Lifetime 60254 Heavy-Duty 150 Gallon Outdoor Storage Deck Box, Desert Sand/Brown

Lifetime Outdoor Storage Box – Features an interior capacity of 150 gallons. It has a black bottom, desert sand sides, and a roof brown lid. Comes in (1) box. 10-year limited warranty. Need to expand your patio storage, but have limited space available? Store your things outside in a Lifetime Storage Box. The rigid, double-wall, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction makes the box strong and durable, sturdy enough to be used as a patio bench. Its UV-protected construction, and the weather and water resistant seal helps keeps the interior dry. The spring-hinge lid opens greater than 90°, won’t slam shut, and is lockable.

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“I bought this large deck box so I would have storage for my garden items. As a smaller older female , I was able to assemble it over 2 days. It was moderately hard, the screw holes were not predrilled so it took pressure on each side when screwing it together. It definitely would have been easier with 2 people, but I got it done. Using the YouTube video gave the easiest to follow instructions. When I got to the very last piece, the pressure arm, it wouldn’t snap on in one place. After trying my best, I contacted customer support and they immediately shipped me a new piece. I now have a great ,sturdy deck box that went through a powerful rainstorm and remained completely dry inside. Highly recommend” – ChrisLeRem (Source: Amazon)

“This deck box is fantastic. It’s already been through a few heavy rains and remained dry. During assembly one of the gas springs was found broken and the Lifetime company sent us a broken gas spring within 3 days. Great customer service, highly recommend.” – DiFe (Source: Amzon)

“Just an amazing looking storage container. Using it for seat cushions that I didn’t want to keep carrying inside and storing. Easy to assemble, took me about 90 mins between sips of wine. Very sturdy and well made. Measurements are very good. You will love this unit!” – Flint (Source: Amazon)

“This is exactly what I wanted. It was pretty straightforward to put together. I love how durable and absolute weather proof it is. My patio cushions stay completely dry. I measured the size and volume I would need ahead of time, and it stores all of my patio cushions and pillows perfectly. As an added bonus, its attractive and is strong enough to provide extra seating if needed. Worth every penny!” – Adrienne J (Source: Amazon)

Other Outdoor Uses

Patio Cushion and Pillow Storage: The resilient dual-wall HDPE construction and weather-resistant capabilities of the deck box make it ideal for shielding soft fabrics like season-specific decorative pillows, chair back supports, chaise lounge pads, and outdoor throw blankets from rain, dew, and UV damage. By being able to maintain accessories in a pristine and dry state, homeowners extend the life of their patio textiles and can conveniently switch out colors or styles with different seasons without hassle.

Gardening Supplies Organizer: Organizing gardening gear requires a solution that’s both spacious and durable. This deck box can compartmentalize supplies such as pruners, trowels, gloves, watering cans, seed packets, and containers. The controlled spring-hinge lid ensures that no fingers are pinched when accessing supplies, while the rust-resistant stainless steel hardware stands up to the damp gardening tools and soil-rich environment, resisting corrosion and deterioration. Gardeners with limited storage in a shed or garage find this box invaluable for maintaining a tidy and functional outdoor space.

Swimming Pool Sidekick: Maintaining an organized and efficient pool area contributes significantly to the enjoyment of it. This storage box serves multiple functions: keeping foam noodles kink-free, floaties deflated but not squished, and lifesaving devices readily accessible. The lockable lid means that pool chemicals can be secured away from children and pets. The box can be strategically placed to serve as an extra seating space during pool parties and the expansive capacity negates the inconvenience of multiple storage containers scattered around the decking area.

Outdoor Entertainment Station: The ability to multitask as a scaled storage and serving area makes this deck box a knight in shining armor for entertainers. The deck box can hold non-perishable condiments, biodegradable cutlery, unbreakable dishes, and table linens, thus minimizing trips to the interior kitchen and breaking visual contact with guests. For more intimate or spontaneous gatherings, it can house string lights, citronella candles, and other atmosphere-enhancers. The straightforward, easy assembly leads to more time focused on entertaining rather than on preparation and organization.

Sports and Recreation Hub: Families and sports enthusiasts alike deal with the clutter and disorder of equipment and gear. Balls, bats, gloves, skateboards, helmets, and rackets—each of these items thrown into the garage can create clutter and, ultimately, frustration. This high-capacity storage box is large enough to systematize and safeguard a whole family’s worth of recreational goods. With a lockable top, valuable gear can be secured, and a vast interior space prevents items from being damaged through compression or haphazard stacking.