Walker Edison Wood Dresser Bedroom Storage Drawer Organizer Closet Hallway, 6 Drawer, Caramel

This roomy 6-drawer wood dresser gives you just the space you need to fit your clothing pieces in, while also having a classic and simple style. With its minimalist style, it easily pairs with a variety of other styles including transitional and modern, so that you can incorporate it into your room. Fashioned of solid pine and high-grade MDF responsibly harvested from renewable forests for a sustainable, sturdy design, with simple circular drawer handles giving a subtle accent to the piece. This mid century modern dresser features two upper drawers, ideal for smaller clothing items like socks, and four lower drawers for anything from your tees to your jeans.

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“We have been really happy with our purchase so far. The assembly was pretty simple. We did use a drill (very carefully) because it wouldn’t have been as sturdy had we just used a screwdriver. The drawers aren’t as sturdy as most pieces of furniture we have had before, but this dresser was also a fraction of the cost. We just make sure we shut the drawers carefully. I’m pleased with the look and would order this again!” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“Every single review with a picture is boasting. Do not believe anyone who says this was easy to assemble. I assembled this dresser by myself with just a screwdriver and a hammer and it took me 7 hours.First of all, this thing comes in a heavy box that is filled with wooden planks. Absolutely nothing is pre-assembled, so you will have to fasten all the screws manually. The kicker: the wood planks do not have pre-drilled holes, so I had to use full force to squeeze drills into their respective un-drilled planks using a handheld Phillips head screwdriver. In retrospect, I should have used a power drill — the manual said not to, so I didn’t.A bit about the wood — these panels are not made of solid wood. They are much thinner (approx. 2-in) strips that have been glued together and cleverly stained to look continuous from a distance. So, if you are screwing into a point where two planks meet using a screwdriver (don’t), you’ll have to plunge your entire body weight into the tip of the screwdriver while twisting clockwise just to get the screw to catch.I would absolutely not recommend that you assemble this yourself unless you are incredibly patient and frankly masochistic. Two things I would have changed: get someone to help out, use power tools.” – David Chen (Source: Amazon)