Poly and Bark Verity Lounge Chair in Distressed Green Velvet

  • The Verity Lounge Chair has a chic and sophisticated design, with clean lines and a cosmopolitan aesthetic
  • It features high-density foam reversible cushions that offer sink-right-in comfort, making it a great choice for relaxation
  • The chair is made with a kiln-dried ash wood frame that has a timeless look and exaggerated lines, giving it a fashionable and distinctive appearance
  • The removable fabric cushion covers come in a hue that fits in anywhere, making it easy to incorporate into any living space
  • In addition, there are furniture loan options available through Affirm, which allow you to finance the chair with no impact on your credit score and no late fees
  • Furniture insurance is also available through Allstate, with 3-year and 5-year options to choose from. This can provide peace of mind and protection for your investment.

This photo depicts how these chairs contribute to comfort and coziness. Its serene nature and plush texture complement the monochrome rug and solid white background. The best thing is these chairs do not constrict you to one interior setting. The floral ottoman uplifts the chair and adds volume to the setting. The cushioning texture is a treat for one’s back, and always a good idea to work on them. (Photo source: here)

The cushioning foam and classic design make it perfect for blending in every interior space. Its deep color marries your interior with an oozing effect. To top it all off, Carrie has designed the chair to provide room for a big cushion to plush in and rest after a tiring day at work. Contrasting colors, patterns, and even monochromes go best with the Verity lounge chair. Pair it with rattan furniture to complete the interior magazine look! (Photo source: here)

Add a contrasting effect and comfortable seating in a compact style to your living room with our Verity lounge chairs designed by the very talented Rebekah Nicole Interiors. The modern style, deep color and sturdy wood structure is a trio a chair needs in your lounge. The versatility of the design marks the top-notch quality of the chairs to blend in a lounge. (Photo source: Source: here)