padding to provide comfortable seating — while equally adding to the aesthetics.

Interior Design Styles To Pair With

The Pulaski accent chair is a stylish accent seat that pairs with various interior design styles. Place it in a mid-century modern interior, and its classic build and neutral hues will blend in perfectly. Use it in a minimalist interior, and the simplicity of the piece will make it the best choice. The use of wood makes it perfect for traditional interiors, while the faux leather adds a vintage feel, ideal for rustic styles.

Popular Amazon Reviews

“I LOVE THIS CHAIR! Exactly what I was looking for and it fits in my main room perfectly! It does scratch easy so be careful putting it together. Also, make sure to do one side, the middle bar then the other side….. I had to take it apart to fit the middle bar in lol. But over all lovely!!!!” – Jana Landers (Source: Amazon)

“Super cute chair! Very sturdy and comfortable. Good quality for price.” – Ella Madden (Source: Amazon)

“Amazing chair for the prize! Most tan leather chairs are $300+, so when I saw this I snagged it fast! It goes perfect with my boho room!” – Kimberly D (Source: Amazon)

“Love the buttery, soft texture. Color is stunning. Hubby put together easily. Do not tighten bolts until you are done with all bolts, this works best. Our 9 year old and I feel it has enough lower back support, hubby feels it needs more. Add a lumbar pillow, and VOILA, you have support and nice decor.” – Steve L (Source: Amazon)

“Love this chair. Glad I read the reviews before putting it together. Followed what others said about not tightening the bolts all the way till you’re done. It went together very easily. Seat is pretty firm but feels like it will hold up a lot time. Also darker than the picture but still goes well with my room.” – Staciemy88 (Source: Amazon)

Ways To Decorate With The Pulaski Accent Chair

Leverage the use of the Pulaski accent chair by decorating with it in different ways. Some fun ideas include:

Cozy It Up With Texture – Toss in a cushion and hang a small throw blanket on the arm of the chair to create a cozy nook. You can place this set up in a corner of your room or near a window offering outdoor views.

Use It Under A Hanging Light Fixture – If you have a hanging pendant light — or an arc floor lamp — place the Pulaski accent chair right beneath it. This illuminates the space and makes it ideal for certain tasks, such as reading.

Place It In Your Bedroom – The Pulaski accent chair features a nice and cozy feel, so placing it in your room makes for a great spot to sit back and rewind. At the same time, it offers comfortable seating to curl up with your favorite book and a mug of coffee.

Pair It With A Rustic Table – Place a vintage wooden side table next to the Pulaski accent chair to make it the focal point of your space. This is especially useful for traditional and rustic interiors, though it can add contrast to contemporary ones, too.

Use Two Around Your Coffee Table – Create visual interest in your room by using two Pulaski accent chairs around one side of your coffee table. This diversifies the use of furniture, dividing focus between the main sofa set and these stylish chairs.