Yaheetech Outdoor Potting Bench Workstation with Drawer, Adjustable Shelf, Rack, Removable Sink, Hooks & Pads

  • 🪴【Made of Natural Fir】100% fir wood potting bench with high strength and dimensional stability is safe and durable for outdoor garden use. If your location is pretty moist, applying a coat of waterproof paint can prolong its service life
  • 🪴【Removable Sink】The removable sink, a special place for the horticulture operations that may get your ground dirty or wet, such as watering, washing, transplanting, or mixing nutrient soil, can be removed for rinsing clean
  • 🪴【Thoughtful Details, Pleasant Planting】This outdoor bench comes with 3 side hooks for hanging tools, fire pokes, or bags. The raised tabletop edges can prevent the falling of items on the top. The provided elevated shelf can house your planted flowers and unused tools without taking up your valuable operation space
  • 🪴【Practical & Convenient Designs For Horticulture】This waist-height garden potting bench embraces a working and storage area for horticulture. The spacious console features a removable plastic sink, and the storage area comprises a drawer, a 2-layer shelf, an elevated top shelf, and 3 side hooks for ease of use.
  • 🪴【Customizable】This solid wood potting bench for horticulture in original wood can be painted in the varnish you like to well blend into your garden surroundings, ideal for people looking for a bit of personal touch

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“Easy to put together. Sturdy. Very sturdy, love the style. Looks like adequate storage. Easy to put together. Took my husband and I only 45 minutes. Everything was labeled well and pre-drill holes.” – Sandy Graves (Source: Amazon)

“It’s honestly not that complicated…. It was delivered this afternoon, 3 days earlier than expected. It is pretty much what you should expect for a potting bench under $150. The wood is very lightweight and won’t last more than a year or two without being painted or sealed. But again, it’s less than $150.Some reviews state that it’s difficult to assemble. I had it assembled by myself and my tools cleaned up in under an hour. If you’ve ever put together Ikea furniture, this is similar but easier. The directions are pretty much the same, pictures and arrows. Everything was clearly labeled (which is a huge step up from Ikea directions….) and I never had to question if I had the right piece.Do you need a drill and electric screwdriver??? No. I did use them because I have them (I think every house should have a basic set of tools, an electric drill is a basic tool at this point). Once I lined up my pieces I pre-drilled into my back pieces so they didn’t split. Do you have to? Probably not. If you’re putting it together without electric tools, just make sure you don’t over tighten your screws and most should be fine. The wood is soft enough you can easily screw pieces together by hand.Honestly everything lined up very well, I was actually impressed by how they put blocks in places to keep it square as it was being assembled. I was expecting to have my daughter help me hold things in place, but there was no need.I think it’s an excellent buy if you have the correct expectations. It’s not a piece you’ll pass through the family. But it will get you a perfectly acceptable potting bench that will last a few years as is, and you’ll probably get a few more if you protect it properly and treat it nicely.” – Tonya F (Source: Amazon)

“Love it BUT the directions suck. They need to remember some of us are not carpenters. The directions for the first few steps were not clear. I put it together and had to take it apart because it was not fitting properly and figured out the 1 and 2 needed to be set up in a specific way. Definitely needs better instructions for sure but it’s a very very cute little bench and works perfectly.” – Carol Iovino (Source: Amazon)

“Good enough. Took me 2 hrs to assemble, pretty average for me. Some of holes not 100% lined up but I used drill so it worked out. I like the look but not super sturdy… but for the price it’s what I expected. I put coat of lacquer since some reviews said it cracks/oxidizes in the sun. Time will tell.Overss as lol I’d say 4 out of 5 stars” – Sideshow Bob (Source: Amazon)

