Lifetime 60326 Vertical Outdoor Resin Storage Shed

Lifetime’s new Vertical Storage Shed is improving lawn and garden storage solutions. This shed was designed to give homeowners a better space to store their outdoor products and tools. It includes shelving that allows you to organize your small items like gloves, trowels, spades, hand rakes, pruners, and watering cans while still giving you room for bigger items like cages, stakes, hoses, and fertilizer. Our shed maintains a premium build that is aimed at providing you durable convenience. The materials we use are stain resistant and easy to clean so you can keep your shed looking its best throughout the years. Its UV protected walls, weather resistant build, and steel reinforced structure ensure that your shed will greatly minimize the wear and tear. The Lifetime Vertical Storage Shed makes the perfect addition to any home!

Promising review: “We are using this product for swimming pool items storage. It fits perfectly right outside our back door.” – Rodriguez (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “Good instructions to follow for installation. One person could assemble it. Tips for the shelves – I buy separate metal 3 rack shelves and place inside this shed. Plenty of room to store sodas and waters” – Peter (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “I am so impressed, and relieved, with this shed. I was worried buying mail order about the logistics of returning it if I came damaged. So first off, mine looked as if they floated it here on a cloud. I could not see ANY ding nor scratch nor dent in the box anywhere!My second wow impression was it’s contents. All the little parts, the screws (a lot!) and fasteners and latches, etc. were so well packaged, bubble wrapped on separate cards all clearly labeled and quantity marked. No confusion nor miscount. Impressive.The instructions were VERY understandable, nothing was unclear from translating. Perfect English with layers of explanation. Very clear. Many sketches and diagrams.I’m a 62-year old, 125lb widowed woman and I assembled the whole thing myself. Took me 2 days, but I did it perfectly…” –
CDCarlson (Source: Amazon)

Other Landscaping Ideas

Tool Organization: A well-organized shed like a Lifetime Vertical Storage Shed can make gardening tasks much easier and more efficient. Assign each shelf to a different type of tool – for example, stow all your watering gear like hoses and watering cans on one shelf, pruning tools like shears and loppers on another, and planting tools like trowels and hand rakes on a third. The vertical design of this shed gives you an abundance of space for both small and bulky items, keeping your tools easily accessible and tidy.

Seasonal Storage: As seasons change, so do your gardening requirements. Rather than cramming your garage or basement with off-season items, utilize the vertical storage shed. During winter months, it’s an excellent place to store away any pots, stakes, or warm-weather organic fertilizers that might be damaged by the cold. Similarly, in summer, you can store items like frost covers, winter decorations, or any bulk-packed seeds that you’ve collected for spring planting.

Fertilizer and Compost Storage: Safe storage is a must for all fertilizers and compost materials. These items can be damaging if ingested by children or pets, or can potentially cause skin irritation. Using a vertical storage shed with shelves, you can organize various types of fertilizers and compost materials by their function or the plants they’re best suited for, which will make your gardening routine more effective. The easy-clean material of the Lifetime Vertical Storage Shed allows you to promptly manage any spills that might occur.

Pool Supplies Storage: A clean and organized pool area enhances your enjoyment of outdoor activities. Using this storage shed, you can efficiently arrange all your pool necessities. Allocate a corner or a few shelves for water testing kits and treatments, another for cleaning tools like nets and brushes. Add hooks to the upper walls to hang out pool covers or inflatable toys when not in use.

Patio Furniture Storage: Extending the lifespan of your patio furniture and accessories can be significantly achieved by suitable storage during the harsh weather conditions. The Lifetime Vertical Storage Shed can accommodate cushions from your patio furniture, smaller pieces of furniture, and even your grill’s tools and accessories. The moisture and stain-resistant build of this shed help protect your items from the elements, ensuring they will be in perfect shape for the next season. Additionally, for items like grilling tools that can accumulate grease, the easy-to-clean material of the shed is a substantial benefit.