Suncast BMS1250 Outdoor Vertical Shed with Floor, Vanilla

Ideal for smaller spaces such as patios, porches, and balconies, this versatile Vertical Storage Shed offers countless organizational opportunities. From storing long-handled tools to ladders, gardening gear, and more, this small-footprint storage solution offers endless everyday utility. The durable multi-wall resin construction allows for year-round use and easy maintenance, and the customizable interior supports up to four shelves (not included) for even more efficient organization. With 22 cubic feet of space, there is plenty of room to store and organize. This is a versatile tool shed and can be placed in your garage and outdoors. Its resin construction is weather resistant and durable. Outdoor storage just got a lot easier with this Vertical Storage Shed.

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“Purchased a pair. Very easy to assemble. It took me less than 15 mins per shed, with only a mallet and a screwdriver. They seem to be pretty sturdy once full. Thunderstorm later on today will test them. But so far I’m very happy.” – Jorge Diz (Source: Amazon)

“I received the product as expected, box was opened and damaged. Surprisingly all pieces were accounted for/intact and I was able to put this shed together by my self in 20 minutes in 100 degree heat. I do want to add 2 shelves for the top but the ones that go with the shed are 25 each so I will be buying some scrap wood and cutting my own. Not the best most durable quality but for the price and was of assembly I am very pleased and wishing I bought a second.” – Loretta (Source: Amazon)

“Good little shed. Easy to assemble and will do what it needs to do just fine. Keep it tucked into a corner or it might blow away in the wind.” – Christian (Source: Amazon)

Other Landscaping Ideas

Residential Garden Storage: A homeowner looking to maintain their landscape often uses a variety of tools for mowing, trimming, or planting. The Suncast BMS1250 Vertical Shed, which comes with a floor to keep items off the ground and away from direct contact with dirt or water, offers a perfect solution to store these tools in an organized and secure manner. This shed helps to make the gardening process more efficient as every tool has its place.

Poolside Equipment Storage: Pools require significant upkeep, which involves various tools, chemicals, and accessories. Suggesting the Suncast BMS1250 Vertical Shed for such duties provides clients with a convenient solution for organized storage. This shed, being of vertical design, utilizes minimal space while providing ample storage capacity. It also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the pool area as everything is stowed away neatly.

Commercial Usage: At golf courses or country clubs, maintenance tools like lawnmowers, trimmers, rakes, and other equipment are required. The Suncast BMS1250 Vertical Shed can be an ideal storage solution to keep these tools organized, secure, and away from public view. Plus, the shed’s vanilla color gives it a neat and professional appearance that can complement the sophisticated environment of such venues.

Playground Storage: When working with a school or a park, the need for safe and secure storage of outdoor toys, sports equipment, or maintenance tools arises. The shed could be used to keep playground essentials like balls, skipping ropes, drawing equipment etc. It can also store maintenance tools used for cleaning or managing the playground. Its lockable doors ensure these items are safe and secure.

Greenhouse Accessory: Greenhouses are often packed with plants, leaving limited space for other essentials. The Suncast BMS1250 Vertical Shed can be utilized as a separate storage unit to house tools and supplies such as pots, soil bags, watering cans, or fertilizers. This allows gardeners to have immediate access to their tools without the clutter in the greenhouse, thus enhancing productivity and maintain cleanliness. The shed’s durable construction also ensures these tools are protected from damage or theft.