FOYUEE Galvanized Large Metal Raised Garden Beds Planter Box

  • ✔ LONG TIME: Made of stable thickened metal, frame it all construction with anti-rusty coating for long-time use
  • ✔ OPEN BOTTOM: Sits on the ground garden bed, provide good drainage, keep weeds away from soil, defense against pests, and protect your plants.
  • ✔ SAFETY: Bottomless design, plants didn’t touch the metal and eco-friendly coating do not contaminate soil, safe for plants and humans
  • ✔ EASY SETUP: Only need about 5min and easy to put it together, go ahead to raise the plants

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“Exactly what I wanted. I had wooden beds that had finally become warped and rotting. They were essentially the same size as these so the swap was fairly easy. Lifted the old ones off and slid these on. Slightly tedious to put together since there were so many screws (thank God for my husband). I think the design could have been better. But once assembled they’re beautiful! Lightweight and easy to move and maneuver. Feel very sturdy once filled. Can’t wait to see how they hold up.” – Latonya Davis (Source: Amazon)

“Easy Garden Expansion. These garden beds are an economical way to start or expand your garden. They do take a bit of time to assemble and it definitely is easier with two people. The size of these is perfect, and it took about a yard of dirt to fill each bed. These are a great addition to our garden and I will definitely re purchase for our next expansion.” – Mollie (Source: Amazon)

“Excellent garden bed. There are a lot of nuts and bolts but this garden bed is definitely worth it. It was extremely easy to put together, I didn’t need to read the directions. Just make sure you put the long pieces on the outside of the brackets. And the double holes are in the middle to join your pieces to connect the stabilizer bars. At first they seem flimsy but once filled they are stable.” – S. M. (Source: Amazon)

“Great product for price point. These are exceptional products. Easy to assemble, relatively “heavy duty”, and make gardening easier. Full of damp soil and sides show NO SIGN of bending outward! I am very pleased with my purchase. I bought THREE! I highly recommend.” – Eddie Kutschat (Source: Amazon)

“Galvanized garden Raised Beds. It’s pretty durable and forTwo people assembled together pretty easy and quick . Hope it will lasts” – Zen (Source: Amazon)

“Good raised bed. I’ll start by saying that this is a good 8×4 ft raised bed that meets the needs for my garden. It’s sturdy and looks good. That said, the one page of instructions were not very clear so I’ve removed a star for this reason. It’s not extremely complicated to assemble, but I’ve outlined a few tips to hopefully save others time.- The panel edges are quite sharp, so keep kiddos and your pets away while you assemble.- Assemble on a flat surface, but not where the sharp ends could scratch the floors. We assembled indoors on carpet and then carried outside.- The 8 ft sides are comprised of two long side panels. Ensure these panels have both sets of 4 holes aligned (see pics attached). Both sets of holes are to secure the panels together and to hold the support bars up.- Pay attention to the pictures on the instructions. For example: the instructions don’t specify if the corners should be screwed on the inside or outside of the panels, but the picture shows it going inside.- Assembly goes quicker with two people, but could easily be done assembling it solo.Hope this helps!” – Leah (Source: Amazon)

“Easy one-person assembly – Plan on at least 22 bags @ 1.5 cubic feet per bag. I’m a very basic, family handyman and I assembled it myself without any real difficulty. I would suggest loosely assembling each part before cranking down on the nuts and bolts. As I put it together, I caught a couple of little mistakes I made. Getting those nuts and bolts apart took longer than I wanted. I wound up realizing it was better to loosely assemble the pieces, check the fit, and then go back around to tighten things up.None of the parts were dented or scratched. There wasn’t an extra plastic liner on any of it, either. I used a couple layers of landscaping fabric beneath it. It took every bit of 22+ bags at 1.5 cubic feet per bag. I’m using the square-foot-gardener’s mix of compost, peat moss, and vermiculite. Those things come in different sized bags, so guess away when filling.I did like the finished edges to the top and bottom, they are not super sharp. It held its shape once full.” – Keezopster (Source: Amazon)

“Happy so far. Just out this together last weekend. I kept looking for plastic to remove from parts first but mine didn’t have any. It wasn’t too bad to put together, relatively easy. Though highly recommend laying out pieces in format before starting to out together as I was too anxious to get going I had to take apart a couple pieces a few times once I realized how they had different holes for the middle section and brace bars. So it took an hour when 20 minutes was more realistic. The instructions were not very helpful. Looks great, time will tell the quality of it but I recommend. Now I just need to find netting to protect against animals.” – Smurphalicious (Source: Amazon)

“Cheap, sturdy, look and work great!! Using these for my blueberry bushes because they need proper drainage. The shipping was fast. Took 20 minutes each to put together. Then I spray painted them white to match my house trim.” – eSlurf (Source: Amazon)

“Easy to Assemble. Lots of little screws, but you can tighten them all by hand. No tools needed.” – C.E.R.S. (Source: Amazon)

“Great value raised garden bed. Great economical raised garden beds. Easy assemble put together these 4 by myself in about 2 hours. Nothing crazy nothing fancy just a good price for a good product.” – Maria Bobbitt (Source: Amazon)

“Good option for a raised bed garden. Good product, easy to assemble and light weight. The only negative is that the metal is thin which makes it flimsy but that does not appear to be an issue once filled with dirt. I purchased a second one about a month later. I might add more in the future.” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“Excellent raised garden! Great raised garden. Needed something so I could plant 6 tomato plants and some radishes, this was perfect. Easy to put together. No plastic to peel off metal panels. Love it!!! I may purchase another.” – Robert (Source: Amazon)