Best Choice Products Tall Wood Raised Garden Bed

  • LARGE PLANTING SPACE: 8.4 cubic feet of space can support your choice of flowers, succulents, vegetables, and more
  • PROPER DRAINAGE: Six drainage holes help the roots aerate and allow excess water to escape, encouraging long-term growth while helping prevent rot or mineral build-up
  • ALL-WOOD CONSTRUCTION: Naturally durable Chinese fir wood provides a durable, weather-friendly structure that will avoid warps and sagging over time
  • ERGONOMIC HEIGHT: The 30-inch tall design removes the need for bending or kneeling, preserving your back and knees as you tend to your balcony, deck, or patio garden
  • PROTECT YOUR PLANTS: An elevated bed discourages pets, rodents, and other animals from invading your garden space and ruining your hard work; OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 72″(L) x 23″(W) x 30″(H); WEIGHT CAPACITY: 300 lbs.

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“Great addition to porch. I found this product to be VERY easy to assemble in about 15 minutes. Once together it appears very sturdy and great quality.” – Kristi Bissell (Source: Amazon)

It is exactly what I wanted. Planter was easy to assemble and appears to be good quality. I like that it has drain holes that can also be use to pull in an automatic watering system. It comes with a liner so basically all you have to do once it is put together is plant whatever you wish to grow. I bought it to grow lettuce. So far so good.” – Margaret Folmar (Source: Amazon)

“I was a bit concerned about the sturdiness of the raised garden bed based on some of the reviews, but we found it is sturdy and we didn’t have any trouble with it holding up to the weight of the dirt. We took a neighbor’s advice and coated it with a clear water resistant wood stain. It held about 36 dry quarts of organic container soil. I will warn you it took two of us to put it together, and my daughter who has a degree in product design said it is rather “quirky” so you may be doing a bit of cursing during the assembly. It took us about an hour and half to put together.” – Debi152 (Source: Amazon)

“I manage a community service project that is placing vegetable gardens at homes in “food desert” neighborhoods. The gardens are at no cost to the residents we just ask that they commit to share.We operate by donations so getting the best value for our limited resources is essential. We’ve ordered four so far and plan to use them from now on. They are easy to assemble (I put one together by myself), sturdy, and attractive. This is a basic unit. No bells and whistles. It comes with a lining and that is really all you need. You can’t beat the value for the price.” – CJ Johnson (Source: Amazon)

I looked at some at Home Depot, they looked cheap and low quality. I found this planter box, ordered it, and very happy with it. Easy to assemble with clear instructions. When I first opened the box, you could really smell the wood, it had a nice smell to it. It seems very stable and good quality. We were excited to plant our garden in it. I will use some wood sealer to make it last. Very happy with this purchase.” – RUSH MLC (Source: Amazon)