Kante Dia Round Concrete Planters with Drainage Holes & Rubber Plug (15.3″+11.6″+8.2″)

  • Stylish Concrete Planter – Unveil a modern design boasting graceful curves and an authentic surface finish! Enhance your space’s allure with this contemporary masterpiece adorned with visible pores for an enchanting touch of charm.
  • Handmade Plant Pot – Crafted from an exclusive blend of concrete and fiberglass formula, harnessing the full spectrum of their benefits: strength, durability, weather and damage resistance, and enduring color.
  • Large & Versatile – Whether showcasing a plant indoors or placed on the front steps, porch, or patio, this spacious planter seamlessly integrates into modern, minimalist, and traditional decor with its distinctive style.
  • Drainage System – Our planter pot boast drainage holes for optimal water control, each furnished with a rubber plug for indoor or outdoor adaptability. Simplify your gardening routine with easy maintenance, ensuring a healthy environment for your plants.
  • 100% SATISFACTION – We are committed to providing the best customer service so if unsatisfied, let us know and we’ll provide return full refund or a replacement.

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“If you’re like me and it took you forever to find and order pots for your olive tree, then look no further. I wanted to find two concrete pots that were decently priced for my two olive trees and I probably searched for two weeks. The reviews on these are not the greatest so I was a little nervous when I ordered, but as you can see the result is really nice. I’m really happy that I went with these. Plus I still have another pot that I can use down the road.” – Tanya (Source: Amazon)

“Very nice planters, wrong color sent. The planters are awesome and arrived in good condition. But I ordered weathered concrete and was sent what seems to be natural concrete. Not sure if I’m going to send back or not. It still looks really nice.” – Chelsea (Source: Amazon)

“These planters arrive ready to set up and add to your home decor! The photos display the large and medium planter holding faux trees. I use one indoor and one out on my lanai. I was looking to find a similar look to some luxury brand planters I saw and these did not disappoint. The feel very sturdy and will hold up nicely.” – Katie (Source: Amazon)

“Lovely color and texture. These planters look way more expensive than they are! I ordered weathered concrete color which is a great neutral color. It’s just a touch tan and not brown! It looks great next to my warm white walls. Nothing but good things to say about these planters and for the price just go for it!” – Jessica E. Hanley (Source: Amazon)

“I measured this prior to getting it but it still ended up way bigger in person (in a good way) and I was pleasantly surprised on how big these pots actually are!!! They’re beautiful in person and look great in the living room. Fits my olive tree perfectly. I think they’re good for the price as well. I have no complaints!!” – babbs (Source: Amazon)

“I absolutely love these pots. I was so surprised to get all three at this price. They arrived in good condition no cracks or chips. They are a great size and look very nice inside my home. I plan to order more for the porch. I ordered the natural concrete color and it’s the perfect grey and looks very modern. I have a large Monstera in the largest pot and there is still plenty of room for the plant to grow. I recommend these planters!” – Bryan (Source: Amazon)

“Nice! I bought 3 sets of these planters!” – jessicashadix (Source: Amazon)

“These are fabulous! Great quality, nice heft. Not completely concrete, but you wouldn’t know it to look at them other than they aren’t as heavy as pure concrete. Super easy to lift and move around. Good sizes, well draining. Very happy with the set, might get another soon!” – SuperStarSas (Source: Amazon)