Keter Unity Outdoor Kitchen Table Storage Cabinet Bar Cart BBQ Accessories, Brown

  • STYLISH STORAGE: Patio storage becomes a stylish affair with the Keter Unity XL Outdoor Kitchen Island Rolling Cart. This patio storage cabinet not only keeps your grilling accessories within arm’s reach but also adds a touch of elegance with its wood-like design and weather-proof construction.
  • WEATHER-PROOF: Constructed with weather-proof resin and a stainless steel top, this outdoor storage cabinet is designed to withstand the elements. The durable construction of this outdoor cabinet storage prevents rust, peeling, and dents, ensuring long-lasting use and worry-free outdoor cooking and entertaining.
  • SPACIOUS: Boasting a total of 78 gallons of storage capacity, this patio bar provides ample space for all your grilling accessories. With 54 gallons of interior storage and 24 gallons of open storage, these outside bars for patio make hosting outdoor gatherings a breeze.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Outfitted with 2 sidebars for paper towel or hook holder, 4 hook hangers, a spice rack, and a bottle opener, this outdoor bar ensures all your needs are met. These features of the outside bar are designed to make your outdoor cooking and entertaining easier and more convenient.
  • PORTABLE: Featuring 2 wheels for easy maneuvering, this outdoor kitchen can be easily moved around your backyard patio. Whether you need this portable bar close to the grill while cooking or close to the table when serving, you can easily move it to where you need it.

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“Room for grill and prep. Cabinet is sturdy and easily put together. Contents stay dry. I wish there was a way to put a shelf behind the doors. The shelf under the top is excellent for trays and plates while cooking. I am using the cart on 3/4 inch gravel at my campsite. I wish the wheels were larger/ wider to handle the stones” – George (Source: Amazon)

“I needed something to hold my little Weber Q Series grill and gas tanks and this unit is very affordable, functional, sturdy and nice looking. The heavy duty plastic parts came in a big carton, well packaged with lots of smaller boxes inside holding all the many pieces. Nothing was damaged and no missing parts. The stainless steel top was covered with plastic packaging and placed in its own box. The top is high quality and durable to hold the weight of my Weber grill and bbq prep items. My son assembled the unit in about 1 hour. He followed the instructions and mostly snapped the pieces together. The only disappointment and the reason for only 4 stars is that the storage compartment doors are not well designed. The plastic piece that was inserted into the top edge of the right door seemed to be an error at manufacturing and would not snap down, so my son had to snip off a piece of plastic inside to make it work. I’m glad he had a solution and the strength. The door closures are designed so it’s not so easy to open and close the doors of the storage compartment. The hinge is such, if you pull too hard, you could pull the door right off the unit. But the doors do snap closed with a good tap of the hand and stay securely shut. I can live with it because the compartment will mainly hold my gas tanks. Overall, it’s an attractive, highly functional unit and I’m satisfied with my purchase. I think it will hold up well outside.” – Bella (Source: Amazon)

“I really like my new gardening cabinet/work surface. For the most part, this piece is very durable, and I expect it to last a long time. It’s also attractive and versatile. However, assembling it was quite a feat. The instructions, though well written and very accurately detailed, say that you only need a screwdriver. I discovered that you need the following items:1. Exacto knife or box cutter (to gently slice off the bits of plastic but that were inadvertently left on in the die cutting process that prevent assembly),2. Drill or powerful electric screwdriver (makes things easier in general but necessary when you are trying to drill through thin layers of plastic – again – inadvertently left on in the die cutting process),3. Rubber mallet (you probably know why and it has to do with plastic not fitting into plastic),4. Epoxy (for when you crack a plastic piece while trying to force it into another plastic piece but couldn’t bc of bits of plastic remaining after the die cutting process),5. Four hours, and6. The patience of a saint.But, totally worth it. The design is great and many of the pieces reinforce the other pieces once they are assembled preventing future warping or other disfigurements. It’s unfortunate that the company that molded the plastic pieces did such a poor job. So, 1 star off for crazy assembly & plastics problems. Who knows? Maybe I just got a lemon. I’d buy it again.” – Kristen M. Miller (Source: Amazon)

“This is great and serves the purpose we wanted it for. Easy to put together, my 15-year-old son did it in under an hour. We wanted an extra surface and cabinet outside and this is perfect. We got a cover for it and seems to be holding up great in our 90+ temp for now. We’re super happy with it. It’s a great addition to our new patio!” – Lindsay B (Source: Amazon)

