Color Palette Farmhouse Kitchen

Why Yellow is the Best Color Option for Your Farmhouse Kitchen

It seems like every time you open Pinterest, you’re bombarded by images of kitchens in neutral colors. Browns, greys, and whites are all the rage, with matching white appliances and plain, unassuming furniture. As you’ve thought about redoing your kitchen, you’ve decided that you want to brighten things up with a splash of color. But how do you choose a color that’s fun and eye-catching, yet comforting and soothing? How do you make a statement without overpowering the rest of the decor and furniture? It would be so much easier if there were one perfect color that suited every farmhouse kitchen.

Yellow might not be the perfect color for every situation, but it’s pretty close. Imagine walking into your kitchen and seeing walls that are painted pale yellow. How does that make you feel? Maybe you feel happy and cheerful as you think about springtime, or comfortable and relaxed due to the soft, inviting yellow. You can pair yellow with just about anything, and it catches the eye without being overpowering. If you want your kitchen to have the cozy farmhouse look, you can’t go wrong with a gentle shade of yellow.

Still not convinced? Here’s why yellow is the best paint color option for your new farmhouse kitchen.

Yellow is Bright but Not Overwhelming

Of course, when we talk about “yellow,” we’re not talking about a blinding neon yellow. A pale yellow shade is so simple and delicate that it might as well be a neutral. But it also provides a splash of color to liven up a dull grey kitchen. The color sets the mood for the kitchen, but it won’t overwhelm you like a bright green or a pale red. In fact, this color is so subtle that you can pair it with just about anything. Yellow is essentially the calming backdrop to the various design elements in your kitchen.

Yellow Makes You Feel Happy

What color is more cheerful than yellow? Gaze into a can of yellow paint sometime and you’ll see what we mean. Darker colors like blue and green are more subdued, but yellow is a bright, happy way to invite guests into your kitchen. The deeper it is, the more cheerful it is–although you don’t want your kitchen to be too yellow, or it’ll look like the kitchen in a child care center. But overall, a coat of yellow paint makes your kitchen feel like a fun, airy place that you enjoy spending time in.

Different shades of yellow can also invoke different feelings on the spectrum of happiness. For example, a pale yellow conjures up visions of walking through a meadow in the springtime. Imagine working in your kitchen while the windows are open, filling the room with a cool breeze, and the walls are painted a delicate shade of yellow. Doesn’t that sound like a dream? And if you’re looking for something more cozy, a warmer shade of yellow makes your kitchen feel like a warm, comforting sanctuary. Contrary to popular belief, yellow can be a great “cold weather” color that makes you feel warm and safe in the wintertime.

Yellow Can Make a Small Kitchen Appear Bigger

If your kitchen feels small and cramped, take a look at the paint color on the walls. A dark color like brown, red, or purple can make your kitchen look like the inside of a cave. But if you cover that dark color with a coat of pale yellow, you’ll find that your kitchen looks much more airy and open. You’ll feel like you gained extra space in your kitchen without changing the layout. Instead of feeling like you’re walking into a dungeon, you’ll feel like you’re walking into a wide-open space that makes you enjoy cooking again.

Yellow Offers the Perfect Traditional Farmhouse Look

Think of the old farmhouse kitchens you’ve seen in movies, or maybe the kitchen in your grandparents’ house when you were younger. Old farmhouse kitchens conjure up images of musty yellow wallpaper and pale yellow china cabinets. While you’ll probably want to skip the wallpaper, there’s no doubt that yellow is a traditional farmhouse color. Many design websites recommend using white or pale green in your kitchen. These colors look nice, but they aren’t authentic. If you want to get the real farmhouse look in your kitchen, a coat of yellow paint is the perfect way to capture the feeling of sitting in Grandma’s kitchen and eating freshly baked cookies at the table.

Yellow is also a great farmhouse color because of its associations with nature. The color yellow makes you think of fields of grain, bright yellow sunflowers, the sun in the sky, and other images that you associate with farmland. If you’re trying to capture the vibe of a farmhouse in the middle of a rolling field, throw a coat of yellow paint onto your kitchen.

Yellow is the Color for All Seasons

Technically you can use any color year round, but some colors are more seasonal than others. Red and orange are great autumn colors–an orange kitchen is perfect for fall, but in the springtime, it seems out of place. A green kitchen is calm and relaxing in the summer, but it seems strange in winter, when the grass is dead and the trees is bare. But yellow isn’t tied to any particular season. A yellow kitchen makes you feel cheerful any time of the year, whether you’re enjoying the blossoming flowers in the spring or freezing in the dead of winter.

Yellow Can Liven Up Kitchens Without Natural Light

If your kitchen doesn’t get a lot of natural lighting, it might feel cramped and claustrophobic at times. A yellow kitchen offers the warmth and friendliness of natural lighting, but without requiring you to tear a hole in the wall for a window. When you step into a yellow kitchen, you’ll feel like you’re being greeted by natural rays of sunlight. The yellow also makes the kitchen feel warmer and cozier, as if the orange evening light were shining through a window.

Yellow Can Be Bold

We’ve talked mostly about pale yellows in this article, but sometimes you want to go bold. That’s okay, too! A bold sunflower yellow makes your kitchen bright and eye-catching. Cooking in the kitchen will feel lively and fun, and any guest who drops by will remark on the brilliant splash of color. Refresh your drab old kitchen with a bold new look that dazzles you every time you walk through the kitchen.