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80 Ways to Add Pop to Your Kitchen Using Scandinavian Styles

The Scandinavian kitchen designs are unique and elegant. They encompass bright colors, great functionality, more light as well as natural wood. If you are looking forward to owning a kitchen with a Scandinavian design soon, you will not go wrong. This is because the design is never out of fashion.

If you already have a home and want to apply the Scandinavian design in your kitchen, be sure you can enjoy a long-lasting design. Besides being an attractive style, the design brings out your kitchen elegance and spruces up its look. If you are looking for some of the Scandinavian designs, below is a list you should check.

Incorporate two-tone cabinets

As stated in the introduction, the Scandinavian kitchen style has a minimalist design. However, that does not mean that they are dull and boring. As such, neutral features in your kitchen come in handy and makes a significant impact. 

You should make use of two-toned cabinets that can be white on the top while the bottom remains stained. This brings out a visual impression in your kitchen. Between the two-tone cabinets, you can include an art wall that comprises of elegant colors. The design enlivens things and brings an impactful blend of colors to your kitchen.

Vart platsbyggda ekkok i modern design for lagenhet i stockholm. Snygg bankskiva i Jura kalksten. Den senaste inspirationen for de snyggaste koken, helt mattanpassade och svensktillverkade.

Add some retro coastal ambiance

For you to keep up with the Scandinavian aesthetic, you can add some light and color pop. You can add white glass on your cabinets paired with quartz countertops. Due to the unique open shelving, you can add appliances retro-inspired to add some welcoming atmosphere to your kitchen.

On the naked walls below the cabinet, it would be great to add mosaic tiles, preferably circular. The tiles should also blend well with the color scheme and add a visual impression in your kitchen. Additionally, you can also add some plans and containers to avoid a cluttered look.

Add some minimalist white

Since Scandinavian styles mainly rely on bright whites, neutrals, and natural elements, adding some minimalist white would be a great idea. This means that you will have a white cooking space that can help you maintain your home’s elegance.

Besides adding the white color in your cooking space, you can also add some modern stools. The stools can have some leather or cotton cushions, as well as some wood legs. Adding the stools to blend with the white color enhances contrast and introduces warmth to the cooking space.

Incorporate natural backsplash

A natural wood backsplash brings out a stellar cooking space in your kitchen. To implement a Scandinavian style, you can add some white front cabinets. This introduces a warm look to your kitchen. However, the natural wood backsplash should be treated with a water-resistant coating. This makes it last longer, and you will not have to keep replacing wood in your kitchen.

Add bright and airy spaces

If you think of a Scandinavian style kitchen, making things look bright and airy will do wonders for your kitchen. While you keep things bright and airy, your color intentions need to be made clear. For most monochromatic kitchens, streamlined surfaces and two-tone cabinets introduce an impeccable design. However, this does not mean that you cannot add any skimped and stylish touches. As such, you can use metals that introduces a glam impression on your table. Alternatively, adding a colorful rug on the floor is not a bad idea. Instead, the rug adds a great look to your kitchen.

Modern blue paint and farmhouse twist

Perhaps, using bright white in the kitchen is timeless and introduces a sleek Scandinavian design in your cooking space. However, blue is also a popular color in Scandinavian spaces, and it inspires beauty. Besides, it introduces neutral and natural tones in your kitchen. You can paint your cabinets blue, creating an excellent background for items such as the lampshade and rattan.

You can also introduce a farmhouse twist by adding items that are equally comfortable on the farmhouse table. As such, adding a wooden farmhouse table in your kitchen would be ideal. Also, you can décor with a fantastic vibe. An example of décor that works well with Scandinavian designs is the sputnik pendant light.

Upgrading to a gray-toned space

If you are so used to bright white cooking space, you can upgrade to dusty shades of gray. Gray-Tones add a serene vibe in your kitchen. If you are not into complete grey, blending grey and blue would be ideal. Also, colorful accents will make a significant impact on a monochromatic backdrop. While using the gray-toned space, it is wise to look for objects that blend well with the color. This can include items such as vintage artwork or pink chairs that enhance the look of your cooking space.

Black cabinets and attractive backsplash

Most kitchens that are inspired by Scandinavian designs have high-end cabinets and modern furniture. As such, introducing black cabinets with sleek matte would be ideal. The cabinets can frame a wooden hexagon backsplash. 

Also, adding some leather pulls would be perfect. Since many kitchens with an open layout have a dining area, adding an inspired dining table would be a great idea. The table can have mismatched trends adding an inspiring vibe to your kitchen. You can also add an elegant scandi-style rug under the table.

Classic white

Adding some classic white in your kitchen inspires every single item in your kitchen. You can do this by adding some white shaker-style cabinets. These cabinets add great beauty and storage. Their knobs also promote a stylish sense of utility.

You can also add a matching rug that brings a classic look to your kitchen. Since lighting is crucial in enhancing the classic white, brass fixtures would be breathtaking. Other elements that can be added include rustic branches and wood stools.

Single wall with blue cabinetry

A one-wall kitchen wall would be ideal for bringing out a Scandinavian inspired look to your kitchen. It involves incorporating clean lines and more storage. You can also advance the look of your kitchen and take it to the next level using brass wall scones. Besides, you can add an artwork piece on the wall or even an abstract print making your kitchen look scandi chic. 

The above styles will go a long way in enhancing the look of your kitchen. As such, it is advisable to choose the style that will work well with your kitchen setting. The Scandinavian style is one of the most inspiring kitchen styles and will come in handy if you are looking for an upgrade. If you are not sure about the best design, make sure you seek help from an expert.

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