Lifetime 60012 Extra Large 130 Gallon Deck Box, Desert Sand/Brown

Consumer’s Digest awarded the Lifetime Deck Box a Best Buy award in September 2009, stating “This unit delivers the most storage capacity of any deck box and includes the best warranty of any horizontal shed that we found. A spring hinge keeps the lid from slamming shut–a great feature that’s unique at this price.” Our 130 gallon Lifetime deck box has plenty of room to store all the items that you want to keep in a convenient outdoor location and comes with a strong, lockable, spring-hinged lid which opens to more than 90 degrees for easy access. The versatile design of the Lifetime deck box even allows you to install interior dividers or shelving. This weather-resistant Lifetime deck box is built to withstand the elements with UV-protected high -density polyethylene (HDPE) construction and a water-resistant seal to keep your storage items safe and dry. A great solution for your outdoor storage needs! 10-year limited manufacturer warranty.

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The Lifetime 60012 Extra Large 130 Gallon Deck Box (in desert sand/brown) is an outdoor-rated storage trunk that helps contain clutter in your garden and porch. It is spacious, providing plenty of room to store everything you’ll need in an outdoor location. The trunk is weather and UV-resistant, and has a waterproof seal, ensuring your belongings remain dry even when it drizzles.

Exterior Design Styles To Pair With

The Lifetime deck box wonderfully pairs with a variety of exterior design styles. Whether the theme of your outdoor decor is summertime bliss or a vintage dried flowers’ heaven, the minimalist build of the Lifetime deck box will complement the ambiance. You can make the most of it by placing it on your porch — or the space you frequently use, so the items stored are close to reach. 

Popular Amazon Reviews

“It’s huge! It holds seat and back cushions for 6 chairs. I purchased a winter cover as well. It’s on our patio, not directly on the ground. I anticipate it looking good years to come.” – FancyThat! (Source: Amazon)

“The product looks and feels strong, has a nice look to it. Assemble is easy but the only comment to it is that the screw that is closer to the back holding the L piece that helps hold the top, is way to close to the bottom of the space so it makes it tight to screw scratching the surface of the box at that point, I am attaching a few pictures to show this, but once you assimilate that you just scratched your brand new box due to the defective design not you, then it is ok.I would recommend it.I also saw a few comments about getting the card box from transport a big damaged, I guess I was lucky, it came perfect.” – Alvaro J (Source: Amazon)

“Good instructions, easy to setup when following manual, Do not use a power drill, looks great” – Zoo2007 (Source: Amazon)

“Really big deck box! Relatively easy to assemble—includes written directions and links to video step-by-step directions. Take your time, read ahead before assembling anything, and watch the videos and you shouldn’t have any problems. I took my time and had it completed in under an hour.I’ve taken a pic to show the interior with four large cushions which cover the seats and backs of our deck chairs. As you can see there’s still ample storage remaining. The box is plastic, but seems very sturdy. It will easily support three adults sitting on the lid.I’m very pleased with this purchase.” – ADJ (Source: Amazon)

“So far I’m liking it! We got this to store our deck chair cushions (16 of them) and it’s the perfect size! Assembly was fairly easy using a socket set, rubber mallet, drill, crescent wrenches, and Phillips Head Screwdriver. Read the instructions carefully, don’t over-tighten the screws, bolts or nuts, take your time and enjoy a nice storage box. We’ll see how it handles the weather here in Colorado, but it’s a pretty tight fit. We’ll see. See pictures of the finished product.” – Kindle Customer (Source: Amazon)

“Nice and roomy. Very useful for what I purchased it for pillows outside toys garden tools etc.” – Preti (Source: Amazon)

“Highly recommend this product! Arrived in 2 days. Easy to follow assembly instructions and very good quality. Nice looking and a great addition to our backyard deck. Now I have storage and 3 more places for guests to sit or can be used as a gigantic cooler! Great Buy!” – Rojo (Source: Amazon)

Other Outdoor Uses

Garden Tool Storage: The Lifetime 60012 Deck Box can serve as an excellent repository for all gardening tools and equipment, providing a convenient spot for a gardener to store shovels, rakes, pruning shears, and gloves. The sturdy construction and weather-resistant materials ensure tools stay dry and rust-free, while the lockable lid maintains security against any potential pilferage.

Patio Furniture Cushion Keeper: Many homeowners with outdoor living spaces use patio furniture with weather-susceptible cushions. The Lifetime 60012 offers a spacious area to store these cushions when they are not in use, especially overnight or during inclement weather, preventing mildew and fading caused by exposure to rain and sunlight.

Pool Supply Trunk: For pool owners, the deck box can act as poolside storage for all the necessary accessories: towels, pool toys, inflatable rafts, goggles, and cleaning supplies. Its large size means it can accommodate numerous items, and the HDPE construction withstands the often-chlorinated and wet environment, ensuring the longevity of both the box and its contents.

Outdoor Seating Solution: Due to its robust design and high weight capacity, the deck box doubles as a bench for additional outdoor seating. This application is ideal for gatherings or when enjoying a quiet moment in the garden. Place it strategically to overlook a beautiful view or near a pool or pond for a relaxing place to sit.

Mobile Gardening Station: The sturdy deck box also has an opportunity to become a mobile gardening station. By outfitting the interior with commonly used items such as potting soil, small pots, fertilizers, and watering cans, one can easily move the box to different areas of the garden where specific tasks need to be accomplished. The flat lid could serve as a temporary workspace for potting or organizing plants, seeds, or bulbs, providing gardeners with a complete, mobile solution for their planting needs. Additionally, if space allows, wheels could be added to enhance mobility.