Nathan James Enloe Modern Storage Accent Cabinet, White/Gold

  • Enloe storage cabinet has a unique two-tone design with its painted white outer case and rustic fir solid wood doors weaved in a herringbone style and finished at the base with a gold metal foundation.
  • With removable and adjustable shelves behind each door, the Enloe accent cabinet allows you the freedom of what space you need to organize your things, making it a stylish, free-standing storage cabinet.
  • 40-minute assembly and lifetime manufacturer : try for 100 days.
  • Enloe has a sleek and space-saving style you can use as a hallway cabinet, entryway storage cabinet, or as a living room accent cabinet.
  • Length: 32″ x Width: 16″ x Height: 32″ storage cabinet.

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“I don’t normally write reviews but because I’m so happy with this product, I have to share.It looks great, so easy to assemble, and for the price, you should definitely get this! Highly highly recommended ;-)” – Kindle Customer (Source: Amazon)

“Set up was pretty easy, and it’s such a nice cabinet. But it took a bit of back and forth adjusting to make the doors equal height. You just have to adjust the hinges but it took a bit of trial and error. Love the cabinet though” – Gabriel M (Source: Amazon)

“This is a beautiful storage cabinet, so easy to assemble , with plenty of hidden storage and enough space to put a lot stuff inside.” – Maya Raley (Source: Amazon)

“I didn’t want to spend 500$ for a wood chest at the entry way and this piece had pretty good reviews. Took me over 2 hours to put together but I am slow and methodical. Early in the assembly process I decided to use a drop or two of superior primate glue gel to the tip of each screw (and in dowel holes) as one of the screws was spinning and didn’t exactly tighten into the MDF. There were a few step where having two people would have been nice but I was able to put it together alone. There is a step where you have to lower the mostly built unit into the bottom or top piece where several screws and dowels need to line up, and also for putting on the doors an extra pair of hands would be nice. I have a step stool where the step is at the exact same height as the bottom of the two doors and I used it to rest the bottom of the door on while I attached the hardware. I thought I had the doors perfectly aligned tightening only one of the eight screws per door as a pivot while I used the step to hold the door still while I tightened the other screws trying to keep the door in place to align. I thought (and I did) have them well aligned but after a few days they look slightly off. The top seemed to be a little loose while moving the cabinet but I think one of the cams is not fully tightened, now in place this is irrelevant mostly and not perceived. It’s pretty good for medium density fiberboard (MDF) furniture I think I caught it on sale for about 180$. I can’t complain too much for the price. I have put a spotlight on the few problems. Seem to be just fine, any reservations I have is probably not paying more for a solid hardwood piece. Sturdy, pretty solid and very nice looking. Nathan James Enloe cabinet: B+/A-” – Night Owl (Source: Amazon)

“I love the look of this cabinet so much! Assembly was relatively easy but I kind of had to rely on own knowledge to get it done, it says it should only take 40 minutes but it took me about 1.5 hrs to complete it due to the instructions being pretty atrocious. It came with all the needed hardware and it arrived very quickly and undamaged. My cat jumped on it while I was assembling it and it fell over/broke the back panel (which is VERY cheaply made paneling, it broke way too easily). The hinges for the right door were slightly bent so the doors don’t sit even unless I lift the door up so it connects to the magnetic strip. As soon as it’s not connected to the magnet anymore it sags and won’t close right. So that kind of sucks. Not sure if it’s not super sturdy because my cat broke it or if it’s just not a great quality piece. Either way, I love the look of it so much I wasn’t about to send it back. It works well for the little use it gets!” – Sydney (Source: Amazon)

“I absolutely love this cabinet!! I bought two. One to use for office supplies and one to use as a bar cart! I have no idea how hard it was to put together because I had my husband do it lol. There was no swearing so I’m guessing it wasn’t too bad. This holds way more that the bar cart I previously had in this spot. So happy with it!!!” – Jaime M. (Source: Amazon)