Keter Oakland 7.5×9 Foot Large Resin Outdoor Shed

  • DIMENSIONS: External: 90. 2 in x W x 112. 9 in. D x 95. 2 in. H / Internal: 79. 0 in. W x 103. 0 in. D x 90. 5 in. H
  • IDEAL SIZE: 426. 2 cubic foot storage capacity
  • DURABLE: Super rugged and durable with a double wall structure, tongue in groove construction, and steel reinforcement
  • DUOTECH: The innovative Duotech walls give it a gorgeous weathered wooden texture with all the durability of resin
  • LIGHT & AIRY: Skylight & window to let in natural light & vented for air circulation
  • EASY TO MODIFY: Unique Duotech walls are easily paintable & drillable to easily customize your space

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“Very nice shed, easy assembly, and roomy. I don’t have a garage, so this was perfect for all my tools.” – James (Source: Amazon)

“We built the shed in just a few hours and it looks great!Door arrived damage and reaching out to Keter, they claim to be sending us a new you can see in the last picture, flood waters definitely will seep in. Regular/heavy rain has never been an issue before – just floods/high water.” – Andrew (Source: Amazon)

“We received the shed not damaged and as we were supposed to. The manual is very good, we were quite surprised. Considering how many parts there are, it was easy to follow. I recommend an electrical tools, otherwise you will have a wrist inflammation. :)Before we bought it we read on the official site how easy it is to put together. 6 hours max, 1-2 people is enough and blah blah blah…. Oh well it took us in total probably like 20 hours, we worked on it 4 afternoons. The floor and the sides were ok, until we reached the roof part. Truly? It was pain. You definitely need more than one person to put this together. I would recommend 3 people for the roof part. Unless we did something wrong. Which I do not carry less about anymore as there is no way I am doing this again. :)Btw most of the holes are pre-drilled but sometimes there is a hole missing which is not a big deal as you can easily make your own and all the screws come with it properly divided into different packages to make it easy for you .So overall, we love the design, it is quite sturdy especially after putting plywood on the ground floor. We decided not to paint it for now and let it be as it is because painting means repainting in a couple of years which we would prefer not to. This way it should be worry free.Good luck if you decide to buy it and enjoy the result as much as we do.” – Danzen (Source: Amazon)

“First, I am amazed that a building like this, with so many parts, fits together as well as it does and every pre-drilled hole or hole guide is nearly perfect. Second, I’m not the best person to follow directions, but using the instructions, looking at the pictures and every other step provided allowed me to construct this building, by myself in around 8 hours (time off during the process for fun). What was disappointing was the care this package received enroute. The bottom box of the shipment had been impaled by a forklift. When the shipment arrived, the local carrier was upfront about the damage (which was easily visible) and offered me options on what I could do. I accepted the delivery "as is" and began taking pictures of the pieces damaged in shipment. As it is, none are material and/or highly visible. Some pieces were able to be modified slightly to ensure a tight fit. When you wait for this item, receive it and it’s been damaged, you go through the process of trying to determine how long you want to wait for replacement parts, what condition they will be in, etc. Since was going to be contained on the interior of the building, I’m okay with it as it is. The overall product quality is terrific.I spent time building a foundation of 4×4’s and river rock with an OSB cover. Ensuring level as I went. Where I made a mistake was the overall width as listed was slightly over 90". So I constructed my base at around 1" narrower allowing (I thought) for water to come off the building and not be on the OSB. The width of the building is measured from the width of the roof, not the base – this was my mistake. I will now have to cover the OSB with something so it doesn’t weather and/or erode more quickly than if it were covered.Overall, I recommend this building for it’s ease of construction & quality. The four star rating on this product is a factor of shipping, not a reflection on the quality of the building. Shortly after it was completed, it began raining – best news is it doesn’t leak!!” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“Great shed and Keter customer service is the best I have ever worked with. 3 pieces were damaged in shipment and sent replacements right out. Sent a wrong colored replacement and put correct one in a truck next day. Purple make mistakes and they make it right. Have several Keter products. Move your windows where you want. Overhead transom brings in plenty of light. Would be better is there were screens add it does get hot. Great product, easy to put up with instructions.” – Ted (Source: Amazon)

Other Landscaping Ideas

Hideaway Garden: Use the Keter Oakland Shed as an interesting focal point in a secret garden layout. Plant lush climbing plants like clematis or ivy around the structure to help naturally camouflage it over time. Add a paved stone path leading up to the shed and dot small flowering plants along the side to create a hidden oasis.

Zen Rock Garden: Create a serene Zen rock garden using the shed as the backdrop. Using pebbles, larger feature rocks, and a few choice sculptures or ornaments, you can construct a calming space. A great leading up to the shed would introduce balance- something highly valuable in Zen aesthetics.

Modern Minimalist: Paint the customizable walls of your Keter shed in a dramatic color to suit a modern, minimalist landscape design. Clean lines can be achieved with neatly trimmed hedging, geometric paving stones, and simple but impactful plants such as ornamental grasses or bamboo.

Cottage Garden: Surround your shed with traditional cottage garden flowers like roses, hydrangeas, lavender, or holly hocks. By creating a riot of color, you make the shed an integral part of a cheerful, rustic scene. Add a picket fence and arch around the entrance to give the whole shed area a romantic, country feel.

Edible Garden: Use the shed as the central hub of a kitchen garden. Plant organized beds of herbs, vegetables, and fruit shrubs close to the shed where you can store all your gardening tools. Making the shed the center will help in keeping everything neat, accessible and efficient while creating a beautiful mix of greenery and practicality.