Nostalgia Tabletop Indoor Electric S’mores Maker with Marshmallow Roasting Sticks and Trays for Graham Crackers, Chocolate, and Marshmallows

  • INDOOR FUN: Family night done right. Bring all the excitement of this campfire tradition right into the comfort of your home. Our home smores maker gives you all the equipment to make perfectly roasted s’mores every time
  • FLAMELESS HEATER: Forget the hassle of cutting wood and open flames. This portable unit is built with safety in mind. The electric flameless heater requires nothing but an outlet to start making perfect golden brown s’mores
  • ROASTING FORKS: The indoor marshmallow roaster includes 2 stainless steel forks to keep hands safe from the heater and 4-compartment trays that allow accessibility to share your ingredients with everyone at the table
  • EASY TO CLEAN: This durable smores-making kit has a sturdy base and easy-to-disassemble trays, making it quick and simple to wash after every use
  • NOSTALGIA: From designs inspired by early 19th century America to the timeless appeal of our appliances, we offer unique, novel, and fun products for the family. We preserve the past, embrace the present, and look forward to the future

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“Works great! Nice size for using at the dinner table We had a camping-themed dinner and I surprised the kids with this s’mores maker. It’s small, yes, but nice we got the hang of it, we all made s’mores without any problem.My son did drop an entire marshmallow into the middle of it, which caused some excitement as it caught fire. But we shut the s’mores maker off and the marshmallow quickly went out. I dumped the ashes off into the sink and we went right back to making s’mores.It cleaned pretty well, even with the burned marshmallow on it, and it worked great for making perfect marshmallows.” – H. Hicks (Source: Amazon)

“Fun novelty gift. This always makes the family happy when we bring it out for s’mores night. It really does cook a marshmallow evenly. The only problem is that it takes a long time and only cooks one at a time. Sometimes kids get impatient waiting their turn and you have to supervise them carefully because if their marshmallow touches the grill, it melts and starts to smoke. If you have patience and want to have a fun indoor s’more activity, it’s great. If you have no patience and rowdy kids, maybe not so much. Also, the sticks that come with it are waaay too short. We are using our own.” – Connie S. (Source: Amazon)

“Fun indoor activity. I have wanted a fire pit for a long time to roast marshmallows but never have gotten one. This is such a great indoor alternative. Plus I don’t worry about my kids and an open flame. Took a little bit of time but the marshmallows roated perfectly.” – Jen W (Source: Amazon)

“Fun and it actually works. I got this to make family night more fun for my kids. They loved it and were able to use it safely. I had to remind my son to ask for help reaching the other side of the serving trays because he could have burned his wrist. Obviously it does get hot so I supervised, especially with my younger ones. It takes some time to warm up. The coil will turn red. When this happens you can more quickly roast. If you don’t wait it seems like it isn’t working. It roasts them golden and they puff up without being blistering hot. They’re hot enough to melt the chocolate around it’s edges but leave it solid in the middle. That way it doesn’t slide around. The forks are short so your arms get tired. We had better luck with kabob skewers. My kids accidentally touched the marshmallow to the metal grate. It turns black and becomes ashes you can just wipe off. I kept the box and everything stored neatly back inside. I think this would make a great gift especially around the holidays at a gift exchange.” – mj345 (Source: Amazon)

“Family Night. When you lack a fireplace or fire pit, this is a great alternative.” – Bennett (Source: Amazon)

“Works great! I was very impressed and not expecting it to roast the marshmallow so fast. Took us about 5min to roast it to our liking. Bought this for our family trip and my son loved it! He’s 5. Heats up very quickly” – Amber Alka (Source: Amazon)

“Fun family activity! Perfect activity for a small family fun night! Be patient while it heats up especially the first time you are using it. Easy to use! No flame just heat. My family wishes it had more than one coil so that we could roast more than one marshmallow at a time. Love the 4 compartments made for the s’mores ingredients. We also wish it came with 4 little metal sticks instead of 2. Overall would recommend for the price!” – CP (Source: Amazon)

“I totally recommend. I love this product, I bought for my daughter and we all love it ! I toast the marshmallows to perfection, u just need to be a little Asian we are so used to just bring the whole thing up with fire.” – Vanesa (Source: Amazon)

“Nifty and cool! So cute! And so nifty! It’s essentially a little hot plate/mini stove top. This was a hit at a sleepover and movie night a couple months ago! Would definitely buy again for a gift!” – Dreux (Source: Amazon)

“Love it! I love it! We sat outside on our patio! My grandson had a ball!” – She Shops! (Source: Amazon)

“I love it! This is the cutest gadget to add to our Christmas gathering. I love it!” – STEPHANIE JONES (Source: Amazon)

“Perfect for movie nights or just because! Purchased for a Christmas gift. It’s a little odd how it sits on top of the food plates- I figured the plates would go around it. That’s my bad for not reading carefully, but it works absolutely perfect! We love our movie nights and this just kicked it up a notch! You do have to hold the marshmallows over for a while at first. But once it’s been on a while it gets faster sense it is hotter. It can make the most perfectly roasted marshmallows!! Definitely a great buy.” – Izabella (Source: Amazon)

“Really good product. Me and my daughters like this. My girls have been asking for s’mores for a while but make a fire was not an option for me so when I came across this I had to get it. Let me tell you, this is perfect for my girls is easy to use and no fire. The only thing is that only one person at a time can use it. As you can see on the picture the part that warms up is small so you have to put the marshmallow on the middle hole so it can cook the marshmallows good.I want to thank the seller for the product and fast service.” – KiaraxD (Source: Amazon)