FDW Metal Outdoor Bench with Steel Frame for Garden, Patio, Entryway, Porch, and Yard

  • 【The Safe Bench】The Garden Bench’s edges are all finished — no raw cuts or drips to catch on clothing.The Metal Bench can give you the safe relax.The Park Bench is safe for you and safe for your cloth.Park Bench Metal Bench outdoor benches clearance Garden Bench Patio Bench Yard Bench
  • 【Perfect for Outdoors】You can put the Garden Bench near your entrance to your driveway, will be adding a Little Free Library next to it soon.You can read books on the Metal Bench .Also you can put the Park Bench in your garden.Metal Bench outdoor benches clearance Garden Bench Patio Bench Yard Bench Park Bench
  • 【Sturdy and Rust-Resistant】The Garden Bench is powder coated with rust-resistant finish, super smooth. The Park Bench is made of reinforced steel to ensure sturdiness and stability, durable and the Metal Bench perfect for use for years.outdoor benches clearance Garden Bench Patio Bench Yard Bench Park Bench Metal Bench
  • 【Perfect Design】The lively and exquisite vines embellishments of the Garden Bench are distributed on backrest and make whole Metal Bench look beautiful. Not only does the Yard Bench offer comfortable sitting experience but also serve as a good decorative ornament.Garden Bench Patio Bench Yard Bench Park Bench Metal Bench outdoor benches clearance
  • 【Easy to Assemble the Metal Bench】 Specific manual and complete accessories of the Garden Bench greatly help you spend short time to finish the assembly work. All parts of the Park Bench are given a number and detailed assembly steps are listed for your reference.Patio Bench Yard Bench Park Bench Metal Bench outdoor benches clearance Garden Bench

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“Very good product! It’s very pretty. I like it very much. This is my 2nd one. The 1st one I put it under my apple tree (see picture).The 2nd one I planned to put under pine trees, but it still stays in the garage. My husband likes to sit there when he puts on the shoes. I intended to buy another one for my backyard under the pine trees.The only thing I feel pity for is the paint was scratched on the middle of the bench seat. It was caused by poor packaging during the shipping — the parts were not packed tightly in the box. I can fix the paint myself. I mention here in hoping the packing can be improved in the future.” – HappyBuyer (Source: Amazon)

“Good enough but not great. I bought this on sale because I like the scroll design and really wanted a bench. It arrived well packaged and undamaged.It’s definitely a two person assembly and you will struggle trying to do it alone. With two people it isn’t that bad. There’s a 1 sheet instructions page that is just 4 low quality CAD photos showing which screws go where.The quality seems alright. The coating is already chipped/scratched a bit, probably from putting it together. The back seems a little uneven and doesn’t line up on one side (see photo). It also came with these screw caps that aren’t even shown on the instructions. They fit fine over the screws on the back but they are too short to cover the screws on the seat. I fixed this by putting some plumbers putty in them and sticking them on.The seat itself isn’t super comfortable but it’s good enough for me to sit outside and drink my coffee while I watch the dog run around.I probably wouldn’t buy again but I’m happy enough to keep it. Hopefully it holds up for a few years, at least.” – Kara B. (Source: Amazon)

“Perfecto! I have no negative input. Prompt delivery, well packaged, To the point instructions, All parts and even couple extra. Instructions too the points. Take your time, relax and it will go together quite easy. I found using a my own 10mm reversible gear wrench sped up the job! I put a little wax on it to further protect the beautifully finished black surface!Take your time, have fun and you will not be disappointed. PS: Great Price too!” – Nick (Source: Amazon)

“Lovely, sturdy, and easy to assemble. I bought 2 of these benches in bronze, and I am very happy with them. The addition of bronze color is done well. I took my time putting them together, by myself, with the included tools. It was not hard and only took about 15 minutes for the first one and 10 for the second one, maybe less. The benches feel very sturdy when I sit on them, and they are a good size. I was surprised to find that they are a little wider than the Tommy Bahama brand cushion I bought at Ross. We are doing an overhaul of our front and side yards, so please excuse the messes. :)” – ellidl (Source: Amazon)

“Nice sturdy and surprisingly well made bench. This bench is exactly what we wanted for our front yard. It’s a place to sit, when taking a break from our yard work, that is comfortable, in the shade, and restful. We had one minor issue. It wanted to start rusting immediately, at the weld spots, like where the cast metal back was welded to the back frame. However, just a shot of matte black spray enamel was enough to take care of that problem. So, good deal. Very happy with this purchase. Five stars.” – Mikel Berry (Source: Amazon)

“Lovely and Quaint. Love this bench in my little courtyard so much! I assembled it myself! That is how easy it is for one person to put together. This bench is sturdy and durable. I think it’s worth every dime!” – Rose Irene (Source: Amazon)

“Not very comfortable! Its a pretty bench but not very comfortable! The bars going across the seating area tend to hurt your dairy area after a while of sitting. In addition, it leaves a mark in your thighs if you have shorts or a skirt on.I had to purchase a cushion for it separately to solve this problem!” – Cruzerpat (Source: Amazon)

“A place to rest and plan. It arrived in a timely manner and was easy to assemble. I placed it overlooking the beginnings of a new garden so I can rest and plan. It already shows rust so it will require regular brushing and repainting, but all metal benches would.” – George Caruthers (Source: Amazon)

“Beautiful, sturdy, and even comfortable. I love it! It seats two people comfortably, and it’s sturdy and beautiful. Assembly wasn’t hard, either. I’m very happy with this bench!” – Glencora (Source: Amazon)

“Best Bench to enjoy a lifetime! Very pleased with this lovely bench which makes a beautiful addition to our front walkway. Comfortable seating area for three, decorative and stately style, and easy to put together. Great purchase!” – Imirab (Source: Amazon)

“Great porch for the price! Loved the porch! Easy to install. Can’t beat the price!!!!! Ordered cushion separately, 51 inches, again from Amazon” – AliceB19 (Source: Amazon)

“Great patio bench! Very nice bench! Easy set up. I’m so happy we purchased.” – N. Ortiz (Source: Amazon)