Nicer Furniture Modern Classic Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

This modern classic lounge chair & ottoman epitomizes the architectural style of the Modern era. It was the first of its design for the high end market and today, the iconic lounge chair & ottoman is considered a metaphor for elite interiors and furnishings. The fundamental design intent for comfort and practicality is preserved unequivocally in this piece. We promote our products under brand name Nicer Furniture. Our lounge chair & ottoman is manufactured painstakingly, with attention to the smallest detail. We use the highest quality materials including genuine Aniline Italian Leather, Plywood Frame and Die-Cast Aluminum Base. This item is as faithful a reproduction of the original as you can get. It is constructed in exactly the same way as the original design and specifications. Affirm provides monthly payment plans for furniture loans that do not affect your personal credit score and do not have late fees. Allstate offers indoor furniture protection plans with 3-year and 5-year options.

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While working from home, it is necessary to create a separate workspace which will allow you to concentrate in a relaxed space. To achieve this purpose, the Eames lounge chair is a great way to start. The combination of leather and hardwood tones adds grandeur and guarantees that attractive natural textures are highlighted.

The chair and ottoman are hand-assembled with great attention to detail for your comfort. In addition to its elegance, the ottoman also benefits your health. Since most of us spend our days sitting or standing, our lower extremities tend to clot blood. By putting your feet up on the ottoman, you can improve blood flow while also experiencing a relaxed work environment.

Interior Design styles that will blend with Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Mid Century Modern – Furniture from the Mid-Century Modern era is distinguished by its smooth curves and clear lines. The Eames lounge chair and ottoman fit the criteria and blend well with the mid-century modern interior, instantly drawing your visitor’s attention. While keeping the basic elements of the interior, you can add the lounge chair to create an entertainment cave or a reading nook.

Bauhaus Interior – Clean lines and functional shapes with little to no ornamentation define Bauhaus designs. What’s more practical and sleek than the Eames lounge chair and ottoman, which gives you the aesthetics of warmth and comfort? Whether you work at home or like to sit around in your living room to read books, this leathered chair will assist you in creating the blended atmosphere you always wanted with your Bauhaus interior.

Contemporary – The adaptability of the Eames lounger’s design is one of its most striking features. It seems modern despite shifting fashions and fits in beautifully with any contemporary interior. An Eames lounger chair can stand out easily in a modern home where most furnishings are muted colours and soft earth tones.

Brazilian flair – Brazilian interior is warm, simple, and comfortable, allowing you to add an elegant yet cosy Eames lounger chair and ottoman without worrying about the blend between the materials. While showcasing Brazilian interior basics like potted plants and thick wooden furniture with comforters, you can create a highly elegant yet cosy workspace in minutes.

Ways to Decorate Your Room with Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Following are some furnishings and layout styles that will help you create a well-decorated room with your Eames lounge chair and ottoman.

Create a Pleasant Nook by Filling a Corner! – Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman can help you create an ideal nook when placed away from a coffee table. To create a comfortable area to stretch your legs, catch up on emails, or dig into a good book, place this lounge chair next to a bookcase that receives lots of natural light. Make this area even more alluring by adding a small yet creative table which you can use to place coffee or a candle.

Don’t hesitate to Add Throw Pillows and Blankets! – Throw pillows and blankets placed on Eames Lounge Chair are a great way to give your living room the decor it deserves. This is a quick and simple approach to blending your lounge chair with other furnishings, giving your room a more cohesive feel. Change the pillow case seasonally to give your living room a new feeling, especially if your furniture is on the neutral side.

An Area Rug is A Must Have! – Area rugs fulfil the purpose of the lounge chair by reducing sound, so there is less echo during Zoom calls. In addition to protecting your floors, they also define a workplace and give a lot of visual interest to a space. To ensure that your Eames Lounge Chair rolls effortlessly, the trick is to opt for area rugs with low piles.

Things to Consider

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Leather Care – Apparently, there is nothing to worry about while buying a Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman. However, you can take into account some helpful tips to maintain your chair once it is purchased. Periodically cleaning the leather area with lukewarm water and a light soap using a soft cloth is the easiest way to keep your chair fresh and spotless. Remember to dust and clean the wooden area of the chair with a damped and later with a dry microfiber cloth.