DURASPACE 39″ 3-in-1 Convertible Sleeper Chair Bed, Light Gray

  • 【PULL OUT CHAIR BED】Duraspace sleeper chairs can easily convert into a Chaise Lounges or a single bed. This convertible design provides maximum living flexibility in the minimum amount of space. You will love the lounging capabilities of this versatile and space-saving pullout couch bed. Appropriate for apartment, dorms, apartments, studios, office, residential theater room.
  • 【Humanization Design】This convertible arm chair bed equipped with a three-level backrest can adjust the angles of 110° , 140° and 180° to accompany your work, leisure and relaxation time all day spherical. Adapt to different scenarios from different angles. Whether you want to sitting, to lounging, to sleeping.
  • 【USB and Cup Holder】 There are 2 USB charging ports on the left armrest of the sofa for various charging cables, which can provide continuous power supply for your phone. The convenient cup holders design on seat back to place drinks and cups. There are 2 side pockets and built-in cup holder meet your daily needs.
  • 【Sleeper Armchair】Single Chair Dimensions: 39″W x 33″D x 34.5″H, Seat Size:28″W x 23.2″D x 17.7″H Chaise Lounges Dimensions: 39″W x 60.5″D x 34.5″H, Single Bed Dimensions: 39″W x 73″D x 17.7″H. Weight limit: 330 lbs. Super easy to assemble, only take several steps to assemble. Material: Steel, Wood, Linen fabric & High-density foam.
  • 【Storage and Pillow】Small extra storage space under footrest can perfect fit the pillow or organizing your clutter. The throw pillows for presenting extraordinarily consolation in your neck and lumbar in reading, watching television and sleeping.
  • 【Buy With Confidence】This sofa chair sleeper comes in 2 boxes, please wait yet another day if doesn’t arrive on the identical day. We offer a guaranteed 1-year warranty, you can feel free to contact us at any time, we will provide professional customer service within 24 hour.

“Best $300 I’ve ever spent. I was on the fence about buying this chair because of the mixed reviews. There are multiple similar chairs like this one on Amazon, but ultimately this was the size that made sense for my space and had thorough reviews. Many people state that the chair is firm to the point where it is uncomfortable. I disagree. I prefer a firm chair/bed, and while I have not slept on this for a full night, I never intended to. This is not a bed! I have napped on this chair for about an hour or so, and it’s the right level of comfortable. It lives in my home office, and if I had a super plush bed in that room I would never wake up or leave! lol! I regularly have my morning coffee sitting here with my 2 dachshunds and watch TV for a few hours multiple nights in a row. Not uncomfortable at all. I’m not sure if I have any issues at all with this chair; for the price I paid it’s exactly what I expected. Not luxury, but you’re not going to get that at this price point. I’m sure it will have issues over the course of its life but again, you get what you pay for. For my purposes right now, this chair has been amazing. I’ve had it for 2-3 months.” – Caroline Horizny (Source: Amazon)

“Quality Chair Exceeded Expectations. I’m very happy with this chair and with the company’s customer service.My husband and I assembled this chair in one afternoon (he said I did most of the work). The parts can be heavy to maneuver but we’re both older and not bodybuilders and were able to handle it. Just take it slow. Oh, and watch the video. The video was very helpful.There were a couple of minor problems with the shipment. On one arm side, the manufacturer had neglected to cut holes in the fabric for the screws. After a short discussion, we determined the screw holes were there in the wood and just cut the fabric ourselves. But be aware this may happen.The other problem was that the adapter for the USB charger was broken. I contacted customer service and they sent out the part immediately. Great service as others have noted.Comfort: The chair is firm, but I like that, and I do feel that it seems less firm after it’s had time to breath. The pillow is soft and I admit I’ve taken a couple of naps on it already and find it very comfortable. But if you like super soft cushions, you’ll need to get something to put on the chair.The quality of the chair exceeds my expectation. I love the gray linen fabric and it’s cleverly constructed so you can pull out the bed. You can even pull it out part way and use as low footstool. The cup holder, storage compartments, and charger have already come in handy.The back of the chair is a little stiff to re-position but that may get better with time.Highly recommend this chair.” – Terry M (Source: Amazon)

