T4TREAM Rustic Farmhouse Tall 5 Drawer Dresser Chests for Bedroom, Barnwood

  • 【Dimension】31.25’’ W x 15.75’’ D x 48’’ H.With five 11.4-inch depth darwers (size: 26.9”W*11.4D*8.2H)Add storage space into your home for your clothing and extra throws or pillows with this 5 drawer dresser.
  • 【Wooden Farmhouse 5 Drawers Dresser】Rustic wooden 5 drawer dresser with barn door style and spacious design is a perfect combination of modern and farmhouse style, adding character and charm to your bedroom and living room. Can be used for clothing organizer/lingerie dresser,entryway table, accent storage cabinet for living room.
  • 【Sturdy & Durable】The bedroom dresser is made of durable engineered wood for long term use, scratch resistant. No strong odor.The widened 2’’*2’’ dresser legs made the dresser does not slide easily, provide great durability and stability. With a support leg in the middle for added weight support.
  • 【Metal Sliding Rail and Handle】 The 5 drawers slide easily on ball bearings and the double coated metal handles allow you to push and pull the drawers without effort, keeping your organized clothes or other items neat and tidy.
  • 【Buy with Confidence】Comes with detailed Installation instructions, parts and accessories are coded, precise holes make installation accurate and faster.

“Nice looking dresser. When the dresser arrived it was in a box that was far too heavy for me to carry alone. So be aware you will likely need help to move the box when it arrives.The instructions for assembling are clear and understandable but it takes some time to put together. From start to finish it took me just over 2 hours to assemble. None of it is difficult but there are just a lot of pieces to put together. Once together the dresser feels fairly sturdy. I am not confident that it will last for several years but it looks nice and will work for now.” – CarlAZV (Source: Amazon)

“This is a beautiful piece. It arrived early and was very heavy so my husband helped get it inside. It had a a little damage to the box however it was packaged very well with wood around it so the item had no damage to it. It took me about half the evening to put it together since I was doing it by myself. I laid all my pieces out and followed the instructions that were included and had absolutely no problems.” – Bobby Brown (Source: Amazon)

“Looks good, lots of assembly, plan on 2-3 hours of your time putting it together. Very nice as far as pressed wood, unassembled furniture goes. Drawers are sensitive and can’t be over stuffed even a little. Wouldn’t recommend for kids or someone rough with dressers. Only complaint is it scratches easily, but they provide “patches” that work well for that purpose” – Sondra (Source: Amazon)

“Great product! Assembly took hours to complete but instructions were very clear, precise, and easy to follow which made it a great mindless project. I absolutely love the way it looks but I would recommend setting an entire day aside to work on it if you plan on assembling it by yourself.” – Eduardo (Source: Amazon)

“Looks great. Great wood color. I thought, at first, this dresser might be too small but it’s perfect. Love it. Drawers open smoothly, lots of room.” – Rebecca B (Source: Amazon)

Ways to Decorate with the T4TREAM Dresser

Bedroom Rustic Retreat: Creating a serene, rustic retreat in your bedroom allows the unique characteristics of the dresser to shine through. Surround it with soft, neutral-toned walls to make the barnwood finish pop. Consider adding a wrought iron bedframe to introduce a gentle industrial touch that complements the rustic theme without overwhelming it. Bedding in soft, natural fabrics such as cotton or linen in muted patterns maintains the calm, inviting atmosphere. For the tabletop display, aim for pieces that tell a story or have a history, like a vintage clock or a ceramic water pitcher repurposed as a flower vase. Adding a textured natural fiber area rug will tie the room together, providing a cozy underfoot while reinforcing the room’s rustic charm.

Living Room Accent Piece: Elevate your living room by making the dresser a focal point that provides both aesthetic appeal and functionality. Place the dresser against a wall that features a contrast yet complementary texture, like a softer shade of shiplap or a richly painted accent wall, to draw attention without overwhelming. When styling the top, balance is key; consider placing a statement table lamp on one side and balancing it with an asymmetrical arrangement of framed photographs and an artful stack of books on the other. For cohesion, choose frames and decorative objects that incorporate materials echoing those found elsewhere in the room, such as metal, glass, or leather, to unify the space’s aesthetic.

Hallway Storage Statement: Maximize your hallway’s utility and style by leveraging the spacious storage the dresser provides. Above it, installing a mirror with a distinctive frame – perhaps in distressed wood or hammered metal – not only elevates the area but also bounces light around, especially beneficial in narrower spaces. Consider adding functional yet decorative elements on top, such as a stylish tray that corrals your essentials—keys, sunglasses, and so forth—in one convenient spot. Integrating textured baskets on top adds visual interest while keeping those daily necessities neatly organized. A slender floor lamp beside the dresser or wall-mounted sconces above can provide warm, atmospheric lighting, enhancing the hallway’s ambiance.

Chic Entryway Table: The entryway sets the tone for your entire home, making it the perfect place to showcase the farmhouse dresser’s charm. Against a backdrop of a dramatic round mirror – which lends a touch of sophistication and depth – the dresser transforms into a chic yet welcoming tableau. A sleek, modern table lamp alongside a minimalist bowl for keys creates a juxtaposition of old and new. A curated selection of coffee table books, layered for depth, introduces color and interest, inviting guests to take a closer look. Taller elements like a vessel filled with long stems or pampas grass introduce height and texture, drawing the eye upward and adding a naturalesque touch that softens the entryway’s overall look.

Creative Workshop Organizer: Transform the dresser into the creative hub of your craft room or home office by capitalizing on its ample storage and stylish surface. Categorize and store essential supplies within easy reach by using the dresser’s top for frequently accessed items. Small, clear containers or labeled baskets offer visibility and accessibility while keeping supplies neatly organized. Pick a lamp that not only brightens the workspace but also brings an element of style—perhaps a banker’s lamp for a vintage touch or an adjustable architect lamp for a more industrial feel. Above the dresser, install a pegboard or open shelving to extend storage vertically, keeping your workspace clutter-free. Hang inspirational art pieces or framed quotes at eye level to encourage creativity and productivity in your personal workspace.