1inchome (Togo) Fireside Lazy Sofa Couch Accent Lounge Chair

  • Designed according to ergonomics
  • Provides strong back support and fits waist curve for comfort
  • Can be used for floor seating for adults and kids
  • Multiple-density foam filling, no wood or metal frame
  • Suede fabric is soft, waxy, and has good drape
  • Cover is light and comfortable, not prone to wrinkling
  • Can be cleaned with soft brush and professional cleaning agent
  • Furniture loan available with Affirm monthly payment plans (no impact on credit score, no late fees)
  • Furniture insurance available with Allstate Iutdoor Furniture Protection Plan (3-year and 5-year options)

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Having a unique design that stands out from standard chairs, this Fireside Lazy Sofa Couch Accent Lounge Chair helps create a visual point of difference while providing a comfortable seating spot. It is a bean bag, fireside chair, soft sofa, and accent piece — all in one.

Interior Design Styles To Pair With

The accent lounge chair pairs well with minimalist, contemporary, and Scandinavian interior design styles. Its white color perfectly blends in with the pared-back and largely neutral color scheme of these styles, while its unique build and leather surface help add a dash of texture to the space.

The comfortable seating spot provides utmost functionality and can be used for different purposes, including gaming, watching television, meditating, or simply laying back to read a good book. This makes it ideal for the big-on-functionality transitional design style. Simultaneously, this style uses contrast for visual interest, and placing this sofa chair next to standard furniture offers a great way to achieve the purpose.

Popular Amazon Reviews

“At the first sight I was a little hesitant to buy the To go chair on Amazon given there’s barely any review. However when I received the chair yesterday, it’s so cute and comfortable looks exactly like the description and picture from the seller . The color is not as bright as the picture I uploaded shows. It actually gave you a more deeper yellow with a bit orangey tones. Looks very expensive and very comfortable to sit on as well. I am so happy with this purchase!” – Coco (Source: Amazon)

“This chair is super cute, very well made. If you are a fan of the original one, this is a great substitute and very budget friendly. We paid 700+ for it, IMHO, it is still quite expensive for a single seater (much cheaper than the original one though). But silverliner is, it came assembled, and not too heavy to move around.This company is top-notch, really responsive and willing to go above and beyond to help me solve problems. I ended up getting more items from them, so, check out their Amazon store” – Jeremy H. (Source: Amazon)

“I absolutely love them! They are comfy & super stylish! The red is a bright red which I absolutely love.” – Kassandra (Source: Amazon)

“I’ve been wanting this Michel Ducaroy designed chair for awhile now. Yes, this is a reproduction of the Togo chair distributed by Ligne Roset. But, those chairs are $5,575. I’m sure they are exquisite but, this one is very nice and at a more manageable price point at $613.19 incl. tax (There was a $150 discount on this chair last week which I took as the universe telling me that I deserve this chair and to get it!) I like the color and the size is perfect for the space I intended it to go. It’s comfortable too. I hope it wears well over the next handful of years. I have no idea how these things will last so, I’ll try to update when I can. The delivery was lightning fast and everything went seamlessly.” – Looloo (Source: Amazon)

Ways To Decorate The Room With The Accent Lounge Chair

There are multiple ways you can decorate your space with the accent lounge chair, with some of the top ones listed below.

Place It Next To The Fireplace In The Lounge – Create visual contrast by placing the soft accent chair in the lounge, next to the fireplace. Bonus points if you place it opposite other standard furniture pieces. Tip: Use a throw pillow matching the theme so that the bean bag blends in and becomes a part of the rest of the decor.

Try It By The Window – Beanbag chairs work well with windows, where other seating options could possibly block the view of the outdoors while obstructing the path of any natural light entering the space. This will be your new favorite spot to enjoy a mug of coffee on snowy winter afternoons!

Create A Reading Nook In Your Bedroom – Place the comfortable bean-bag-like chair in a corner of your bedroom to create a cozy reading nook.

Style It With A Cowhide Rug – To make the accent lounge chair the focal point of your space, lay down an organically-shaped rug beneath it, such as a cowhide. Top it with a throw blanket and use a hanging light overhead to make it the center of attention.

Consider Adding A Pair – Pair two bean bag chairs with a mini table between them to create the perfect lounging area. This is ideal for gaming with friends or gossiping the night away with loved ones. Using a pair also helps create balance in the room while adding a more traditional and friendly vibe to the atmosphere.

Other Things to Consider

Pay attention to fire hazard – While this accent lounge chair makes for a stunning fireside piece, it is recommended to maintain a distance of at least three feet between the fireplace and the chair. This is applicable even if you have a screen protecting the fire, as the heat produced is enough to damage the chair if placed too near.

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