“I wanted a comfy chair with ottoman but did not want a bulky recliner and with a smaller living room an ottoman is a nice to have but in the way unless you are using it piece of furniture. The chair shipped quickly and both boxes arrived on the same day. Assembly took roughly an hour and I was able to assemble solo. The pieces are not heavy and are manageable. Bonus was that you do not have to assemble the chaise piece that pulls out aside from opening it to put the convenient storage piece underneath and the front piece that hides the inner workings. It is firm yet comfortable. The fabric seems sturdy and easy to clean which is a plus with 2 larger dogs in my household. I am extremely happy with my decision to purchase this chair.” – Erin E. (Source: Amazon)

This chair was easy to unpack with instructions that are good and easy to follow. Assembly took 2 people less than 40 mins.Chair is very firm, but for someone sleeping, I’ll just add a pad for comfort.” – Rita (Source: Amazon)

“Beautiful, sturdy, comfortable sleeper chair! It was a bit too many parts for my skill set. But my friend put together in less than an hour.Chair is beautiful!” – MK (Source: Amazon)

“Was looking for an easily convertible extra sleep space that was comfortable. This is it! Added perk are the built in blanket storage, cup holder, usb ports, and adjustable back rest.” – Tami (Source: Amazon)

“Awesome piece! Do not let my star rating fool you – I love this thing. I sleep on it daily and it expands a room after sleep. It’ cheaper than a Murphy bed :).Only note – make sure the company sends the wheels/chase stopper with their original package otherwise you will need to work with them. But good news – they are a joy to work with!!Good luck and enjoy!!!” – TaoOfDerek (Source: Amazon)

Ways to Decorate with the DURASPACE Sleeper Chair

Scandinavian Minimalism: Given its light gray linen design, you have a perfect canvas for a Scandinavian minimalist theme. Use a monochromatic color palette with shades of white, beige, and light gray for throw pillows and blankets to maintain a clean, airy look. Natural wood accent pieces like a small side table or a ladder shelf for books and plants can complement the chair’s simple and functional aesthetics. Keep ornamentation minimal and focused on geometry and natural textures to enhance the space without overwhelming it.

Cozy Reading Nook: Transform the DURASPACE Sleeper Chair into a cozy reading nook. Add an adjustable floor lamp beside the chair for adequate lighting. Consider a plush ottoman in front of the chair that can double as additional seating or a place to prop feet up. A soft, warm throw blanket and an array of pillows with varying textures can make the space inviting. The side pocket of the chair offers a perfect spot for storing current reads and a notebook. For an extra touch, consider a small side table for a tea or coffee cup in the cup holder, ensuring a comfy and relaxing reading session.

High-Tech Lounging Area: Optimize the Sleeper Chair’s built-in USB ports by creating a tech-savvy lounging area. Pair it with a sleek, modern floor lamp that also features USB charging capabilities or a small tech station with smart home device controls on a nearby surface. Consider adding a high-definition projector or a swivel mount tablet holder to watch movies. This transforms the space into a multipurpose, personal media room that combines high tech with incredible comfort.

Relaxation & Wellness Corner: Tailor the space toward relaxation and wellness by integrating elements such as a small, aromatic diffuser on a nearby floating shelf—lavender or chamomile scents compliment relaxation particularly well. Incorporate a compact, foldable side tray where one could place a cup of herbal tea or a glass of water. As the Sleeper Chair transforms into a bed, it’s also a perfect opportunity to include a weighted blanket and an ergonomic pillow, making momentary naps or meditation sessions more enriching. Soothing, muted colors for accessories will maintain an atmosphere conducive to unwinding and recharging.

Efficient Home Office By Day, Comfortable Guest Bed By Night: Given the current trend toward hybrid or entirely remote work environments, turn the DURASPACE Sleeper Chair into an efficient workspace during the day. Alongside the adjustability of the chair – conducive to good posture – introduce a compact, height-adjustable laptop table that can be easily moved aside when converting the chair into a bed. Use modern, bright-colored organizers in the side pocket for storing work essentials. For the night transformation, store a set of bed linens and a compact blanket inside the storage space under the footrest, ready to provide comfort to overnight guests without the need for sacrificing style or office space integrity.