Suncast BMS8100 8′ x 10′ Heavy-Duty Resin Tremont Storage Shed

  • OUTDOOR STORAGE: A beautiful shed to store and protect your power equipment, long handled tools, ladders, and bikes
  • DURABLE: Multi-walled polypropylene resin panels are engineered for long lasting strength and stability
  • REINFORCED FLOOR: Heavy-duty floor is designed to withstand abuse, supporting your lawn mower, tractor or other heavy equipment
  • NATURAL LIGHT: Ideally placed series of skylights and windows provides natural light inside without sacrificing structural integrity
  • LOCKABLE DOORS: Features a padlock hasp that allows doors to lock securely
  • FURNITURE LOAN: Affirm monthly payment plans available. No impact on personal credit score. No late fees.
  • FURNITURE INSURANCE: Allstate Furniture Protection Plan available with 3-year and 5-year options.
  • Exterior Dimensions: 8 ft. 4-1/2 in. W x 10 ft. 2-1/4 in. D x 8 ft. 7 in. H | Interior Dimensions: 7 ft. 9 in. W x 9 ft. 9 in. D x 8 ft. 4-1/2 in.H | Door opening: 60 in. W x 72 in. H

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Built with polypropylene resin panels, this shed is a durable choice for the outdoors. Its heavy-duty floor is designed to withstand abuse, making it ideal for machinery, such as lawnmowers and tractors. Additionally, it features a padlock hasp, allowing you to lock the doors when needed. Whether you have a garden full of flowers or one covered in gravel and rock, this storage shed will complement every style! Its neutral-hued exterior makes for a great addition to any outdoor space — and goes well with any home exterior.

Popular Amazon Reviews

“I’m 100 percent satisfied with this shed. I built an 8×10 deck waiting on shipment, shed arrived on time, put it together in about six hours by myself. I followed the directions step by step.” – S (Source: Amazon)

“This is a great little shed. It was very easy to assemble and I did it without any help. The directions and other reviews said you needed 2 people, but it is very doable with just 1. Rubber mallet is also not needed, everything went together smoothly without it.” – Trent Woodward (Source: Amazon)

The people who reviewed this low and complained must be because you have to clue how to build this or cant follow instructions.This shed was EASY TO PUT UP.3 afternoons after work for about 3 hours each afternoon and half a day Saturday and done.Everything matched up great. Those who complain next time pay someone who knows how.Excellent product. Very happy I got it.” – Goose (Source: Amazon)

“I was at first hesitant about getting a plastic shed but after reading the reviews I ordered it. This shed is really nice. It is a 2 man job, would have been kind of difficult by myself. I did it in 3 phases. 1st day we got the foundation put together. We used concrete half pads (8” x 16”) under 2×6 pressure treated runners. I framed it all together like others had done on Suncast’s website. I put 1/2” plywood down over the 2x 6 runners. Next I anchored the floor down and then put all inside metal supports and door hardware together. Then I had my friend and me put it all together. Have everything laid out so you can see the lettered parts. I even labeled all the screws so I knew what page and where they go. I thought it was easy to put together. It’s strong and well engendered. The instructions are very straight forward. I reread through the whole instruction booklet a couple of times so I wouldn’t miss anything. I love my shed.” – David J Serada (Source: Amazon)

“Make sure you construct on a flat surface. Watch the video before you start. Follow the instructions in order and it will go right together. I love it for working in and my 4 foot LED tube lights hang from the metal roof supports. Looks nice and works great. Remember: flat surface.” – Rudi (Source: Amazon)

“Great Shed! Fun and easy build even for 1 person. If you are a fan of lego, this feels like a full sized version of that. It says you need 2 people to buold but i did it myself in around 6 hours. I built a gravel foundation beforehand for a total of around $100 and with the price of shed being $1500 on amazon (with 5% back making it $1425), it was a pretty cost effective option way to go. Paper instructions were not the best but found a 3D youtube video version of the instructions which were perfect. Able to fit my tractor, snowblower and other equipment with ease and room to spare. My only complaint is a slight breeze will blow the doors shut so once I put something to hold them open it will be top notch. Should be easy to maintain and last a long time.” – DK (Source: Amazon)

“As Advertised, Very Nice Shed. It took me about six hours to assemble myself w no help. It’s exactly as advertised. Nice looking shed, assembly was straight forward, they give you extra hardware which for me is a sign of quality. I’m happy w the purchase.” – Myrt (Source: Amazon)

