YIHOUSE Non-Shedding Washable Area Rug, Modern Lines Beige

  • Ultra Soft Faux Wool: 100% high quality faux wool abstract striped rug, premium and super soft fibers,with skid resistant backing, low pile and outstanding durability will hold up in high-traffic areas of your home. They’re a great way to show your personal style and suit the fussiest of feet.
  • Designed: Unique modern abstract geometric style design faux wool collection carpet, alfombras para salas modernas, aesthetic rug with resilience against everyday wear and tear, this area rug is perfect for living room, dining room, bedroom, entryway, nursery, dorm room, study, foyer, mudroom, bathroom, home office, kitchen, and more.
  • Various Styles: Available in all sizes and styles, you’ll find the right rug for you. Place a small 2” X 3” rug or 4” X 6” rug by the kitchen sink or doormat, entryway for a colorful. Place a large 6” X 9” rug, 8” X 10” rug, 9” X 12” rug by living room or bedroom, patio yard for a colorful mid century modern style, cozy accent.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain: Dust and dirt on the area rug surface can be removed easily. You can clean spills immediately by blotting with a clean sponge or cloth. Or gently machine wash then air dry at room temperature.
  • Product Note: Rugs may contain temporary creases upon arrival, Please don’t worry. Gently smooth them out with your hands, flatten them on the floor and walk around, allow time for creases to flatten and settle. Keep the bottom of the rug always be dry when you use.

“Just beautiful. Fast shipping. Worried about some reviews but this is just beautiful and unique.Very soft!” – Monica S. (Source: Amazon)

This rug is really beautiful, I’m just scared the wash machine won’t be able to rinse the water out, it’s tad bit heavy” – Lejla Johic (Source: Amazon)

“Super soft carpet. It’s a nice black and white color.” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“Stunning Accent Rug. Amazing, soft and durable. Used in the foyer and adds a modern “pop”. Feels and looks luxurious and holds up well so far.” – HD (Source: Amazon)

“Love this rug! Great rug for a great price and it’s washable! Love this print and that it’s easy to wash and dry. It’s very thin so will need a rug pad. I plan to purchase another.” – Desiree21 (Source: Amazon)

Other Interior Design & Decor Ideas

Monochromatic Modernity: Use the black and white YIHOUSE rug as a statement piece in a minimalist living room setting. Surround it with sleek, modern furniture in a monochrome color palette, where white or light gray walls and black accents on furniture frames or light fixtures complement the rug’s colors. The abstract, geometric design of the rug will add visual interest and anchor the space while maintaining a clean and sophisticated atmosphere.

Bohemian Contrast: For a boho-chic vibe in your bedroom or living area, pair the YIHOUSE rug with warm, earthy tones and a mixture of textures. Think leather poufs, wood furniture, and plenty of plush cushions and throws in mustard, terracotta, or teal colors. The juxtaposition of the rug’s streamlined design with the more eclectic elements typical of bohemian decor creates a balanced and inviting space.

Scandinavian Simplicity: Embrace the Scandinavian principle of Hygge by placing the YIHOUSE rug in a bright and airy room with lots of natural light. Incorporate simple, functional furniture with clean lines, and accessorize with cozy elements like knitted blankets, white candles, and wooden decor to create an environment that’s both serene and homely. The faux wool texture will add comfort underfoot, enhancing the Scandi pursuit of comfort and happiness.

Dynamic Office Design: Enhance a contemporary home office using the YIHOUSE black and white rug as a base. Pair it with a sleek, white desk and a matte black chair for a chic look. Add a couple of black and white geometric prints on the wall and use metallic accents, such as a brass or nickel desk lamp, for a touch of sophistication. The abstract style of the rug will stimulate creativity and add an artistic flair to the room.

Outdoor Extension: Since the rug is mentioned to be suitable for indoor and outdoor use, take advantage of its versatility by creating an “outdoor living room” vibe on your patio or deck. Place a larger size YIHOUSE area rug as the centerpiece and arrange weather-resistant sofas and chairs around it. Add black and white striped or solid cushions for comfort, and finish off with a fire pit or a coffee table in the center to mirror the coziness of an indoor space. The contrasting black and white rug will unify the furnishings and will withstand a high foot traffic area due to its durability and easy maintenance.

With these versatile design suggestions, the YIHOUSE area rug could effortlessly adapt to various interior and exterior decorations, providing both style and practicality. Remember to pair it with complementary accents and colors to enhance its modern and sophisticated appearance.