Suncast 50 Gallon Resin Patio Storage Bench for Deck Garden Backyard

  • PATIO SEAT AND STORAGE CONTAINER: Beautiful patio seat has 50 gallon capacity for patio, deck, yard, porch, garage, and shed storage
  • DURABLE: Water-resistant poly resin construction resists fading and rust to keep your box looking new for years to come
  • VERSATILE: Take a seat or open up to store pool toys, grill supplies, patio cushions, gardening tools, sports equipment, and more
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Lid flips open on hinges for easy access to your items. Rain water flows off the box to keep your belongings dry and free from mildew and rust.
  • MEDIUM SIZED: Storage seat measures 54″ x 21″ x 34.5″, the perfect size and fit for any living space
  • Patio bench with 50-gallon capacity storage
  • Easy 5-minute, tool-free assembly

Purchase from Retailer

“Update 7.28.22 – after several recent summer storms, I can honestly say these are water proof! Last 2 pictures are after multiple downpours today & the cushion inside is dry as a bone! Definitely happy with this purchase.I was looking for storage seating for my deck so that I had quick & easily accessible storage for my folding camp chairs, while also having additional seating. After reading all of the reviews and contemplating for a couple of weeks because of the negative ones, I decided to buy 2. I put them together by myself – arthritis & all – and had them both done in about an hour. No tools needed, as they do snap together – easily when you have them lined up & going in the right direction. They look great & are comfortable, even without cushions, so I decided to buy 2 more. I like the fact that there’s seating for 8 & still enough room in the deck for more chairs & a table. I’m not reviewing them for weatherproofness, as I’ve only had them a few weeks & haven’t had any major weather issues yet.” – Erica (Source: Amazon)

“Okay other than it took my neighbor and I about 30 minutes to put it together because the first 2 steps are just a tad hard to understand once you get past that it is a breeze to put together. Now its a whole snap together thing absolutely no tools are needed to put this together. So make sure you really get it snapped together otherwise when you sit on it, it will finish snapping and make you think you are falling lol but once it is all snapped together it is very sturdy. And we had a huge thunderstorm and after I went out to check the storage section and it was dry. I was very impressed by that. I absolutely love this.Updated 4-15-15 Okay adding a picture of my bench – for those that say it is cheap and flimsy not sure what world they come from but this is far from it. I am not a skinny girl by any means and I am able to sit on this bench and have no worries it is going to crack or break or fall and as far as it being in the elements it is rainy season where I live so it rains every day and it is outside on my uncovered patio (as you can see) and in the sun all day long (when it isn’t raining) and it is holding up just fine. So for those that read the low reviews about these things – make sure to read all the good reviews too.” – Tonya Gauthier-Kellum (Source: Amazon)

“The first seller I ordered this from never sent it (JK Homegoods….does that stand for ‘just kidding’??) so a month later I was able to get a refund and order from a different seller (Southfork Homecenter) and it came quickly although the box was destroyed and there were no instructions. What was supposed to be a 5 minute assembly took a bit longer as the pieces need to go together in a certain order so I had to figure that out by trial and error. I added a cushion and pillows and it is exactly what I wanted! It fits everything I wanted to keep in there perfectly!”  mom2blondies (Source: Amazon)

“Bought our bench summer of has been that time we also bought the large storage unit for our lounge chair cushions..during our Michigan winter we wrapped our cushions in huge trash bags and stored them in the storage unit..put, some Lavender in with them..come spring they were fresh and ready to go on our lounge chairs..bench is great outside for our pool area stores things you don’t want laying around…today I received the chair and two storage/tables/seats..can’t wait to get them all together..Love these and so easy to take care the storage and nothing laying around…” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“Really happy with looks of finished product, just received it. However, my order DID NOT come with set of paper instructions. Pieces are labeled with letters , except for the top back piece is not labeled. Put together two back pieces first (one labeled one not!), which resulted in a long process to undo. Looking forward to having this for a long time. Functional & durable.” – Julie (Source: Amazon)

I wanted something to store my pool equipment in and be an extra seat. This jas worked out beautifully and was so easy to assemble the entire thing took minutes. Love it!” – Tim Cronkhite (Source: Amazon)

Other Outdoor Uses

Outdoor Seating and Garden Supply Storage: Garden aficionados might place this stylish bench within their garden’s layout or on a nearby patio. The storage capacity within the bench allows for the tidy organization of garden essentials. With gardening tools often scattered or hidden away in inconvenient locations, this storage bench solves the issue by providing a dedicated space for items such as soil bags, small hand tools, gardening gloves, watering cans, and seed packets. It also offers a restful seat for gardeners to take breaks and admire their handiwork or to sit while potting plants. The water-resistant construction ensures that contents stay dry, and the fade-resistant material keeps the bench looking as pristine as the gardens it adorns.

Poolside Organization: Positioned by the poolside, the bench’s water-resistant polyresin material is a key feature, standing up to the splashes and humidity inherent in that environment. Users can neatly stash away pool noodles, maintenance supplies like skimmers, and other swimming accessories to keep the pool deck free of clutter. The convenience of having a spot to sit while putting on or removing swim gear, combined with the practicality of rust-resistant storage for chlorine tablets or cleaning tools, makes this bench a pool owner’s ally. Additionally, the ease of access means that items used frequently, such as sunglasses, sunscreen, and towels, can be grabbed quickly without any hassle.

Decorative and Functional Entryway Bench: When situated in an entryway or mudroom, the bench brings an aesthetically pleasing touch along with its functional applications. Within the bench, seasonal outdoor wear like scarves, hats, or raincoats can be stored. As many homes lack space for storing these bulky items, having this bench ensures that these belongings are still accessible but out of sight, minimizing indoor clutter. Quick, tool-free assembly means it can be easily added to the home, and its design ensures it will blend in with most décor themes, providing an appealing piece that welcomes residents and guests alike as a place to pause and gather one’s belonging as they come and go.

Sports Equipment Organizer: In homes with sports enthusiasts, the bench addresses the all-too-common scatter of equipment that can make spaces feel chaotic. Rather than tossing footballs, frisbees, or tennis racquets in a garage corner where they become tripping hazards or misplaced, these items can be organized within the bench. Not only does this protect the equipment from potential damage but it also encourages homeowners to utilize their sports gear more often, as it’s in a handy location. Plus, the seating surface allows individuals to comfortably lace up cleats or strap on shin guards, further enhancing the utility of the bench.

BBQ and Outdoor Dining Essentials Keeper: The principle design feature of this bench – its combination of storage and seating – becomes especially beneficial for those who relish outdoor cooking and dining. Grilling tools, aprons, and even charcoal or wood chips can be stored within arm’s reach of the grill, promoting a smoother cookout experience. After a successful barbecue, items such as outdoor plates, utensils, and cleaning cloths can be immediately stowed away, reducing trips back and forth into the house. When it’s time to dine, built-in patio bench seating expands options for guest seating, and the accessibility of stored essentials allows for an impulsively decided al fresco dinner to be quickly and easily organized.