“The shed looks amazing and worth the money! The shed looks amazing once done . I hired a professional to do it and he took a 1/2 day. It does get hot inside , but overall I’m very satisfied” – MS (Source: Amazon)

“With the price of building materials going through the roof these days. We decided on this shed cheaper than a raw material shed while being maintenance free, but don’t get me wrong its still pricey. This is a good size shed, even though this is our second. This shed will be used primarily for garden supplies and outdoor supplies i.e some camping gear, yard games and bicycles.Assembly:After do some research and combing thru a lot of reviews. My wife and I decided to tackle on this project. Our time frame was to have it completely assembly in about 4-5 hrs, like most reviewers had mentioned. We completed ours in about 6hrs, which wasn’t bad. We went at a casual pace, this wasn’t a race. There are a lot of fasteners, especially in the roof system. About 90% of the fasteners being fastened to some sort of plastic. So extra attention was made not to over tighten these fasteners.The letters “JJ” will be forever engraved into my brain, you’ll see what I mean. There are about 300~ of these little guys.This shed was assembled on a existing concrete pad, little short in depth so we used some pavers that extended out the back.Overall, very pleased with this purchase. Shed seems to be quite sturdy and solid, yet I will not be leaning anything of substantial weight against the sidewalls. What I think will be a lifesaver for us, is that it will be in the shade 80% of the day. But we do get some frigid temps in the winter, but the shed would not be in use during that time.” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

Ways To Decorate With The Storage Shed

The interior of the shed is primarily meant for storing machinery and other outdoor essentials. You can organize these using bins, jars, floating shelves, wooden crates, and plastic tubs. You may even decorate the interior — think plenty of greenery, wood, black hardware, and leather furnishings. A chunky knit blanket, vintage table, or rustic lighting fixture can balance and further enhance the space. You can also decorate the exterior to make the shed add to the visual aesthetics of your outdoor space too. Here are a few ways to decorate your space with the shed:

  • Add stone (or shiplap) to the shed’s front and sides.
  • Mount traditional farmhouse sconces onto the exterior.
  • Hang seasonal wreaths on the door.
  • Flank the door with floor vases full of flowers or potted plants.

During the summer season, you can even repurpose your shed into a living space. Keep the doors open and place a comfortable outdoor couch with plenty of cushions inside the shed. You can also continue placing pieces of furniture outside of the shed, creating both covered and uncovered seating areas to entertain guests.

Other Outdoor Uses

A Green Thumb’s Dream Storage: For gardening enthusiasts, having a central, dedicated place to store and organize tools is a welcome advantage to support their passion. With the Suncast 8′ x 10′ Heavy-Duty Resin Tremont Storage Shed, gardeners and landscapers can efficiently store their long-handled tools like rakes, hoes, and spades. The added strength of the reinforced floor allows it to accommodate heavier equipment such as lawn mowers and leaf blowers. With lockable doors, tools are also safe from theft which is an added peace of mind for gardeners.

Safe Bicycle Storage: Particularly for families where multiple members have their own bicycles, having sufficient, secure storage is important to prevent potential damage, theft or cluttering the house. The heavy-duty shed not only offers ample room for several bikes but also protects them from outdoor weather conditions like rain, sun or snow. The lockable doors secure the bikes, providing a perfect outdoor storage solution.

Pool Equipment Storage: Pool maintenance tools require careful storage given their susceptibility to damage from extended exposure to damp or harsh weather conditions. The Suncast Heavy-Duty Resin Tremont Storage Shed is suitable to meet this need. With its moisture-resistant polypropylene resin panels and ample space, the shed can store a range of equipment, including nets, pool cleaners, filters, and pool vacuums. The reliable lock keeps the equipment secure.

A Home for Seasonal Items: The Suncast shed can be an exceptional place to store off-season items like patio furniture, grills, or holiday decorations. Often such items clutter garages or basements when not in use. However, the shed’s large size, reinforced floor, and lockable doors keep such seasonal items safely stored away but easy to access when needed.

Ladder and Industrial Tool Storage: DIY enthusiasts, property maintenance professionals or households with a variety of maintenance tools such as ladders, cement mixers or power drills will find this shed useful. Its large door opening and spacious interior design make it easy to store larger items that may not fit or be practical to store in indoor spaces or smaller garden sheds. Furthermore, with a secure lockable feature, expensive equipment can be stored safely.

Things To Watch Out For

When installing your shed, be sure to pay heed to the location. Watch out for trees’ branches obstructing the roof — or possibly too many leaves falling on it. You also want to ensure relatively leveled ground (or make suitable arrangements for unleveled ground) and make sure there is optimal drainage around the area.