Bidiso Modern Home Office Lift Top Coffee Table with Hidden Storage, Oak

  • 【10 minutes to assemble】It only takes you 10-15 minutes to assemble the coffee table. You only need to assemble 4 table legs.With its minimalist design and the use of neutral colors, Bidiso lift-up coffee tables can perfectly compatible with any room style and décor.
  • 【Versatile Lift-Top Design】Bidiso multifunctional coffee table provides you with a floating raised work surface. The tabletop can be lifted up and moved forward, which perfectly meets your various needs for home office and dining.The high-quality metal mechanism ensures that the table top can be raised and lowered easily, smoothly and quietly.
  • 【Safety Feature】The coffee table has rounded corners design to avoid damage and injury. It tenderly emphasizes modern and stylish character in addition to adding a high-end feel.
  • 【Hidden Large Storage Space】Raise the table top, you can find three hidden storage compartments, which can store a lot of objects.It makes your room tidy up in good order, clean and tidy.You can store your often-used items like magazines, laptop, remote controllers, game controllers and so on, keeping them handy and dirt-free.
  • 【Slow and safe closing】When the lift function is turned off, Lift Coffee Table will land slowly and smoothly to close, which can avoid collision damage and prevent children from pinching their hands due to playfulness, which is very safe for children
  • 【Sturdy & Durable】The combination of 4 solid wood feet and high-strength particleboard ensures the high stability of this lift up center table. This center table is safe and strong enough for your long-term use. If the package was damaged due to the careless transportation, please feel free to contact us.

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“This piece is a coffee table, a desk, AND is great for extra storage in the living room! It is STURDY too which is what I was really hoping for! GREAT buy :-)” – Lindsey R. (Source: Amazon)

“I’m loving this coffee table. To assamble all you had to do was to install the legs, the rest was pre-assambled, made my life easier. Having a toddler you always need more storage, so this table has a built in storage that fits quite a bit of stuff in it. The corners are round and not pointy, which is always way much more appreciated. The design and colors are modern and they definitely will match with any kind of hardwood/laminate flooring. And the best feature of it is the slow closing of the top! Absolutely the best thing. I’ve had other similar coffee tables, but always you had to be super careful, this one, you just push it on the close position and it will take like ~5s to close on its own. Again, with small kids this is tremendous helpful. It is heavy and sturdy. The top material so far has been resistant to water which stood there for a few hours. I have nothing else to say, but for the price that it comes, is a perfect coffee table.” – Albano Hoxhaj (Source: Amazon)

“I’ve been wanting a coffee table for a while and this table definitely became my favorite. I like this table so much especially the color and the structure. The design of it is just simple yet beautiful. The table was very easy to assemble, it didn’t take me long to do it. It’s very nice to have it in my living room and it’s super useful. I love the fact that it has room on the bottom for storage so that I can put stuff in it. It still seems sturdy even if there’s stuff on it. It’s perfect to have a cup of tea on this table with my family and friends. I think this table was definitely worth the money for its quality and design. I am satisfied with the purchase and I would highly recommend this table if anyone is looking for one.” – Xi Pan (Source: Amazon)

“Update: after almost 2 years it still functions amazingly and we really enjoy using it! Sturdy, beautiful looking and lifting firmly as expected. Great purchase for the price!——-Original review:I was looking for a coffee table to put in my living room for a while and am so glad to get this one! Unlike everything else I purchased from Wayfair that requires a couple of hours of assembling, putting together the legs and table top for this one is a breeze. It just took me around 15 mins to finish working on it. Love the design and the contrast of dark walnut plus white, which is quite similar to the color of Rove Concept’s Winston Media Console. It matches well with everything else in the living room. Quality is beyond my expectation for the price of a bit over $200. Very sturdy and very spacious. Soft close works pretty well so far. We lift it when we need to eat or work sitting on the sofa. My only complain is that there’s a large dark brown dot right in the middle of the table and because it’s right in the middle, it’s hard to ignore it and I have to cover it using a decorative tray. Other than that everything else is great.” – JD (Source: Amazon)

