Keter XXL 230 Gallon Plastic Patio Deck Storage Container Box

Ideal for your outdoor living space, the Keter 230 gallon XXL storage box will help keep your garden, patio or pool area clutter-free. Boasting a spacious interior, this extra-large deck box is perfect for a wide range of items–whether you want to store large cushions, pool equipment, gardening tools, or your kids’ toys. The wood-like texture also guarantees that the box will look fantastic anywhere and adds a touch of classic style to outdoor furniture. Since it’s made of durable resin, the box is all-weather resistant and UV protected, as well as maintenance free. Built-in handles and a lightweight build let you reposition the box or carry it around with ease. With a piston-opening system, the lid is easy to open and close, and you can also lock it to keep your items secure at night. The XXL Deck Box has a 230 G/ 870 L capacity–it’s the only outdoor storage box you’ll ever need. Specifications Assembled Dimensions: 57.8″L x 32.7″W x 33.8″H Storage Capacity: 230 gallons Extra-large storage capacity Ideal for large cushions, garden and pool supplies Elegant wood-look panel appearance Lid designed with pistons to open easily and automatically Weather- and UV-resistant resin construction is maintenance free Built-in handles for easy transportation and repositioning Lockable

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“Despite the box being delivered torn open, I was lucky to have all the parts. Assembly was fairly easy as I did it myself. I wanted a huge deck box that had room for all the cushions but could also act as a bar table for seating in the gazebo. This works perfectly. The manufacturer needs to use wider/stronger shipping straps around the box to keep it from opening in shipment.” – Florida Gal (Source: Amazon)

“This storage box is huge and was so easy to assemble !!! Took me 30 minutes to put it together and only needed a Philips screwdriver. Easy read instructions too. For me it was worth the money paid. Also, for those who don’t like China made stuff, no worries as this brand is from Israel according to what I read in booklet :)” – Robert Lief (Source: Amazon)

“Just buy this one! I spent way too much time researching and comparing deck boxes and I’m REALLY happy with this deck box. I love the size! It actually fits all of my deck pillows and has extra room, I love it. It’s beautiful, it’s the perfect size to use the flat top surface for a bar or whenever you need to set things down. We use it like a deck kitchen island haha. It was easy for my husband to install, nothing was damaged it looks great and I love that it has the slow close extension so that I don’t slam my fingers in it, I mean it’s really great.” – hak907 (Source: Amazon)

“Picked this up on sale and I have to say, this thing is massive. It measures 58″W x 32″D x 34″H and can store my pool cover, inflatable hot tub, and some other pool items all in one box. It was so easy to assemble also. Took me all of 15 minutes or so as the parts mostly snap together. Time will tell on how sturdy it is, but it has aluminum rails that add to the wall strength. Highly recommend!” – WizRB (Source: Amazon)

“Easy to put together haven’t put cushions in yetso don’t know if it keeps water out but it’s very big and looks like everything should be just fine. Had to contact customer service and they were extremely helpful and great to work with” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“Lots of storage. We have 2 couches and 2 chairs with ottomens outside, total 18 cushions. All but 2 fit in this and we haven’t tried rearranging, think maybe we’ll be able to get those in too. Pretty water tight, 2 big storms and next morning able to get cushions out and sit on them without getting a damp seat.Assembly pretty easy with 2. And probably not too bad with one. Had quite a few extra screws even.Nice hydraulic like hinges so stay open when getting things out.” – Kindle Customer (Source: Amazon)

Other Outdoor Uses

Poolside Organizing Solution: Market the Keter XXL Deck Box as an elegant and practical poolside companion. Users can store all their pool gear, from inflatable toys and pool noodles to maintenance equipment like nets and a pool vacuum hose. Highlight the convenience of having all pool-related items in one accessible, weatherproof location. Demonstrate its utility through real-life scenarios where owners need to quickly tuck away pool items when the weather turns or during off-seasons to maintain a tidy and safe pool area.

Gardening and Landscaping Equipment Storage: Feature the deck box as an ideal solution for gardeners and landscapers to store tools and equipment. Showcase it holding everything from shovels, rakes, gardening gloves, to pots and soil bags. Explain how the lockable lid provides security for valuable tools and the all-weather resin ensures equipment stays dry and rust-free, while maintaining a stylish look that blends seamlessly with the outdoor environment.

Outdoor Entertainment Clutter Control: Position the Keter XXL as the perfect partner for outdoor social gatherings. Illustrate how it can neatly store outdoor cushions, weatherproof blankets, and festive decorations when not in use. Share user testimonials on the ease of grabbing supplies for impromptu backyard parties or BBQs, and the spacious capacity accommodating even the bulkier items like folding chairs or drink coolers.

Sports and Recreation Gear Haven: Target families and sports enthusiasts with the deck box’s ability to store an array of sports equipment. It can be a one-stop-shop for items such as soccer balls, basketballs, frisbees, badminton sets, and more. Emphasize how this helps maintain a tidy yard and protects gear from the elements. Highlight it as a station for grabbing everything needed for a day at the park or sports practice.

Seasonal & Holiday Items Warehouse: Promote it as a solution for stowing away seasonal and holiday decorations. Provide visual customer stories showcasing the box being used to pack away Christmas lights, Halloween props, or patio string lights and holiday inflatables. Stress the advantage of having these items organized, easily accessible, and protected from weather damage, all in an aesthetically pleasing garden feature. This would appeal to those who take pride in their seasonal home décor but dislike the clutter in-between seasons.