“Sturdy and functional! Excited to have this I was looking for a potting table to go into a nook of our new house and be a place to help store pots and tools etc.1. It said it needed 2 people but I was able to put it together myself in about an hour. The instructions were easy to read and everything was labelled really well.2. I had one small piece of the drawer come unglued but it doesn’t affect the function. The holes for some of the bolts took some extra elbow grease to get through the holes.3. All together it feels pretty sturdy. The top shelf is not sturdy enough for anything incredibly heavy and isn’t very deep but would be great for small pots or other smaller items4. The drawer works surprisingly well. I was worried but it slides in and out well and is deep enough to actually be useful!5. I love the plastic tub that comes in and out easily. I can dump extra potting soil back in it easily and cut down on waste!While this isnt top quality it is sturdy and looks nice! I am excited to have this!” – Kate B. (Source: Amazon)

“Nice table, glad I bought it. The table does have some sort of finish on it, but living in a humid and sometimes pretty rainy state I added a coat of varathane before assembling per others’ suggestions here. It is pretty lightweight, but perfect for my lanai. Saves my back. The plastic tray is pretty small but I can take it out, put my potting soil bag on the shelf below and easily reach into the bag. We had had to finagle the drawer to get it to go together but otherwise assembly went well. Drawer is a good size. Top shelf is narrow, maybe 4″. All in all it was a good purchase.” – Deb T (Source: Amazon)

“So happy I found this! This gardening table took two people and about 30mins to assemble. Some of the pieces don’t perfectly align, but it isn’t noticeable once it’s completely assembled. It’s very functional and just the right size to pot plants or germinate seeds. It also has a decent sized drawer and a small plastic catch basin. It helped me organize all the small gardening tools I had hanging around my porch. I’m very happy with my purchase and can’t wait to use it.” – BROMERO (Source: Amazon)

“DIY in a box. Love this! Probably get a few more!This is extremely well put together, making building it pleasant. It’s cedar, and smells amazing!***You Must coat the pieces in sealant!!!***You will need a drill, screwdriver, and pliars.I got this for $115, and it’s worth moreIt is very sturdy and heavy enough to stay put, but small and light enough for me to move around myself.I used it as a mud kitchen for my daughter, but you could use it for grill stuff, it could be a bar, or a potting bench, ect, it is so versatile!Like I said, probably get more! Might even paint one with designs before sealing” – Katie Bordom (Source: Amazon)

“Great Potting Table. I’d recommend this potting table. It’s light weight, not the most durable potting table I’ve ever had but for the price it is as expected. I used wood wax polish on it once it was put together to waterproof it a bit. I have it in my greenhouse so it should last a long time because it’s not out in the elements. I really like having it in my greenhouse!” – Lisa M (Source: Amazon)

“Love it! Looks wonderful in garden. Looks great and sink will come in so handy at harvest time. Table is right height for potting plants.” – Jane G. Hurlburt (Source: Amazon)

“Not the best wood but it’s perfect for my needs. Fairly easy to assemble, all the pieces were clearly labeled. The hardware used to assemble seemed over kill, the wood is fragile and started to split from over tightening a few screws. It’s very lightweight. I’m going to be using it outdoors, I’m curious to see how long it lasts. It isnt as sturdy as I expected for the price compared to my Jumble Raised garden table. I’m considering painting it so it will hold up to weather longer.” – Katy (Source: Amazon)

“Great product. This was very easy to put together. I look forward to putting it to use inside my greenhouse.” – Hello Sunshine (Source: Amazon)

“Perfect addiction for the gardener in you! Happy with my purchase it’s exactly what I was looking for and great price! I love the gray wood. Very sturdy and there’s still room to customize it further. I added a wire rack on the side for some of my tools. The sink came cracked but the seller promptly replaced it so great customer service!” – CB (Source: Amazon)

“Attractive and functional gardening station! Easy to assemble, color/finish is true to what you see online. Love it!” – Katherine (Source: Amazon)

“A great sized garden work station. It took my husband about 45 minutes to put it together. Of course with interruptions. It smells great. The cedar is prominent as soon as you open the box. It is the perfect size for large buckets, as well as medium size bags of soil. You can adjust the height of the shelf. The drawer is very wide for tools, seeds, gloves, shears, etc. the hooks on the sides are helpful. The plastic sink container is a little warped, but when the sun hits it, it molds perfectly. A very good product. The picture with all of the items in place, was after four really bad rainstorms. And I’ve had this for a week.” – RandomShopper (Source: Amazon)