“Hibatchi here we come! Got one of these table/cabinets 3 years ago. Great for cooking our french fries in the grand pappy outdoors. Store it in the cabinet & pull it out when cooking. Now needed more counter top space for a new portable outdoor stovetop & burner. Made it L shaped for a great outdoor kitchen. Love that we can move these around for different configurations. The stainless top on the 3 year old one has held up & still looks brand new. We do cover it with outdoor patio cover to protect from the elements.” – Kathy (Source: Amazon)

“Sturdy and looks wonderful, great storage. This took slightly longer to assemble than I anticipated, although it wasn’t hard to do. It is very sturdy though, and although the base is plastic it is the thick plastic that usually holds up better than wood over time. The top is a very nice thick stainless steel, and so are the side bars. We love the size; big enough to hold snacks and a drink tub and a large storage space underneath to hold beach towels and a bin of our extra swimsuits and sunscreen for the pool. We haven’t really moved it around much but it’s light enough that I expect it will be fairly easy.After we placed this down by the pool my husband immediately said he might want one next to our barbeque (in a different area) as well.Better than I expected. Highly recommend.” – potatoes&wesper (Source: Amazon)

“Perfect BBQ cart. We put this cart together today and are more then pleased with the end result. Truthfully we hesitated ordering this cart as there were a number of complaints, however there were far more reviews with positive experiences, so we took a chance and ordered.The unit comes in a well protected box, all of the parts are clearly labeled, directions are follow the pictures (no words except "click"), and it took us about an hour to put together. It is helpful to have two people to put this unit together.The directions were in the box, and we had absolutely no trouble fitting all of the pieces together, and once the unit is put together it is very solid, and actually looks very nice (see photo).For the money this is the best looking, best overall bar/barbecue cart out there (I spent three weeks looking, kept coming back to this one.)My neighbor just came over and was so impressed she wants to order one for her husband : )Others may have had problems, but we did not. Our unit is exactly what we were looking for and we are looking forward to using it later this week for a family barbecue!” – Jacquie (Source: Amazon)

“Love it!!! Just what we expected. Sturdy thick plastic for its purpose. Stainless steel top. No plastic on top to melt under high heat. Took 6 weeks to get delivered but I guess tis the season. The graphic instructions were a bit confusing but there are Youtube videos that are much better. Also recommend you purchase directly from Keter or Amazon. Not a third party on Amazon. Hasn’t rained yet so not sure how water tight the cab is underneath. Happy it’s here!!!” – Clyda DiNicola (Source: Amazon)

We were looking for something relatively inexpensive to use as an outdoor bar at our parties. This worked great and you can’t beat the price. Yes, the packaging was terrible, luckily we didn’t have any broken pieces. It took my husband and our 10 year old son 45 mins to put it together.” – Mommyof3 (Source: Amazon)

The perfect buffet for an outdoor patio. The directions did not arrive in the box but it was easy to find them online. Strangely, it came with extra parts (paper towel holder) even though there is no place to attach it. Still, it arrived undamaged and was easy to put together.” – Merf55 (Source: Amazon)

“This table fits perfectly next to our rattan patio furnitures. It is just the perfect size. Assembly was fairly easy. I’m not crazy about the wheels. They are small and tend to fall apart. But this doesn’t meant to be moved around much anyhow. Fit and finish are perfect. It looks much more expensive! The stainless top is sturdy. Feels good to the touch.In general the entire table and assembly are easy to keep it clean.I would recommend to get a cover for it though.” – Istvan Toth (Source: Amazon)

“I bought this for an outdoor bar and love it. I ended up buying another to put next to my grill for prep and serving. My backyard floor is sloped but I was able to level it accordingly. Pretty easy to move if you hold it in the right place. Since it’s plastic, you do have to be careful when you move it. It is a dark, expresso brown.” – Pam (Source: Amazon)

“Assembled very easily with easy to understand directions. We do have ours in a mostly covered area and has seemed to weather the sun and rain well so far.” – John Senak (Source: Amazon)

Works great for the Ninja and pizza oven! I had to modify it some in order for it to accommodate the pizza oven.” – Carl Hartfield (Source: Amazon)