YITAHOME 120 Gallon Outdoor Waterproof Resin Storage Deck Box, Black

  • IDEAL OUTDOOR STORAGE- Our deck box has a storage capacity of 120 gallons and total dimensions of 56″L x 26.6″W x 23.4″H,lockable lid.
  • HYDRAULIC PISTONS- Easy lift and soft close mechanism pulls the top completely open and shut slowly with minimal effort – easy for kids to use and no smashed fingers.
  • HIGHLY DURABLE- Structured with all weather-resistant resin that prevents fading and rusting;Added Iron rods for deck box’s extra support and strength.
  • VERSATILE STORAGE- Perfect to store outdoor cushions, pool supplies, and gardening tools.Stylish design easily matches your other patio furniture.
  • EXTRA SEATING- Provides extra comfortable bench seating with a weight capacity of 660 lbs.Also can be used as a patio table or a stool.

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“First thing I have to mention; the company reached out to me to see if I had any concerns with my product and if I needed anything from them. I had a relatively easy time putting this together but noticed the sides didn’t completely ended up flush against the front and back walls. I had to stand them up and tap them lightly with a hammer. Second, it’s easier to put the lid on with two people as opposed to one. I was finally able to get that done on my own. I do like the fact that this has the hydraulics on both sides to give the lid more stability to it and the fact it stays open once opened. There are no wheels so you have to lift it to move it which isn’t a problem empty. Now for me I was two screws short and so as I said they had emailed me asking if I had any concerns and I’m waiting to hear back on those screws. I do like that they have a metal bracket to put a lock on it but they could have designed it a little better so it aligns better – you can see what I mean by the attached picture. Lastly, I would suggest better materials since I’ve only had it for a couple of days and the end of the lid are already warping – see picture. It’s not to the point of worrying about rain getting in but we’ll see after this heat wave if that will be a concern down the line.” – Mike (Source: Amazon)

“My husband and I bought a house last year and over the summer we bought deck furniture. Over the winter we had the cushions piled in the corner of our dinning room and keep telling each other we were going to buy an outdoor storage box. I read many reviews on many different storage boxes from Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s etc. and the reviews and price of this box was the best I could find. This storage box is priced nicely, I was surprised how cheap, and putting it together was fairly easy. The lid also will open on its own with the hydraulics which was a surprise for me. It is also sturdy enough to sit on for extra seating which is also a bonus!I am currently 33 weeks pregnant and my husband is gone for work and when it came in I couldn’t wait to get it together. It took me just over an hour to get together and if I can put it together 8 months pregnant by myself than anyone can!Waiting to see how it will hold up in the weather but I am so pleased with it so far.” – Lauren (Source: Amazon)

“Love this. Looks great. It is easy to put together (struggled as a female putting it together alone, but still did it without much trouble), strong and weatherproof so far. Haven’t noticed any bugs in it yet, sprayed some pet safe/fabric safe bug repellant on it and on cushions. 230lb man sat on top, held up great. Did notice some white marks where the plastic had “stretched” from the weight, but no cracking. Unfortunately, the white didn’t go away and is still there, but not too noticeable from far away. For that reason, 4 stars. Good purchase overall.” – Chelsea (Source: Amazon)

“Easy enough. It didn’t take very long to put together & works perfectly for what I needed it for. It’s really attractive to the eye and fits in with my decor.” – Mercedes (Source: Amazon)

Other Outdoor Uses

Outdoor Entertainment Supply Chest: The YITAHOME deck box can be positioned strategically in gathering areas like a patio or deck for ease of access during outdoor events. It can store stereo equipment, outdoor-friendly board games, and even non-perishable snacks. The waterproof feature ensures that electronic items and games remain safe even if the weather turns unexpectedly. The soft-close mechanism ensures safety, especially around children, and the lockable lid keeps valuables secure. When not being accessed for supplies, the deck box doubles as extra seating for guests or a makeshift table for holding trays and drinks.

Gardening Equipment Organizer: Gardening equipment often includes sharp tools, bulky bags of soil and amendments, stakes, ties, kneelers, gloves, and watering cans, all of which can clutter the yard or shed. The deck box provides ample space to organize these tools effectively, keeping everything in one spot and protected from the elements. Hobby gardeners can take advantage of the seating capacity of the deck box for potting plants or as a spot to sit and plan out the garden. The inclusion of iron rods in the construction means that the stored items are supported, and weight distribution is maintained even when heavy bags of soil are stored inside.

Poolside Cabana Storage: Located adjacent to the pool, the deck box serves as an attractive bench that also keeps all pool-related items neatly tucked away. Its waterproof nature protects absorbent items like towels and cloth toys, preventing them from mildew or water damage. It is also large enough to house bulky floats when deflated, keeping the pool area tidy. The slow-close lid ensures safety for kids frequenting the pool area, and the lockability deters unauthorized access to pool chemicals that may be stored inside for maintenance purposes.

Patio Cushion and Accessory Haven: Patio cushions, pillows, and throw blankets significantly enhance the comfort of outdoor furniture but are vulnerable to weather damage. By storing these items in the deck box, homeowners can easily retrieve them when needed and stow them away to protect from sun fading and rain. This not only preserves the quality and lifespan of the accessories but also keeps the outdoor area looking neat. During the colder months, the box makes winterization of patio hardware effortless, avoiding the inconvenience of finding indoor storage space.

Sporting and Recreational Gear Vault: With the lockable deck box, sporting families can neatly stow away balls, bats, gloves, skateboards, and other equipment, ensuring they are accessible when it’s time to play. Given its durable construction and ease of access, this storage option is ideal for encouraging an active lifestyle within the family by keeping equipment handy, rather than hidden away in a garage or basement. After play, items can be quickly put back, and the deck box can provide a seat for individuals as they cool down, change shoes, or hydrate.