Suncast BMS6312D Everett 6′ x 3′ Heavy-Duty Resin Outdoor Shed

  • 6′ x 3′ OUTDOOR STORAGE SHED: Features a slim footprint design with 94 cu. ft. of space for lawn equipment and gardening tools while fitting nicely along a house or garage when yard space is limited
  • PAD-LOCKABLE DOUBLE DOORS: Large double-door entryway provides easy access to stored belongings, and the doors feature pad-lockable resin handles to prevent theft and unauthorized use (padlock not included)
  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Metal reinforced, multi-wall resin panels provide water resistance and UV protection for all-weather durability, while the reinforced resin floor withstands heavy loads
  • AIR VENTS AND NATURAL LIGHTING: Designed with 1 built-in skylights and large windows that allow natural light to illuminate the space on sunny days and air vents that provide proper air circulation
  • FUNCTIONAL AND ATTRACTIVE: Easy to clean and maintain and boasts a classic shed design with architectural details and shingle-style roof panels to look great in your yard all year long

“Inexpensive, sturdy shed for garden tools and such. I bought this shed so I would have somewhere to store stuff near my backyard patio. I wanted a place to keep my broom, the bird food, throw pillows for the outdoor chairs, the pooper scopper, etc. I installed it next to my house in June 2018 and so far I’m really happy with it.I went ahead and built a wood platform for it. I just followed the instructions in the user manual. It tells you what size wood you need and how to assemble it. I’m not a very handy person, so if I can do it, anyone can. I went to Lowe’s, picked out the wood and had them cut the pieces for me. (I just barely managed to fit the pieces into my Subaru Forester; be sure you can get the wood home.) Once the platform was built, I leveled it the best I could using cinder blocks and pea gravel. See the pic I posted.Assembling the shed took a few hours. I was able to do most of it by myself, but did need a hand getting the roof on. Everything went smoothly. Just take your time and follow the instructions. See the other pic I posted for the finished product.The only minor gripe I have, and I really do mean minor, is the right door doesn’t seem to close all the way. At the top of the door where it meets the left door it sticks open about 1 cm. But that could be my fault when assembling the shed, or it could be the platform.We’ve had some heavy rainfall this summer and the shed is holding up great. Everything inside is staying dry. Really happy with this purchase. Exactly what I wanted.” – ctlr (Source: Amazon)

“Nice looking shed. Installed by myself and took about couple hours. Instructions were fair and pretty easy to follow. The only thing I didn’t like is it always kept saying “do not over tighten”. I used power drill at lowest torque and most of the screws were tight enough so that drill will stop. Few screws just kept rotating. This is because the screws are anchoring to just plastic material. They should reinforce the screw holes with extra hard resin or some sort of backing. It looks sturdy but not sure how long these screws will remain tight with constant stress with wind or whatever. I’m going to get liquid nail or other adhesive and seal tight the joints. Hanging the doors was tough by one person as it requires aligning the hinges and pushing it in. I had to kick and hammer the metal hinges into place. I set it up on concrete floor and put a layer of left over travertine stones inside the shed to make it sturdy. I suppose any type of paving material will do but travertine stones are thinner taking up less space. Overall it looks great and only time will tell whether it will last.” – Time100 (Source: Amazon)

“This shed is so easy to assemble. This is my third one and I love them. The quality is great, no water ever gets in and it stores a lot. If you lay out all your parts and Assemble the doors first it’s so simple. After doing three of them it took me an hour to assemble” – Joseph Panzardi Jr. (Source: Amazon)

“Great Shed. The shed was easy to assemble. The foundation was time consuming and should be constructed before buying the shed.Most express concern of getting the stabilizing bars in on each side off the roof during set up. This problem can be alleviated by leaving the roof disconnected from the side walls until the bars have been installed on each side.The foundation will take a lot more time to build than the shed itself. I used Menards pier blocks to lay below and stabilize the foundation.” – Collin Pyle (Source: Amazon)

Other Outdoor Uses

Lawn and Garden Equipment Storage: Garden enthusiasts often struggle to find a space that is both accessible and able to protect sensitive equipment from the elements. The shed’s slim design maximizes yard space without compromising storage volume, fitting snugly against a house or garage wall. The robust resin floor supports the weight of heavy equipment like lawn mowers and snowblowers, preventing floor sag and damage. Additionally, the UV-protected, water-resistant panels keep stored items safe from sun damage and rust, and the pad-lockable doors secure expensive machinery. The natural light and ventilation help prevent mold and mildew on fabric items such as mower bags or garden aprons.

Outdoor Sports Equipment Shelter: This shed could serve as the perfect retreat for bulky sports equipment that would otherwise clutter a garage or basement. Within its 94 cu. ft. interior, there’s enough room to hang bikes from hooks or use freestanding racks, while still leaving floor space for other gear. The shed’s accessibility promotes regular use of the equipment while keeping it out of sight and orderly. The all-weather durability offers peace of mind that equipment is protected during off-seasons, and the air vents ensure that musty odors do not develop even with frequent use of the equipment.

Pool and Patio Supply Cache: Poolside or patio clutter can detract from the beauty of outdoor living spaces. By directing these items into the shed, homeowners can maintain a cleaner aesthetic while keeping supplies nearby. Strategically placed near the pool or patio, the shed’s water resistance makes it ideal for damp items like pool cleaning tools or sprinklers. The shed keeps chlorine and other chemicals secure and out of reach from children and pets while allowing for an organized method of keeping track of pool maintenance supplies.

Home & Garden Workspace: The shed can act as a miniature greenhouse or repair shop for those with green thumbs or crafting inclinations. The infusion of natural light is conducive to detailed tasks, such as wiring or meticulously planting tiny seeds. The air circulation offered by the built-in vents helps to reduce the build-up of fumes from paints or solvents, or the humidity from watering plants, creating a safer and more comfortable working environment. Equipped with sturdy shelving for tools and materials, the shed becomes a private studio isolated from household disturbances, where one can focus on their hobbies undisturbed.

Seasonal Decorations and Outdoor Furniture Storage: Seasonal decorations and patio furniture require ample storage space, especially in regions with adverse winter conditions. Patios, decks, and gardens are rejuvenated each spring if the furnishings have been properly stored and maintained. The shed’s size is perfect for tucking away furniture cushions, umbrellas, and holiday lights during the offseason. The water-resistant and UV-protected exterior ensures that fabric and plastics do not fade or degrade. In summer, when these items are in use, the shed can be repurposed to store other off-season items, such as ski equipment and winter gear, utilizing the same secure and protective environment.