“For as long as I’ve been living on my own I have NEVER been able to find a coffee table I truly love. They are all either too small, too flimsy, or too cheap. This coffee table is simply amazing. It’s the perfect size for my L shaped couch. Also the perfect height to put my feet up on during a movie night. The soft close feature is flawless and silent. Most importantly, its incredibly sturdy, cutting into a steak on it doesn’t cause a single wobble. I am in love and highly recommend this coffee table!” – Effy S (Source: Amaon)

“Super easy assembly – just bolt the legs on and you’re good to go. It’s a perfect size for lower more modern sofas. Pictured in my review is a Bel Furniture Sara Collection Sectional and it’s the perfect size to go with it. It even matches the color of my cat.The gas struts so the lift top soft closes is a very nice touch. The top also doesn’t feel shaky at all when opened, and there is a good amount of storage space inside.Some of the laminated seams could be more cleanly hidden – and the little stickers covering some of the bolts were already coming off upon arrival.Might be better if the threaded inserts for the legs were metal instead of plastic. Hopefully they hold up.” – Yangorang (Source: Amazon)

“Packaging is supper nice, open the box, all you need is putting four legs on! Done! Quality is super good ! The table is soft closing as well! I am happy with me purchasing!” – Kyle (Source: Amazon)

“I was looking for oak style furnitures and so glad I found this oak coffee table!! Fit our living room perfectly!The texture is great and easy to assemble – only require 4 legs to screw to it! I can feel their packaging is careful!And the most import thing is the soft close is awesome!!! Attached some pictures and a video for reference.Hope they will have more oak style tv stand or furniture and I would definitely give it a buy!!! Love it so far” – Grace (Source: Amazon)

Ways to Decorate with the Bidiso Coffee Table

Modern Minimalistic Reading Nook: Enhance the inviting, modern aesthetic of the Lift Top Coffee Table by creating a minimalistic reading nook. Surround it with a low-profile, comfortable sofa and a plush, high-pile area rug to add texture. Use the built-in storage to stow away your favorite books and magazines for easy access. With the top lifted, it becomes the perfect height for reading or laptop work, underscored by a sleek, modern floor lamp that provides both style and function.

Elegant Entertainment Hub: Leverage the hidden storage compartment of your coffee table for an elegant, clutter-free entertaining space. Store board games, playing cards, and multimedia accessories out of sight but within easy reach. Top the surface with decorative trays that can hold remote controls or serve as a resting place for snacks and drinks during social gatherings. You can add a couple of statement coasters to merge practicality with style, reflecting the Oak finish and creating a cohesive look.

Dynamic Home Office Setup: Transform your living room into a dynamic home office setup that balances work and relaxation. Pair the coffee table with a comfortable, ergonomically designed lounge chair. Use the lift-top as a work surface for your laptop or documents, making it an ideal, flexible workstation. Incorporate a minimalist oak or metallic tone desk organizer on the tabletop to keep supplies handy yet tidy, alongside a small, decorative plant like a succulent for a pop of greenery and to enhance concentration.

Artistic Display & Relaxation Zone: Turn the area around your Lift Top Coffee Table into a visually engaging space and a relaxation zone. Use the surface area to display art books, sculptures, or a stylish vase with fresh flowers. The hidden storage compartments can house art supplies or puzzling boards readily available for a quiet evening. Amplify the aesthetic with wall-mounted shelves above the coffee table, showcasing art pieces or personal mementos, to create a layered look that draws the eye.

Functionally Cozy Dining Space: Given the table’s ability to serve as a dining area, create a cozy, intimate dining space that is perfect for small gatherings or quiet evenings in. Place comfortable floor cushions or low chairs around the coffee table to transform it into a dining area. Add a chic, oversized tablecloth that complements the Oak finish, and accentuate with dimmable lighting above to set the mood. For an added touch, a portable bar cart nearby keeps drinks and utensils handy, enhancing the functionality and aesthetic of your multipurpose space.