U-MAX 5×3 Ft Outdoor Metal Storage Shed with Single Lockable Door

  • 【Why Choose U-MAX Storage Shed】 – U-MAX has been selling outdoor metal shed for three years, and has continuously updated and upgraded the design of tool shed. Make the U-MAX metal shed more stable and durable.
  • 【About After-Sales Service】 – We provide 1 year warranty service, if any parts damaged, we will give you free replacement.Provide worry-free after-sales service for all users who purchase U-MAX outdoor shed.
  • 【Higher Door Design】 – We have conducted in-depth analysis and carefully designed a new garden shed.Compared to other 70.5″ shed overall height, our 72.5″ shed is 2″ taller than theirs.
  • 【Multifunctional use】 – Our outdoor small storage cabinet can be used not only as a outdoor shed, but also as a pet house, providing a safer and warmer room for your pet; it can also be used as a storage room for storing boxes, and can also be used as a garbage collection room to keep the backyard tidy. Which is a great shed house for backyard!
  • 【Question&Answer】 – 1. All accessories and instructions are packaged in one box. 2. If there is any accessories miss,please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with a satisfactory solution in the 24H.

Purchase from Retailer

“Very easy to put together, hubby was done in just about 4 hours. I was there to assist him with holding panels, helping screw them in, etc. Door panel gave us a run for our money but once we figured out where the braces were over and/under we were good. Each piece is covered in protective plastic which is a pain to remove and we didn’t remove all of it. Overall we love it and highly recommend. We added a tin sign and solar decorative light above the door so as to fit in with the rest of our backyard decor. Great buy & perfect for yard tools.” – J. Castillo (Source: Amazon)

“It took me about 10 hours to build by myself. I’m handy and have great tools but I’m no contractor. Hardest part was getting the walls started, otherwise not too difficult to build. I built a sturdy base for it and made a re-enforced 2 x 4 walls on the inside. Recently had high winds in Texas and no damage to the shed. Very pleased with it so far.” – Mr. T (Source: Amazon)

“I got this on a deal for $165 plus $60 s/h. Recommend watching the install video alone with the instructions. I put this together by myself. Would recommend you have a helper when putting up the walls.5×3 is not too big but perfect for me to use as a pool shed.” – JARandell (Source: Amazon)

“Judging by the reviews, one would believe that every reasonably priced shed on Amazon is trash, including this one. But I beg to differ. I’m not sure what motivates people to be so overly negative and critical…Perhaps unreasonable expectations? But considering the price and convenience of having this thing delivered right to your door, you just cannot beat it. As you can see in the photographs, it looks nice enough on my patio, and it provides a perfect amount of space to store yard tools, equipment and gardening supplies etc.. As far as assembly, it is what one should reasonably expect it to be. My friend and I spent several hours on a Sunday afternoon putting it together, but it was not especially complicated. I cannot imagine any shed that would not require a lesser degree of effort to assemble, unless of course you buy one already put together for thousands and thousands of dollars and then pay for delivery. In all, directions were relatively straightforward and the shed feels reasonably sturdy and so far has endured heavy rains without any leakage. But if anyone expects any shed at this price point to be able to withstand tornados or hurricanes, that’s on you—it’s not an inherent defect in the product. In all, totally satisfied here! :-)” – James0699 (Source: Amazon)

Other Landscaping & Decor Ideas

  • Position your storage shed at the corner of the backyard with a slated wood walkway leading up to it. This will offer easy access, especially during wet weather.
  • Paint it a soft, calming color to complement your outdoor space. Light blues, greens, or even a soft beige can work well. If you want it to stand out, you could go for bolder colors like red or yellow.
  • Install a variety of hanging baskets on the sides of the shed filled with colorful flowering plants. This will not only beautify your shed but also attract bees and butterflies, adding to the overall beauty of your backyard.
  • Surround it with beds of complementary flowering plants or shrubs. This will help the structure to blend into the garden surroundings.
  • Install solar-powered sconce lights on either side of the door for easy access during the night. This will also give the shed a warm, inviting look.
  • On one side of the shed, you could create a vertical garden by installing a trellis and planting a climbing rose plant or a vine like wisteria.
  • For an additional touch of character, add a weather vane or a cute garden gnome on top of the shed.
  • Place large decorative ceramic pots or old wheelbarrows filled with bright annuals beside the entrance of the shed.
  • If you have space, add a bench or a small bistro set nearby so you can relax and enjoy your garden while also having your tools within easy reach.
  • Create a small patio area in front of the shed with a few outdoor rugs, pot plants, and lounge chairs.